Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Small Town Case
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

The reason why Ye Mo was going out in search of herbs and materials was because even though Luo Yue had published a list to the world, it hadn't been very effective. Some materials which he needed had been found, but not a single true spirit herb.

Ye Mo knew that spirit herbs usually grew in dangerous places and were hard to get. Spirit herbs also had the instinct to protect themselves like humans. They wouldn't grow in normal places, so Ye Mo could only try his luck himself.

After Ye Mo left Luo Yue, he first went to Ning Hai. Tang Beiwei was willing to move to Luo Yue now and would be helping Ye Mo manage the spirit herb garden he planned on growing. But the Purple Heart Vine was at a critical stage of its growth, and it wasn't good to move it, so Tang Beiwei couldn't leave Ning Hai just yet.

Although he wanted to go see Ting Ting too, Ye Mo gave up on the thought upon remembering Yun Bing's affection for him. Ye Mo was scared that if he let something happen again, he really wouldn't be able to face Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying anymore.

Ye Mo also wanted to go to America after he found some more herbs and was ready.

His target was simple, acquiring weapons and information. Ye Mo wanted to take back all of America's most advanced blueprints and some prototypes of theirs.

Another thing was that he wanted to go back to China Town and ask Peng Yueji and Shi Kaigen whether they had found Sister Yan yet. And if there were people willing to go to Luo Yue with him, he would bring them back. He needed large numbers of people right now.


Wuyang Town.

This was the second time Ye Mo came to this town. The first time he hadn't even known the name of the town. After he and Ning Qingxue left Shen Nong Jia, they came here to buy some clothes before Ye Mo sent her back.

The reason he had returned here was because he had found large amounts of herbs at the Qiu Tuo Peak. Ye Mo was low on herbs, so this place was his first choice.

He was just passing by the town as it was the closest town to Shen Nong Jia, and he was also short on supplies, so he was going to buy some food for his storage ring.

As Ye Mo walked up to a shop, he saw many people around it and a crying girl.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in there subconsciously, and it tuned out he actually knew that girl and had seen her more than once. Although he had never talked to her, he knew that she was called Xiao Yu and that she was a nun from Lian Hang Jing Temple. Luo Xuan had said that her sect originated from their sect.

He quickly figured out why the girl was crying. A nun laid next to her. It was the nun who had accompanied her to the auction, and she was dead now. She seemed to have been killed due to a fatal injury to her neck, as seen by the needle-sized wound on it.

Ye Mo knew that this martial artist next to Xiao Yu had to have been at least at the peak of the yellow stage. Someone like her had been killed in an ordinary town? This was too suspicious.

"Move aside, don't ruin the crime scene." The police arrived and all the bystanders moved aside.

Ye Mo shook his head and was about to leave when he heard Xiao Yu call out, "Ye-Qianbei"

When the police arrived, everyone moved aside, and so Xiao Yu happened to see Ye Mo and called out to him.

People around her started whispering amongst themselves, "This nun seems crazy. 'Qianbei', what era was this?"

Ye Mo didn't mind. Although he had no connections with this Xiao Yu, but she was an ancient martial arts cultivator and since she had recognized him, he might as well help her.

"What happened?" Ye Mo walked in and asked.

Since she had realized that it wasn't too appropriate to call Ye Mo 'Qianbei' here, Xiao Yu rubbed her sore eyes and said, "Brother Ye, my martial sister was killed, I know the police wouldn't be able to catch the culprit"

Ye Mo thought this little nun was really straight forward, saying that the police wouldn't be able to catch the culprit in front of their face. Although Ye Mo knew she was telling the truth, she was too inexperienced in this society.

As soon as Xiao Yu said that, the police at the scene became unhappy. Xiao Yu was the victim's family so they couldn't reproach her but they immediately grew unhappy with Ye Mo this outsider.

A middle build police stopped Ye Mo and said, "go out first, this is a crime scene, do not destroy it."

Xiao Yu stood up and rubbed her eyes before telling that police, "that you all but I know you wouldn't be able to get the culprit, he's very strong"

"little girl, we understand your feelings right now but please don't ruin the crime scene. And, you, what's your name. show me your ID." A young police said unhappily. They didn't want to be too mean since Xiao Yu was the victim and was an innocent and pretty looking nun.

Xiao Yu said desperately, "I'm Yan Yu, Brother Ye, please help me." She knew that Ye Mo's status was very high, even higher than her master's.

Ye Mo sighed. If he let Yan Yu continue like this, the scene would only get worse. So he could only take out the ID Han Zaixin had given him and said to the police, "This is not an ordinary case, leave it to me. You guys can go back now."

Leave it to you? A policeman of average build wanted to rage away immediately but was stopped by a middle-aged police officer. He took Ye Mo's document, looked at it and then gave it back to Ye Mo carefully, "Yes, Instructor Ye."

Then, he waved his hand, "Retreat."

Despite the others not knowing what was going on, the captain had said to retreat, so no one dared to ask a thing.

Ye Mo picked up the nun and left the scene under the public's shocked gazes. Then he asked, "What's going on? Your martial sister was already a yellow peak cultivator, how could she have gotten killed? Also, what are you doing at Shen Nong Jia?"

Yan Yu sniffed, "Two months ago, our sect was suddenly attacked. The attacker was cruel and killed many of my martial uncles and sect members -and even our sect leader- before leaving. My master was wearing soft armour and was able to survive. She was just heavily injured. Martial Sister Mei and I came to Shen Nong Jia to pick the Tian Dan Flower-"

"Wait-" Ye Mo stopped her, "The Tian Dan Flower you're talking about, is it a plant that has three flowers and each flower has a different colour?"

"Yes," Yan Yu replied.

"That means you have found it?" Ye Mo couldn't help his tone from getting excited.

Yan Yu didn't mind Ye Mo's tone and nodded, "We found it and after we picked it, it was already dark, so we stayed in town for the night, planning to go back this morning, but, but-"

Ye Mo understood. Someone who wanted the flower had killed the martial sister.

The Tian Dan Flower could cure extremely serious internal injuries and was one of the 3 main ingredients for the chi increasing pill. It was a low level spirit herb.

It was fine if the person just took the flower but taking the flower and killing the owner, this was too over the line.

"Why was your sect attacked? And since it was such a complete attack, how come you and your sister were fine?" Ye Mo asked.
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