Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Results of The Song Familys Investigation

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The Song Family of Beijing was definitely one of the most powerful families in China; in fact, they were also a member of the five greatest families of China. However, right now the atmosphere inside the Song Familys compound wasnt comfortable for no other reason than that the only son of the leader of the family, Song Qiming, had died from a car crash, allegedly speeding through the night.

Nevertheless, everyone in the Song Family knew that Song Shaowens death had nothing to do with speeding. Even if he had been in a rush and had been forced to be speeding along the way, he wouldnt be driving to a barren place like the Qinong Cliff; furthermore, what would make him drive his car on the Feng Jin Highway at midnight?

Besides, how did the people of the Song Family not know about Song Shaowen character? He was the typical person afraid of troubles, so if he had something that required him to go past Feng Jin Highway, he would only go during the day and definitely not at 3 to 4 am.

What are the results of the investigation? as the elder of the Song Family wasnt here, Song Qimings words represented the authority of the Song Family. Although he was calm looking on the surface, the veins on his hands were about to burst out, showing his rage. His only son was assassinated like this! Who had the guts to touch a member of the Song Family!?

A middle-aged man stood up and said, Leader, we have the results. Shaowen went to He Feng a week ago but only stayed there for one day. Afterward, he left He Feng and was probably headed to Ning Hai with Ah Fa and Wang Chuan. However, there wasnt any video recording of Shaowens car on the highway of Ning Feng, or rather, it could be said that all the traffic cameras were shut down during the time Shaowen entered and left Ning Hai.

I sent people to investigate at Ning Hai, and Shaowen had indeed asked people to shut down the cameras there. The only reason Shaowen would go to Ning Hai would be for that Ning Qingxue; however, Ning Qingxue didnt leave Ning Hai and went to Yu state two days later, yet at the same time, Ye Mo, the one who married Ning Qingxue, disappeared the same night without a trace.

Afterward, I completely examined the remnants of the car, but Ye Mos body wasnt there, so either he had left the car midway, or he was never inside to begin with. According to the cameras at the Qinong Cliff Highway, Shaowens BMW was driving properly but suddenly charged off the road and fell onto the cliff.

Could someone have drugged the driver? a fifty-or-so-year-old man on the side asked, but the middle-aged man shook his head and said, It cant be. According to the roadside cameras, Shaowens car had been driving normally everywhere else, except for the part in Ning Hai where the cameras were turned off. No anomaly occurred until this happened suddenly at the Qinong Cliff.

Do you know where Ye Mo is now? Song Qiming asked another question, but the middle-aged only man shook his head and said, Currently, we dont know his whereabouts, but we did find a surveillance system in Ye Mo and Ning Qingxues house. However, the content had been deleted, and we are in the process of recovering it.

At this moment a twenty-year-old or so man rushed inside while holding an USB in his hand, which he passed to the middle-aged man and said, Uncle Hai, the content has been recovered.

Check it immediately! before the middle-aged man even spoke, Song Qiming said coldly. The USB was inserted into the computer, and the huge screen showed Ye Mos life, as well as the scene in which Song Shaowen and his henchmen left with Ye Mo.

So it does have something to do with him! the 50-or-so-year-old man looked at the fast forwarded images and said in a fury. He didnt even think about who ran into someone elses house in the middle of the night. He was just angry that Song Shaowen died after leaving there.

It seems that b*tch of the Ning Family didnt know at the time, so she probably deleted this afterward, a skinny man sitting below Song Qiming said.

Even if she didnt know, this is related to her. Theres no way that our Song Family is going to let her go so easily, Uncle Hai who was responsible for the investigation said. Song Qimings face was very bleak, but he waved his hand and said, I wont let the Ning Family go like that, but its not just about Ning Qingxue; I will destroy the entire Ning Family for ever! Dont touch the Ning Family for now; capture that useless man of the Ye Family first! It would be best to take him back to Beijing secretly. I will let him know that it isnt so easy to kill a member of the Song Family!

He caught his breath before speaking again: Song Hai, you will be responsible for investigating where Ye Mo went and try to bring him back to Beijing in the shortest time possible! If that cant be done, then bring his head back as a sacrifice in front of Shaowen. Also, you need to investigate how Ye Mo made Shaowen drive off the cliff.

Yes, leader! Song Hai replied straightforwardly.

That 50-or-so-year-old man frowned and said, This Ye Mo is rather strange. He married the girl from Ning Family, but why does he always sit under the tree? Is he able to cultivate Qi? I heard a lot of ancient martial arts families like to sit and cultivate Qi. If he really does have an Ancient Martial Arts Master, then this might be troublesome...

Uncle Shen I dont think this is possible. Ye Mo is a disabled man; even the Ye Family didnt want him, would a legendary Ancient Martial Arts Cultivators see any potential in him? Besides, even if he was picked up by someone, why was there not a single image of his master in that month of recording? Uncle Shen, I think youre thinking too much, Song Hai said.

The man called Uncle Shen nodded and said, Itd be best if this were the case. If he really did have an Ancient Martial Art Cultivator supporting him, then even if were one of the five greatest families, it would probably be very unlikely for us to take revenge.


The day that the Song Family took away the recording from Ning Hai, Ning Qingxue knew it and immediately felt a burning sensation in her heart as she regretted not destroying that disk. She didnt think that the Song Family would really come here to investigate, and it was implausible to believe that the Song Family would not be able to recover the details. The only way was to contact Ye Mo immediately and notify him that the Song Family knew about the truth.

However, she didnt have or know any way to contact Ye Mo. After giving it plenty of thought, Ning Qingxue decided to tell her mom and said that she wanted to find Ye Mo which surprised her mother immensely. She didnt think that so much had actually happened during her short trip and even Song Shaowens death was related to the Ning Family.

Qingxue, right now its not about finding Ye Mo, but about how we are going to deal with Song Familys revenge. Clearly, with Song Qimings character, theres no way hed let this pass, especially you. Ning Qingxues mother had a great insight to this.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, I owe Ye Mo for this, and now I have dragged you down as well. Im really useless, and Im too nave sometimes; Im sorry mother.

Her mother sighed and said, Although our family has separated from the Ning Family, the Song Family cant deal with us that easily. Qingxue, dont worry, first tell me exactly what happened between you and Ye Mo.
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