Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 534

Chapter 534: I Am Threatening You

Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ku You had thought a city newly established by some company would have no battle power to worry about, but unexpectedly reality was this different from what he had anticipated.

He might have only sent 500 people, but they were all elites of the corporation. And now they were all captured! The most they had ever lost in the past was a little over ten.

Although he didn't want to send people to negotiate with Luo Yue, their loss was simply too great. Indonesia wasn't doing anything either. Instead, they told them to negotiate with Luo Yue to win back the fleet and captured soldiers.

This made Ku You very annoyed. He didn't want to listen to those Indonesian officials, but he had to. If he didn't get his people back, his squadron's battle power would decrease greatly.

Soldiers were always found easily but not elite fighters.

Dongfang Tang and Shana's expressions weren't too good. Ku You didn't have to ask anything to be able to tell the result from their face.

"Sit down and tell me how it went. Have they already rejected?" Ku You poured two cups of water for them.

At that moment, Dongfang Tang realized that he hadn't even gotten a cup of water from Luo Yue.

He reported Ye Mo's arrogant attitude and words exactly.

Slam- Ku You slammed the table. Ye Mo was that rude and was supposedly going to turn his bay into a bloodbath?

"Such arrogance!" Ku You's face was full of killing intent.

Ever since their corporation was established, they had been through countless conflicts and wars. Other than one mission in 2001, they had never failed before. Even small countries didn't dare utter such words to them, yet a mere pharmaceutical company dared to imagine turning them into bloodbaths and whatnot? They were too cocky!

"Find Edward, I will turn his Luo Yue into a bloodbath before he can even try it with us!" Ku You was furious.

"No need, I'm here." A robust white man walked in. He was very sturdy and had curly hair. He had the typical soldier look.

Edward was the advisor of Blue Ray Corporation, a very experienced soldier. He walked in and sat down.

After Ku You also sat down, he said slowly, "General Ku You, I heard Dongfang Tang's words just now. Although I'm also very angry, we can't deal with things like you said. First of all, it's unsure whether we can even turn Luo Yue into a bloodbath, but besides that our corporation was built for making money. Bathing Luo Yue in blood will only make us a target for international persecution. It won't benefit us in any way."

Edward looked at Dongfang Tang and said again, "We mercenaries live for one purpose only: money. None of our soldiers want to do something that won't bring any profit. Mr Dongfang, you come from China, and so does Luo Yue, how do you think we should deal with matters?"

Dongfang Tang didn't expect Edward would ask him, but he quickly said, "Although I like General Ku You's idea, I believe that if we act like that, our corporation will be destroyed. If Luo Yue was able to annihilate the Indonesian fleet with so many of our elites on it, then I don't think their military power is any less than ours. Thus, there's no benefit for us in solving things with fighting."

Edward nodded, "Yes, we lost very strangely. The news I received was that a few days before the battle, we managed to sink three of their patrol boats, yet on the fifth day of the battle, our fleet suddenly surrendered. The report I got was that they captured both General Louis and Commander David. These people then made everyone surrender. But I know things weren't as simple as that."

"You're saying?" Ku You knew it was impossible to solve things with war, but he was just angry.

Edward said carefully, "I don't think that Ye Mo is lying - he really does have the power to massacre us."

Ku You frowned, "Edward, aren't you exaggerating things a bit too much out of anxiousness?" He still believed that it was nothing but a joke that Luo Yue would be capable of eradicating them.

Edward shook his head, "No, I'm not being overly anxious at all. We're not far from the ocean, and we have neither navy nor air force. At most, we're a strong land force. Luo Ying managed to beat an entire fleet. No matter what means they used, that means that their naval power has to be rather strong. So, they could just barrage us with cannons and not care about the consequences.

Ku You sunk into silence. After hearing Edward and Dongfang Tang's words, he felt that things might really be as Ye Mo said.

"Isn't Ye Mo the president of Luo Yue?" Ku You suddenly asked.

Dongfang Tang nodded, "Yes, we've investigated him. He seems to be very famous among the Chinese higher ups. I've also heard that Northern Sand had negotiations with him. I don't know why exactly, but even Northern Sand seemed to be concerned about him.

"What? Northern Sand feels concerned about Ye Mo?" Ku You was shocked and subconsciously looked at Edward. He knew that a mercenary corporation like his was nothing but an insect in front of Northern Sand.

Edward nodded, "That is the case. This Ye Mo isn't simple at all, and his origins are pretty odd. It seems he was just some young master in Beijing in the past. Of course for now, I don't think we need to keep investigating him. Since we know of his power, the first thing we need to do is to keep negotiating with him at Luo Yue."

"But he clearly doesn't want to negotiate with us," Ku You said with frustration.

Dongfang Tang shook his head. This Ku You was a brainless idiot. He was a far cry from his father. In the past, under the lead of his father, Blue Ray Corporation had dominated wherever they went. If it wasn't for his dad dying in that mission in 2001, how would they ever be led by a brainless idiot like Ku You. Not only was he impetuous, but he had even leaked secrets to women many times.

Edward didn't mind Ku You's reaction and continued, "I believe the reason why Ye Mo didn't agree is because we didn't satisfy his needs. It's not as simple as getting our men back now. We need to think of how we can make him happy. Mr Dongfang, what is it he wants?"

"He wants us to admit that the real mastermind was Indonesia. Since I didn't, we couldn't continue our negotiations," Dongfang Tang replied.

Edward said nonchalantly, "There's nothing wrong with doing that, though. We're mercenaries, not assassins. So with our safety being at stake, we should negotiate with him again. Luo Yue apparently has strong naval power and is different from other countries, so perhaps we might even work together with them in the future. It's best to build up good relations with Ye Mo now."

"Why would he make us admit who the mastermind is?" Shana asked subconsciously.

Edward glanced at Shana and Kuyou. There was no reply, but as they looked at each other's faces, they realized the answer. Even Ku You knew what was going on.

In all likelihood, Luo Yue probably didn't even consider them a threat. They just wanted evidence. This evidence was necessary so they would be able to deal with Indonesia with reason on their side. If they admitted it, Luo Yue would have that evidence.

They were even planning on getting revenge on the Indonesian navy, how could they consider a small corporation like them a threat? This also meant that Ye Mo wasn't joking when he said he would turn their bay into a bloodbath. If they went to Luo Yue again, it would remain nothing but a threat, but if they didn't, it wouldn't stop at being a mere threat.

Ku You finally realized the severity of the matter and stood up, nodding, "Okay, in that case, let's go to Luo Yue as soon as we can. We'll go all together."


Ye Mo was very happy at the moment. Not only had he recruited a lot of talented military personnel, Ye Xing had also designed their first automatic targeting radar system.

It had been named by Ye Xing as the Space Shield Defense and Offense System. It could not only scan a 30 km area of sea and air, but was also capable of target locking and even automatic attacking. Each set of parts within the system could chase up to 50 targets at the same time, and multiple systems wouldn't overlap on targets.

The radar could also detect any missiles within 3 km. It might not be more advanced than the US's radars, but this was only the first generation defense and attack system.
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