Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 530

Chapter 530: The Masterminds
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Brother Ye, a Chinese man says that he has something very important to tell you," after all the ships had been controlled, Fang Wei rushed inside and reported this.

"Something very important?" Ye Mo thought. The ships were his and all the rebellious pirates had been killed. What was the matter then?

"Tell him to come over." Although he didn't know what it was about, he might as well hear the person. If it was some absurd request, he would kick him into the sea.

Soon Fang Wei brought a man that seemed to be in his 50s. Ye Mo estimated that he was only in his 40s, but due to staying in the sea for a long time he seemed older. His eyebrows were thick.

"I'm Huang Yinian, City Leader Ye," the man saluted with his fist.

Ye Mo nodded, "Huang Yinian, you're don't belong with the rest of the men that were on board, right? Tell me, what is the important matter you need to tell me? If you don't talk, then you'll be joining the others at the bottom of the sea."

"The main members of the black fleet aren't pirates. Although there are some, there are very few of them like me," Huang Yinian said.

Ye Mo nodded, he didn't doubt that.

Seeing this, Huang Yinian continued, "Ever since I heard of Luo Yue City, I always wanted to join, but I didn't have the chance. I had no means of coming here, so I couldn't leave my life behind."

"Although we do welcome all sorts of people to help build Luo Yue, not everyone can come. We don't welcome pirates like you," Ye Mo said plainly. He could tell that Huang Yinian was capable.

The reason Ye Mo captured the 2000 marines wasn't because he was merciful, but because he really needed a lot of people to build Luo Yue. These people were free labour. For those who truly and wholeheartedly surrendered, he could arrange for them to join the Luo Yue Navy.

Huang Yinian wasn't discouraged, he took a deep breath and said, "I know. Allow me to introduce myself. I was born in Da Lian, China, and I went with my parents to the US when I was 11. I joined the naval school at the age of 17, I started to serve in the 7th fleet when I was 21. Two years later, I went to war and gathered enough laurels to be appointed sergeant. Within the next eight years, I went to secret wars for the US and became brigadier general.

But because I was Chinese, the Americans had their concerns. Then, the next year I received an order to take a fleet to China for a mission. When I received the mission, I refused. I was still Chinese, despite serving in the US military."

Ye Mo smiled, "You managed to reach brigadier general in less than 20 years, I believe in your naval skills. The reason the Americans gave you such sensitive order at a time like this was probably because they recognize your skills and wanted to do more with you. They sent you in this mission to test you."

Huang Yinian looked at Ye Mo in shock. He had only realized that afterwards, at the time he had just refused that order.

He nodded in despair, "Regardless, I wouldn't lead a US fleet to attack china. After I rejected that mission, I wasn't given any more missions. The next year, my parents died in a strange shooting. I suspected that it had something to do with the government, but I had no evidence. I was tired of the country, I was prepared to sell all my assets and go back to China but then, I realized that my bank account had been frozen.

They said that my parents had been involved in money laundering and needed to be investigated. That year, my wife took my daughter and divorced with me. I was full of despair and I was prepared to give up my wealth to leave the US, but I was denied my leave."

Ye Mo sneered, "They somehow held you prisoner."

In the case of someone like Huang Yinian, even if the US couldn't use him, they wouldn't just let him go to another country, much less China.

Huang Yinian nodded, "Yes, I realized that when I was denied to leave the country, but I wasn't going to give up just like that. There months later I escaped the US on a cargo ship. This ship happened to be attacked by pirates, so I decided in that time to join the pirates. I didn't go back to China - I knew that even if I went back, I might be sent back to the US."

"So, you stayed a pirate for almost a decade?" Ye Mo asked.

Huang Yinian said, "Yes, however, I've been wanting to rejoin an actual fleet, the naval army I so passionately love all this time. I saw that Luo Yue didn't know anything about naval battles at all from this campaign, so I wish to join Luo Yue and contribute to the naval army."

Then, Huang Yinian looked at Ye Mo and said again, "Don't ask me why, I'm simply Chinese and so are you. You said that Chinese would have special considerations when moving to Luo Yue. I know of your ideals, and they're the same as mine. I don't want to stay a pirate forever."

Ye Mo thought for a moment and said, "I can let you join Luo Yue, but I still need to test you to see if you can become a part of our navy. If you're willing to be tested by me, close your eyes and let go of the control over your mind."

Huang Yinian did as Ye Mo said without hesitation. Ye Mo nodded and used his means to ask Huang Yinian a few questions. Everything was just as he had told him before.

Ye Mo woke Huang Yinian up and said, "Okay, Huang Yinian, since you're genuine, I will allow you to join Luo Yue City. You will be the commander of our navy, responsible for Luo Yue's power at sea. I hope you will do as well as you promise."

"Yes, City Lord!" Huang Yinian saluted. Although he had managed to join Luo Yue, he still felt fear towards Ye Mo for his means. Luckily, he had spoken the truth. If he had been a spy, he would be dead already.

Ye Mo called Guo Qi and told him that Huang Yinian would be the commander of their navy. Guo Qi was to return to land.

Guo Qi was very happy. He knew he wasn't made for navy battles and immediately handed Huang Yinian full control over the navy.

"Huang Yinian, do you know if it's the US who attacked Luo Yue this time?" Ye Mo voiced his suspicions. Huang Yinian shook his head, "This wasn't the US's fleet. I don't know which country sent them, though. I was only a small boss among pirates, so I wasn't let in on a lot of matters.

Ye Mo waved his hand. Then, he called David and Li Lan.

"Which country do you come from?" Ye Mo asked.

David and Li Lan looked at each other. Then David used his broken Chinese to reply, "Indonesia."

Ye Mo frowned. Why were they attacking Luo Yue, he hadn't offended them, had he?

"You're Indonesian? Why are you attacking us?" Ye Mo's face sunk.

"No, no," Li Lan explained, "We're not an Indonesian force, only a part of us are. We hail from the Blue Ray Corporation in Africa. We were hired. The Indonesians hate the Chinese, so since they heard that some Chinese had taken over Sai Na, they, they-"

Ye Mo was speechless.

Li Lan glanced at Ye Mo carefully and then said, "Us and the pirates were all just hired by Indonesia, except for Captain Louis and some Indonesian troops. They wanted to attack Luo Yue and then suck up to the US."

Ye Mo sneered. That would never have ended well. The US wanted nothing more but for Luo Yue to build faster, how could they appreciate these guys attacking Luo Yue. The decision maker for Indonesia was an idiot.
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