Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Big Harvest
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Yan Yu subconsciously nodded her head.

"That man is coming up." Ye Mo saw the man crawl up the rope. He was very fast.

"Huh?!" Yan Yu stood up worriedly, but she soon calmed down. She had witnessed Ye Mo's power with her own eyes, it should be no problem for him to beat the person who killed her martial sister.

That grey-clothed man's herb basket was full. He seemed to have picked quite a lot.

When the man jumped on top of the cliff, he found Ye Mo and Yan Yu staring at him. He was shaken but reacted rapidly and took out a long sword.

"Why did you kill my martial sister?!" Yan Yu's eyes were red. She wanted to kill this person, but she knew she was no match for him.

"Little girl, I had mercy on you and let you go, yet you dared come back here. Don't blame me, you're seeking death yourself." The man smiled viciously and glanced at Ye Mo. He thought that Ye Mo was probably some help the little nun had called for.

Ye Mo glanced at the herb basket - it was actually full of precious herbs! He scanned the platform at the cliff, and it seemed most of the good herbs had already been picked by this guy. It seemed he was quite skilled in medicine.

The guy was only at the black level tertiary stage, but his skin was quite pale. Perhaps due to long periods of staying in darkness? It seemed he was preparing to reach the earth level.

"The Tian Dan Flower is a good thing, everyone wants it. But since you were able to take it anyway, why kill?" Ye Mo shook his head.

"Who are you? What's that got to do with you, huh?" the man shouted. He wasn't sure about Ye Mo's identity yet, but he wasn't afraid of him. Ye Mo was young. No matter how strong he was, he was only in his 20s - what could he do? What he was afraid of was that there might be other people nearby. So as he spoke, he scanned around with his eyes.

Ye Mo knew what the guy was thinking and sneered, "No need to look around, there's no one else here. I don't need people to help me with some black level trash like you."

"You can see my power level? Who are you?" The grey robed man became hesitant to attack now.

Ye Mo slowly walked up to the man, not minding the long sword at all. Yan Yu wanted the guy dead, but seeing Ye Mo walk towards him without a weapon, she began to worry.

Seeing this, the man rejoiced, 'No matter how strong you are, if I suddenly swing, how are you going to dodge?'

When Ye Mo was only 2 meters from the man, he suddenly took a step forward as his long sword turned into a ray, slicing at Ye Mo's waist with lightning fast speed.

Yan Yu subconsciously covered her eyes. She knew that Ye Mo wouldn't be killed like that, but she was still scared.

Ye Mo saw this and quickly reached out his hand. Before the sword ray reached him, he took the sword from the man, and the sword ray suddenly changed positions. By the time the grey-clothed man could react, he found that his sword had appeared in Ye Mo's hand, and he felt pain from his body.

Slump- The man fell to the ground as he howled in pain. His legs had been cleanly sliced off.

"You!" The man stared at Ye Mo in horror. He had never met a master like Ye Mo. He had always thought himself as part of the strongest group of people on Earth, yet he hadn't even been able to last a breath in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo reached out and took over the herb basket. He looked around and saw that there was a Tian Dan Flower indeed. He rejoiced. Once he made an essence increasing pill, he would be able to reach the chi gathering tertiary stage.

There was only a one word difference between 'essence increasing pill' and 'chi increasing pill', but their difference in potency was truly undeniable. One was for reaching the chi gathering primary stage, while the other was for the chi gathering middle and even tertiary stages.

Ye Mo looked at the dumbfounded Yan Yu and called out, "This person killed your martial sister, aren't you going to get revenge? What are you standing there for? You just need to kick him off the cliff."

Yan Yu reacted, and her eyes became firm, but before she walked up to him, the man called out, "Don't kill me, I have a lot of ancient martial arts treasures! If you let me go, they're all yours."

"Oh, where do you keep your things then?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

The man actually didn't consider how to use it in exchange for his life and subconsciously replied, "At Nan Lu Peak-"

Ye Mo stopped the man's words and sighed, "I think you've been a primitive man of Shen Nong Jia for too long. In that case, you can die. Yan Yu, hurry up and kick him off."

The man really didn't know how to interact with people. Ye Mo wouldn't care about his threats anyway, but from this one could really see how low this man's EQ was.

Hearing Ye Mo's words, Yan Yu went up and sent out a kick.

The man cried out and fell off the cliff.

"Wait for me here. I'll be going down to see if there are any other herbs." Then, Ye Mo went down the rope and landed on the platform.

After landing, Ye Mo assorted the herbs in the basket and put them in his ring. Then, he collected all the remaining useful herbs into his ring as well.

Two hours later, even Ye Mo felt like he had harvested quite a lot. Good people got good fortune indeed! If he hadn't helped that nun, he wouldn't have gotten this many herbs. At the same time, Ye Mo was also suspicious about why so many herbs would be gathered in areas of Shen Nong Jia. He wondered whether they hadn't perhaps been grown by people a very long time ago. After all, in the cultivation realm, it was normal to find herb gardens left behind by qianbeis.

Although Ye Mo wanted to go check out the other peaks and that Nan Lu Peak, he knew that Yan Yu was worried for her master.

Just as Yan Yu was getting desperate, Ye Mo came back.

"Brother Ye, no, Ye-Qianbei, may I ask when we will go back to treat my master's wounds?" Yan Yu was scared of Ye Mo, but this concerned her master's health.

"Where is your sect?" Ye Mo asked.

"At Wu Yi Mountain's Hidden Tone Valley," Yan Yu said.

Ye Mo had heard of Wu Yi Mountain before. In fact, he had gone there once to search for Luo Ying, but it wasn't close to where they were at all. Ye Mo didn't have the time to take a plane with Yan Yu.

Yan Yu understood that as well and thought that Ye Mo might not want to go because it was too far, so she immediately said, "Ye-Qianbei, it's actually not that far by plane, we can-"

Ye Mo waved to stop her from talking, "I didn't say it's far or anything-"

Before he finished explaining, he knocked her out from an angle she couldn't see. It would be too troublesome to go by plane, so he might as well fly over on his flying sword.

After that, Ye Mo took the rope and carried Yan Yu onto the flying sword.

Tens of minutes later, Ye Mo appeared at Wu Yi Mountain. He found a quiet place and dropped Yan Yu. Then, he started making pills. He was sure that with his means, Yan Yu would keep sleeping for a while. That was a good thing for her - her sect had almost been annihilated, and her martial sister was killed. If wouldn't be good to stay emotionally tense like that.

Almost ten hours later, Ye Mo had finished making two cauldrons of lotus life pills as well as some normal pills.

Yan Yu opened her eyes and just assumed that she had fallen asleep. She was shook and quickly crawled up.

"You're awake. Let's go see your sect." Ye Mo walked over to her.
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