Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 532

Chapter 532: People From South Africa
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Why are you here?" Ye Mo went to the meeting room and saw it was Han Yan, she sat there anxiously. She was at black level stage now and should be with her sect. Although he didn't know why she had come, he realized she must have something important to say.

Seeing Ye Mo walk in, Han Yan got up immediately. Her expression was uneasy and said. "Brother Ye, my grandpa send me here to ask you if you need help. If you do, you can just call him. Whether it's military or financial support, he can provide you some help with handling the country."

Although he knew that Elder Han meant weapons and not sending armies, Ye Mo was still grateful. To be willing to offer help, it meant that he really considered him a friend. Although Elder Han had an important status in the Chinese military, it would still be a lot of pressure for him to say this.

Ye Mo told Han Yan to sit down and said, "Thank elder Han for me, I don't need any help. However f I do, I won't hesitate to ask for help. But why are you so uneasy? I haven't asked Elder Han for help yet."

Han Yan waved her hand, "It's not because of this that I'm here, that was just my grandpa asking me to bring you that message. I want you to help me with something else."

Then, Han Yan said hesitantly, "My sect no longer has the appropriate conditions to train due to pollution. My master is very troubled, it's very hard to switch locations, especially among the hidden sects."

"Pollution?" Ye Mo felt it was odd. He had been to many hidden sects, such as Serenity or Dian Cang, and these places were very hidden and very far away. Pollution wouldn't even be able to reach there.

Han Yan nodded, "En. It's because there's a silver mine near our place, it's being dug up now and pollution is flowing upstream. There's some foreign paper-making factory which is releasing large amounts of waste and hacking down a lot of trees nearby. Because of that, our environment is getting worse and worse."

Han Yan looked up and said, "Brother Ye, this place is yours now and it is so pretty. Can we move here?"

"You want to move to Luo Yue?" Ye Mo looked stranged. Hidden sects usually needed to remain hidden. Although Luo Yue had a quite nice natural environment, as time went by there would be more people. Then it wouldn't be hidden anymore.

"En." Han Yan nodded and then said, "I still haven't told my master, but seeing how my master's worries, I came to ask you first. If you agree, then I will go back and tell my master. Also, my master just wants a quiet place, he doesn't really care if it's hidden. I fell in love with this place as soon as I came and I think my master will love it here."

Ye Mo smiled, "Luo Yue has a very small population at the moment, but it has a lot of land. Of course, I welcome you to stay, I will find someone to show you around. If you like it here then, find a quiet place and settle. I will ask Sister Yuehua to help."

Seeing this, Han Yan stood up excitedly, "Thank you, Brother Ye! I still have some money from the tournament from last time, I can build our own place with it. I will go back and discuss this with my master; afterwards, I'll come talk to you about it.

By the way, Brother Ye, my grandpa also said that he found where the rest of the blueprints of the Space Flower are. They are said to be the at a base in Taiwan. The Americans also know of its whereabouts and are actively trying to get it," Han Yan said.

"Did your grandpa send people to get it?" Ye Mo asked with a frown.

Han Yan shook her head, "Not yet, but he will soon. My grandpa said that if you're interested you can go together, but if you're too busy then nevermind."

Ye Mo got up and looked at Han Yan and said: "Han Yan, I won't lie to you nor take my words back. If your grandpa trusts me, then tell him not to go find that blueprint. Even if he finds it, it would be useless. Moreover, that blueprint can't be found that easily. People would only be hurt if they went, there's no need."

"Why?" Han Yan asked in confusion. Before Ye Mo had agreed to go help find the blueprint, so why was he saying now that it was useless?

Ye Mo shook his head and didn't answer.

Seeing this made Han Yan a bit disappointed but she knew that if Ye Mo could answer, he would. Since he didn't, it meant that he had his concerns. She only had to take his words back.

Although he couldn't reply to that, Ye Mo still found Sancai and told him to accompany Han Yan. Sancai had been Lang Ji's man in the past and he followed Li Sandao after Lang Ji died.

After Han Yan left, Ye Mo sunk into contemplation. Since Han Yan's sect was willing to come to Luo Yue, what about the other hidden sects? Luo Yue had very large pieces of land, and the more people the better. Ye Mo wouldn't reject those sects who wanted to come to Luo Yue.

Ye Mo was quite grateful for Elder Han's goodwill. There were so many news about Luo Yue recently, he would've heard of it for sure, and he still offered his help.

Ye Mo wasn't going to intervene with the blueprint anymore for sure. Ye Xing had designed it and he was already there. If he had enough time, he could design it again. Furthermore, the critical flaw of the blueprint was the need of an Extreme Energy Stone. Without it, it couldn't be operated.

No matter how advanced it was, if it couldn't be operated it would be waste of time. Even in the case of Han Zaixin, If Ye Mo told him that Ye Xing had designed the Space Flower and that he was in Luo Yue, it would harm both Ye Xing and Luo Yue.

Also, he already warned Han Zaixin. If he didn't believe him, then there was nothing he could do about it.

With Sancai's guidance, Han Yan found a place she liked after a few days and named it the Guang Han Mountain after her sect, the Guang Han sect.

As soon as she left, new people arrived. This time it was the Blue Ray Corporation from South Africa, they were a renowned mercenary company.

Ye Mo saw two people entering the guest hall. One was a white-faced man that was less than 40 years old, he was dressed very well but his eyes made Ye Mo uncomfortable - they were dodgy. The second one was a young woman in her 20s, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and her skin was very good.

"Mr Ye, Hello, I'm Dongfang Tang and this is my assistant Shana. I've heard of you and your power before, but I didn't expect you to be so young. It's my honour to be able to see you," the man spoke fluent Chinese. Ye Mo could tell he was Chinese.

Dongfang Tang? Ye Mo immediately thought of Dongfang Xi, he felt that the two men had something in common.

"Mr Ye, greetings, I'm Shana. It's a pleasure to meet you," her Chinese wasn't fluent and she had a western accent.

"Please have a seat." Ye Mo pointed at one of the chairs but didn't shake hands with them.

Seeing this, Dongfang Tang's face went stale, but he quickly managed to keep a straight face and sat down as thought nothing had happened. Shana was dazed for a moment. She thought Ye Mo was very impolite, but she wasn't the person in charge of negotiation and so she didn't say anything.

Ye Mo had seen the change in Dongfang Tang's expression. It had just been a moment, but it couldn't escape his spirit sense. Ye Mo wasn't sure if he was related to Dongfang Xi, but he was sure he wasn't someone easy to deal with.

Seeing that Ye Mo just sat down without saying anything, Dongfang Xi's grinned and said again, "Mr.Ye, I'm representing Blue Ray Corporation to discuss some business with you."

Ye Mo said plainly, "Blue Ray corporation? Never heard of it."
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