Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Ye Mo in the Eyes of Others
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Hmm? We're already at Wu Yi Mountain?" Yan Yu looked at the surroundings and suddenly realized. How could she wake up in Wu Yi Mountain?

Although she had too many questions to ask, she knew that even if she asked, Ye Mo probably wouldn't answer her. It was strange that she suddenly fell asleep last night too. Although she wasn't experienced in this world, she knew some people had special powers, and they didn't like others asking them everything about it.

So when Yan Yu woke up, she didn't ask anything. She just thanked Ye Mo and took him to Yinyun Valley.

The valley was very far off. Ye Mo was sure that he wouldn't have been able to find it if Yan Yu wasn't showing the way. The two walked for a long time across Wu Yi Mountain and finally Yan Yu took Ye Mo into a place covered in mist.

As Ye Mo arrived at Lian Hang Jing Zhai, he felt that this place was worse off than Serenity's. This sect was much more famous than Serenity, but their territory was too bad.

Ye Mo looked around. The place looked tattered indeed, and there were few sect members. It could be seen that the incident two months ago had had a great impact on the sect.

Yan Yu's master was an old woman in her 60s. She laid on a bed looking old and fatigued. After hearing that Martial Sister Mei had died, she didn't say anything, but her sadness was evident on her face.

"Master, this is Ye-Qianbei. I invited him here to treat you," Yan Yu carefully wiped the old nun's eyes and explained.

"Ye Mo?" It was actually Ye Mo! Some rays of hope appeared in the master's eyes. Although she strugglingly tried to sit up by herself, her physical state didn't allow her to. Yan Yu quickly helped her up.

She had heard of Ye Mo's name. To the people of the outer hidden sects, he was an infamous existence.

"Young Hero Ye, Xiao Yu is immature and actually annoyed you to come here - my apologies." The old nun was different from Yan Yu. She had actually dared invite Ye Mo to come treat her condition? If someone like Ye Mo got angry, he could easily annihilate their sect.

She didn't want to mess with someone like Ye Mo. After all, they were a far cry from the Big 6 among the outer hidden sects.

Ye Mo was speechless. Ye Mo had been in the city for too long and now felt quite unfamiliar with names like 'young hero' and 'qianbei'.

Ye Mo could tell that this old nun was wary of him.

At the same time, his spirit sense noticed that the nun was very seriously injured. If he didn't use a lotus life pill, it would cost large amounts of chi to cure her. Ye Mo didn't like troublesome things, and besides, he had gotten so many herbs thanks to Yan Yu - he might as well give her a lotus life pill.

"I don't dare take the name of young hero, and it sounds a bit strange too. If you approve of me, then just call me Ye Mo." Ye Mo waved his hand.

The elder persisted, "You mustn't say that, Young Hero Ye. My Buddhist name is Qing Yan. Martial Sister Qing Hui, hurry up and greet Young Hero Ye"

Ye Mo knew that in Qing Yan's mind he was someone who took care of things with only force, so he shut his mouth and didn't bother explaining. The reason she was like this was not because she was afraid of him, but because she was afraid that he would cause trouble in their sect. She was probably blaming Yan Yu for being immature, daring to take back someone like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sighed. He knew that the longer he stayed there, they more uneasy they would be. He looked at Yan Yu who was at a loss and said, "I came because Xiao Yu also helped me with something. So I'm simply helping with treating Qing Yan's wound in return, nothing else."

"Young Hero Ye, I know my wounds, and I know there's no hope of curing them. But Xiao Yu and Xiao Mei insisted on finding the Tian Dan Flower to cure me, but even that wouldn't fully cure me either. Young Hero Ye is destined to do big things. On account of your relations with Xiao Yu, please help look after our sect instead," Qing Yan said.

Ye Mo was speechless. Was his name that bad within these hidden sects? He could tell that the nun didn't really mean for him to take care of their sect. What she really meant was, 'Since you're someone who will do big things, all will be good as long as you don't look for trouble with our mere small sect.'

'Am I some big bad wolf?' Though it wasn't like he had to care with this nun who was about to die.

Yan Yu was also getting uneasy. She wasn't an idiot. Her master and her martial uncle's expressions meant that she shouldn't have brought Ye Mo here.

Ye Mo didn't want to say anything anymore and so just took out a lotus life pill, and said to Xiao Yu, "Xiao Yu, this pill should be enough to cure your master. Give it to her."

"Young Hero Ye-" Qing Yan didn't want to owe Ye Mo even if it meant her condition not improving.

But before she could finish, Ye Mo stopped her, "Half of your meridians are broken and your dantian has signs of cracking too. If not me, then no one will be able to save your life."

Hearing this, Qing Yan forced down her words in shock. Ye Mo hadn't even touched her, yet he knew how heavily injured she was. And then he had still dared to say he could cure her. This was too magical. What immortal pill was this pill of his, anyway?

Yan Yu was worried about her master and quickly put the pill in her master's mouth. Qing Yan felt the pill immediately melt in her mouth and get absorbed by her body.

Right away, she started to feel a certain cool sensation as her broken meridians started to heal. Even while she was still in shock, Ye Mo said, "Qing Yan, perform some meridian cycles now, and I believe you will be able to recover up to 80% within the hour."

Qing Yan did as told by Ye Mo.

Half an hour later, even Yan Yu noticed how her master had recovered greatly.

One hour later, Qing Yan let out a breath of relief. She had thought she was dead for sure, yet in this legendary Ye Mo's hands, she recovered in but an hour. All she needed now was a couple days of rest.

Qing Yan was shocked. Ye Mo was a mighty killer but also a mighty saviour. She owed Ye Mo now and quickly said, "Thank you, Young Hero Ye, you saved my life. It was my mistake to have prejudice against you."

Yan Yu and Qing Hui also went up to thank Ye Mo. Ye Mo waved his hand, "Since Qing Yan is fine now, I need to go. We'll meet again if fate brings us together."

Seeing Ye Mo about to leave, Qing Yan and Qing Hui felt embarrassed. They had both been very vigilant against Ye Mo, but he had really just come to help.

"Young Hero Ye, if you don't mind, please leave after lunch. We're really thankful for your help but have nothing valuable and are about to move away. It will be hard for us to thank you in the future," Qing Hui said.

Ye Mo smiled, "I came because I got Yan Yu's Tian Dang Flower. I don't care about payment. But this place looks pretty nice and hidden, why would you be moving away?"

"Sigh- We were almost annihilated two months ago and that time, my disciple also got killed. I don't think this place is suitable for us anymore," Qing Yan sighed.

Ye Mo thought, 'My Luo Yue City needs large amounts of people living there anyhow. Wouldn't Qing Yan be interested in bringing her sect there?'

However, Ye Mo didn't know how to invite them. If these scared nuns thought he was scheming for something, that wouldn't be good. Considering this, he casually asked, "Who did you offend two months ago for such a calamity to have been brought upon you?"
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