Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 533

Chapter 533: I will turn the South African Bay into a Bloodbath
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Dongfang Tang's expression finally looked angry. Blue Ray Corporation was a renowned mercenary company all over the world but Ye Mo had claimed he'd never heard of it. This was a slap in the face. Moreover, a lot of people from their company were being kept by Luo Yue; even if he hadn't heard of it before, he would've heard of it by now.

Ye Mo sneered. Although Dongfang Tang was not bad, he still seemed a bit immature. Why would the corporation send someone who couldn't control his facial expressions? Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Shana and thought that perhaps he had showed that face for Shana to see. If that was the case, then Dongfang Tang was craftier than Dongfang Xi.

Dongfang Tang took a little longer to recover his composure this time. He felt Ye Mo was no easy target for negotiation.

"Mr. Ye, then we'll be straightforward. Due to a recent minor conflict with you, some of the people from our corporation are being held here. Although this is a misunderstanding, it's still our fault. We're willing to compensate you for your losses as long as you let us bring back our people," Dongfang Tang said.

Ye Mo frowned, "Your people had conflict with us? How come I don't know? I think you're mistaken. If it's just this, please leave."

Seeing that Shana still sat there without saying anything, Dongfang Tang could only add, "Of course, our company wouldn't get into a conflict with you, it is well known that we're just a security company. Sometimes we get paid in order to help our clients get some things done. The reason why our people were sent here was due to others hiring us."

Ye Mo disapproved quietly, calling a mercenary corporation a security company was truly shameless.

Ye Mo said casually, "Oh, can you explain the situation to me meticulously? You're the first one I'm hearing this from."

Dongfang Tang didn't expect that Ye Mo would force him to admit things. He sunk into silence indecisively - one thing was recognizing that they were involved, another thing was admitting who had led the attack.

All the world was reporting about the pirate fleet attacks on Luo Yue.

But anyone who wasn't an idiot would know that it wasn't a regular pirate attack, since when did they have their own fleets? A country was attacking Luo Yue for sure. As long as Luo Yue didn't point fingers, other people wouldn't. Even the most audacious news channel wouldn't dare to guess which country did it without definite evidence.

If it got exposed, it would become an international conflict.

The fact that Ye Mo had asked this meant that he wanted Dongfang Tang to reveal who was the mastermind behind it. Luo Yue had the power to annihilate a fleet, who knows if they would use it as an excuse to start a war? Although he knew that Luo Yue city didn't have the power or the guts to do it, Dongfang Tang still didn't dare say it.

"It happened like this: we saw news reports about your city being attacked by a fleet, so we later on realized that it had been low-level people from our company that contacted the pirates to invade Luo Yue. We express our deep apologies for this and we would like to show our genuine contrite," Dongfang Tang talked about it, but still managed not to involve Indonesia.

Slap- Ye Mo stood up and said coldly, "So, you're saying it was Blue Ray Corporation that attacked Luo Yue City? Don't you dare put the blame on some pirates! I will go to your corporation and, since you dared try to invade Luo Yue, don't blame me for attacking your bay."

Dongfang Tang was shook. He hadn't expected Ye Mo to suddenly change his expression so drastically. Moreover, he had spoke of the bay, which meant that he had investigated where their corporation stored their mercenaries.

"In that case, there's nothing to discuss between us. Goodbye." Dongfang Tang stood up and turned away to leave.

Ye Mo added coldly, "Tell your General Ku You that in a week I will turn the South African Bay into a bloodbath! Tell him to prepare himself."

Dongfang Tang almost stumbled on these words. A bloodbath in their bay? Did he not think their thousands of mercenaries were humans? But from his words it was more than clear that he had thoroughly investigated them and that he even knew who the general was.

He still wanted to add something, but Dongfang Tang knew that he couldn't negotiate with Ye Mo anymore; he had nothing to negotiate with.

Seeing the two visitors leave in a hurry, Ye Mo sneered. He was sure that Ku You would come to Luo Yue. Although it was partially a threat, if Ku You didn't come, he would actually annihilate his corporation.

As for the Indonesian navy, he wouldn't do anything about it yet. Ye Mo wanted to wait until Luo Yue's defenses were perfected before he crippling their navy.

He had never been someone who would suck it up after getting attacked.

This was his principle in the cultivation realm. A peaceful life couldn't be attained by being timid, it was won with power.

Ye Mo walked out of the guest hall and saw Huang Yinian and Guo Qi approaching him hurriedly with 30 or 40 people. Yet, they didn't seem worried, they were excited instead.

"Brother Ye, these people are mercenaries from the Blue Ray Corporation. They wish to join Luo Yue, so I brought them over. Many of them are good soldiers." Guo Qi pointed at the people behind him.

"Yes, City Lord, some of their naval capabilities are no lesser than mine. They were hired for a high price and some of them are also air force and on-land special soldiers. They joined the mercenary corporation for money," Huang Yinian said quickly.

He saw Ye Mo studying these people, so Huang Yinian after a moment quickly pointed at a black man and said, "He's Mikeson, originally a captain of the 6th US fleet but got sacked due to a critical error - he came to the mercenary company to earn some money. The thin tall one behind him is called Tony, he was a lieutenant in the British air force. His wife had an affair with one of his higher-ups and he caught them, so he killed them and escaped to the mercenary corporation to get rich."

Huang Yinian pointed at the men one by one and Ye Mo soon found out that each and everyone one of them had their own story. All of them had been elite members in the army.

Ye Mo now realised why the Blue Ray Corporation wanted them back, they had been hired for a hefty price.

"Okay, Commander Huang, Captain Guo, you can assign them to their respective roles. We don't have planes nor an air force for now, but it's only a matter of time. Let Tony be responsible for the air force establishment. And if any of these people wish to live in Luo Yue long-term, they can have their own piece of land and bring their families here," Ye Mo called the shot. Not even Blue Ray Corporation wanted to give these people up.

Ye Mo paused for a moment and commented, "If there are still people like them that wish to stay in Luo Yue, we will welcome them greatly. Their treatment will be at the very least as good as the corporation they worked on before, we are the most profitable business in the world."

"Yes," Huang Yinian took these people and left.

Ye Mo was very happy that Luo Yue's military was beginning to take form. He was sure that once Luo Yue could protect itself, with him and Ye Xing all the money in the world would flow to Luo Yue.

Meanwhile, Ku You was walking around in circles, he regretted taking that mission from Indonesia. They had earned many times hundreds of millions by settling conflicts within countries, but this time they had lost their entire army.
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