Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 535

Chapter 535: Rapid Development

Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter
"As soon as the system is put into action, cover all of Luo Yue with it immediately," Ye Mo said. He knew from the moment that he moved there that he would have to fight the US. He couldn't do that without an advanced aerial defense system.

The US intercontinental missiles could easily reach Luo Yue and their accuracy was insane. Moreover, even if they didn't send missiles, they still had nuclear bombs. Luo Yue was nothing but a weakling to them.

Ye Mo didn't know if his invisibility could go undetected from all radar systems; if it couldn't, then air strikes would be a problem for him. Furthermore, although he could easily take down jets, he couldn't deal with such a large air force. If they ganged up against him and managed to drop a bomb onto Luo Yue, he would suffer heavy losses.

Although Ye Mo had other means to get revenge on the US, Ye Mo wanted to avoid suffering losses and then having to go annihilate his enemies.

The system Ye Xing had designed combined defense and attack and no one needed to operate it. This was one of Ye Mo's ideals, attack is defense.

Ye Mo left Zang Jiayan and Ye Xing behind to continue discussing the radar system, and he took Xu Yuehua to the guest hall again. As he expected, Blue Ray had sent four people to negotiate this time. Even the General Ku You was there.

Ye Mo wasn't planning on ignoring them, he came as soon as he heard of it. He knew that this corporation meant no threat to him but he still had to solve things.

"Mr. Ye, hello, I'm Edward, the advisor for Blue Ray Corporation. This is our General Ku You," as soon as Ye Mo entered the room, Edward immediately approached him hospitably to shake hands and introduce himself.

Ye Mo nodded and pointed at Xu Yuehua, "She's the current person responsible for the city, Xu Yuehua. Please have a seat everyone."

Edward had heard from Dongfang Tang about how straightforward he was, so he said, "I believe Mr Ye and Ms Xu already know why we're here. Please accept Blue Ray Corporation's deepest apology, we would like give you any compensation you consider necessary."

Edward hadn't mention he wanted his men back at all, all he had said was that he would pay for a compensation.

Instead of Ye Mo, it was Xu Yuehua who spoke, "We don't need an apology, we just want to know why you attacked Luo Yue."

Edward said without hesitation, "We're mercenaries, we would only do something that stupid because of the orders of the people who hired us. Ms Xu, you must know we don't have fleets."

Then, Edward continued without Xu Yuehua asking, "We were hired by the Indonesian navy. Their naval commander, Xiao Luqiu, negotiated with us personally. They said they didn't have enough military power, so they hired us to attack Luo Yue together."

"Oh, so that's it! General Ku You, what is your verdict?" Xu Yuehua looked at Ku You.

Ku You was indeed impetuous, but it was already too late. His men had already admitted it, why would he deny it? He quickly replied, "That's right, Commander Xiao Luqiu found us and asked us to send men over. They offered us 300 million USD."

Xu Yuehua smiled, "In that case, sign here, just in case you change your mind." Xu Yuehua took out a document and put in front of Ku You and Edward.

Although they knew they were probably being recorded, they didn't dare not to sign. The two men looked at the document and smiled bitterly. It had already been printed, they had been waiting for their signature.

Xu Yuehua put the document away and Ye Mo stood up, he believed the negotiation was over.

Edward smiled bitterly at Ye Mo and also stood up. He finally said after some hesitation, "Mr. Ye, some of our men are still-"

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand, "Even if you hadn't said anything, I was going to mention it. Your squadron's men liked Luo Yue and decided to stay. They are working on building Luo Yue right now. I was going to make you give some compensation, but seeing their passion for their work, I might as well satisfy their needs and let them stay. What do you think, Mr. Edward?"

Edward was full of bitterness. But after Ye Mo's expression sunk, he didn't dare complain. He was afraid of pissing Ye Mo off and in the end having to give him a compensation. Although the corporation had lost some elite members, it was a good thing that they hadn't gotten annihilated.

As for getting the fleet back, like Indonesian officials had requested, Edward decided not to mention it. If he dared say that now, he would truly be done.

"Dongfang Tang, do you know someone called Dongfang Xi?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

Dongfang Tang had been thinking about something else and wasn't very focused, but after Ye Mo asked, he was shook, He immediately calmed himself down and quickly said, "I don't know. I don't know who Dongfang Xi is."

Dongfang Tang's expression was uneasy, but Ye Mo still wasn't sure if they were related. He detested Dongfang Xi to the bones and he had the feeling that Dongfang Tang's reply wasn't truthful. However, he couldn't grasp where the problem was.

"Dongfang Tang lied," Xu Yuehua suddenly said after they left.

"How do you know?" Ye Mo asked.

Xu Yuehua said, "Dongfang Tang is a mercenary, and what do mercenaries do? They either help other fight wars, or kill. They need to understand the international conflicts and also know about people in the same profession. Nan Qing's Boss, Qian Longtou, also had a few thousand mercenaries who took on jobs like the Blue Ray Corporation does. They are competition.

Dongfang Xi is the head advisor of Qian Longtou and Dongfang Tang is clearly an advisor too in Blue Ray Corporation. How could he not know of Dongfang Xi's existence? He wasn't able to think clearly when he replied and he will realise the problem once he gets back."

Ye Mo nodded. There definitely was something wrong, but now it wasn't the time to find him. Dongfang Tang wouldn't be able to escape from him.

Since Blue Ray Corporation hadn't been able to take any of their men back, after these mercenaries found out they had been abandoned, they all decided to serve Luo Yue. But also Huang Yinian and Guo Qi brought up their standards a lot.

Nearly a month later, the Indonesians hadn't sent anyone over to negotiate yet. It seemed as though they hadn't even been involved in the attack. This made Ye Mo think something was off. After receiving news from Xu Yuehua's connections, he found out that there was an internal conflict going on in Indonesia. Some people were unhappy about the fact that they had attacked Luo Yue, which pleased Ye Mo.

While everybody else was busy building Luo Yue, Ye Mo started cultivating and searching around for spirit herbs and special ores. He wanted to make a bigger storage ring and find a bunch of hundred year old yellow essences, he was going to use them to make chi increasing pills. Thus, he had to leave Luo Yue. However, he would come back at most two days later as Luo Yue was still vulnerable.
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