Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Came Here on Your Own
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"My martial sister, a few martial uncles, and I went to the Hidden Sects Tournament. By the time we came back, it had already happened," Yan Yu said.

Ye Mo asked in shock, "You're saying your sect was annihilated?"

Yan Yu shook her head, "Not entirely as there was only one enemy that night. When he came, though, those who fought him all died. Only my master lived and the remaining low-powered members who couldn't even face the enemy."

Ye Mo immediately understood. He nodded and asked again, "So that means, those who saw the enemy's face were all killed right?"

Yan Yu nodded and started crying on her martial sister's body again.

Ye Mo figured that the enemy hadn't been planning on annihilating the sect. If he had, those weaker sect members would've been killed too. It might be someone the sect knew personally, or maybe he was afraid of other people knowing his identity.

"How strong was that attacker?" Ye Mo really wanted to know who had such courage. Their sect wasn't weak, yet it had been practically annihilated by a single person.

Yan Yu wiped her eyes and sniffed, "My two martial uncles were earth level primary stage. My master and the sect leader were earth level middle stage, and there were 4 black level martial uncles."

Ye Mo was shocked. Such an ensemble attacking one person yet they all died. This enemy was too strong! Thinking among the people Ye Mo knew, someone as strong as that was at least at Wang Lenchan's level. Other than him, there were Feng Wu, Wu Dao, Xiang Mingwang and that sect leader of Jiu Ming Academy. But Xiang Mingwang was dead, Wu Dao seemed very benevolent and wouldn't do such a thing. The only possibilities were Feng Wu and that Jiu Ming Academy sect leader, but why would they do such a thing?

"Did your master see who it was?" Ye Mo asked again.

Yan Yu shook her head, "No, she had her face covered. My master only knows that it was a woman and that she was a half-step great heaven master."

Yan Yu immediately removed Jiu Ming Academy's sect leader from his suspect list. Ye Mo didn't expect there to be such a strong woman in the world.

"Did you see the person who attacked your Martial Sister Mei?" Ye Mo asked.

Yan Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, "When I came out of Shen Nong Jia with my martial sister yesterday, it was already dark. But as we went into the hotel, I turned around and saw a grey-clothed person standing not far from us under the streetlights. When I wanted to take a better look, the person had already disappeared. I don't know if that wasn't him."

"Grey-clothed person? Not good." Ye Mo realized that the hotel would of course have security cameras, but he hadn't cared a bit before, so he didn't think of checking the recordings.

"What's wrong?" Yan Yu asked immediately.

"I think we should go back and check the footage to see who it was," Ye Mo voiced his idea.

Yan Yu was dazed. Yeah, her martial sister had been killed in that hotel - how could they not check the surveillance footage?

"Bury your martial sister first." Ye Mo pointed at the foot of a mountain not far away.

Yan Yu was completely muddleheaded right now and just did as Ye Mo told her.

Ye Mo took out a thin needle from the martial sister's neck and then helped Yan Yu bury her. Then, he took her back to the town.

Meanwhile, the owner of the hotel was scared. A customer had died in his place. He had the highest probability of being held responsible somehow, but the family of the victim didn't look for trouble that much. This made him breath easy, but before he could finish his sigh of relief, someone else came. A male relative this time.

Seeing the hotel owner's fright, Yan Yu didn't have the mood to ask questions. She saw it couldn't have had anything to do with the hotel owner.

"Please show me your surveillance recording," Ye Mo asked.

Soon, it was replayed, and luckily, it wasn't destroyed. There were no cameras inside the rooms, only cameras at the front and back of the building. The time was shown clearly and in the very early morning, a grey-clothed man had indeed been circulating outside the hotel.

The man hadn't covered his face so from the recording, Ye Mo could see the man had a long face and had to be in his 40s to 50s. When he left, he was carrying a blue bag on him. Yan Yu recognized the bag. It was the bag her martial sister had used to put the Tian Dan Flower in. She started crying again.

Ye Mo hurried away from the town. He knew that this man wasn't a part of modern society, or he would've tried to delete the footage.

The guy probably came from the hidden sects too or lived at a place somewhere away from society.

"Are there any of these flowers left where you found them?" Ye Mo asked.

Yan Yu shook her head, "No, but there are many other herbs. We were planning to go back after our master had recovered."

"I want to pick some herbs, can you take me there? After I find them, I will try to come back and save your master," Ye Mo said awkwardly.

His main goal now wasn't to get revenge for Xiao Yu's martial sister. He knew that it wasn't easy, who could guess where that guy had gone? He had only looked at the footage in order to remember the person's face, just in case he could kill him if he saw him.

Luckily, Yan Yu understood that it was impossible for Ye Mo to find the culprit now.

She didn't complain and just said, "I'll take you there, all I'm asking is for you to save my master."

As though he realized he had overdone it, Ye Mo asked casually, "Xiao Yu, your said your sect was almost annihilated by a woman. Do you know why she caused a carnage at your sect?"

Yan Yu shook her head, "I don't know, we didn't lose anything from our sect. However, our library was a mess. Perhaps she was trying to find a book or some sort of cultivation method."

Ye Mo was sure that she wasn't trying to find ancient martial arts cultivation methods. She was already at halfway great heaven stage, her cultivation method must be top notch. How could she be interested in their cultivation method?

After they walked together for a while, Yan Yu felt a little better.

She had been lucky to meet Ye Mo. Although she was taking Ye Mo to pick herbs, she trusted that he would keep his word and treat her master afterwards.

Yan Yu was a yellow level primary stage martial artist after all, so she could walk very fast. It only took her half a day to take Ye Mo there.

The place was similar to where Ye Mo had found the Face Preserving Fruit. It was a very steep cliff. Yan Yu explained that her martial sister and she had found the herb in the middle of the cliff; since it was too high, they had had to use ropes, but after her martial sister died, the ropes were gone.

"Isn't this a piece of a long rope?" Ye Mo had just gotten there when he saw a custom made rope. It was like the ones martial artists used when he first came to Shen Nong Jia.

"Huh- This is my martial sister's rope. Why would it be here?" Yan Yu ran to him to touch the rope, she was about to cry again.

Ye Mo analysed the situation and scanned his spirit sense down. He was at stage five now and his spirit sense could reach almost 800 meters. There was a place very different to its surroundings in the middle of the cliff. It was lush and green, much better than the barren land around it.

Just when Ye Mo was about to mention it, he saw the grey-clothed man with a bag of herbs carefully picking them out. Ye Mo sneered and he thought, "So you came to me on your own."

"Xiao Yu, have you thought about why the rope could be here?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.
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