Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 54

Chapter 54: The Leisurely Person In The Forest

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Although Fang Nan gave him an approximate direction, Fang Nan couldnt remember it too clearly after all these years, and even though Fang Nan asked if he should come with him to help find it, Ye Mo knew that it would take a long time to find. Besides, the 13 turbos were just newly exterminated, so the resources of Flowing Snake needed to be redistributed and there were many things Fang Nan needed to do; as such, he didnt allow Fang Nan to come with him. Plus, he would probably be faster by himself in the forest anyway.

Ye Mo had been searching in this endless forest for three days, yet he still hadnt found where Fang Nan buried the Lama. However, he did cross paths with danger many times, in only one day, he had met a wild cheetah, two wild wolves and twenty different types of venomous snakes. The most crucial information that Fang Nan gave him were two evergreen trees in the surrounding, yet these past few days, Ye Mo hadnt been able to find even one, much less two.

However, what Ye Mo lacked the least was patience. Although it was the depth of the forest, he decided to look farther and deeper the fourth day; however, he needed to fill his stomach before he went in.

As Ye Mo roasted a wild rabbit, he was organizing in his head the places he had already looked over, when a few clear gunshots interrupted his thought process. As Ye Mo raised his head, he saw a robust man that was around thirty-years-old, who stumbled over and was holding a triple-edged military knife on his hand.

The man was covered in wounds, his clothes were ragged and torn, but from what Ye Mo saw, the heaviest injury was the gunshot on his waist. Although this shot was near the side, blood had already dyed red his ragged clothes.

At the same time Ye Mo saw this man, he also saw Ye Mo and became immediately shocked. He didnt think that he could find someone leisurely roasting a wild rabbit this deep inside the forest. Even with him running for his life, his starved stomach still couldnt resist but make a sound.

Ye Mo looked at this fleeing man and immediately felt a familiar Qi from him which also had a feeling of a Killers Qi to it as well; similar to Wang Xu, the one he had met at Su Jingwens birthday party.

They should be from the same group, Ye Mo immediately formed a conclusion in his head; however, he didnt know who would be chasing him like this. Just when Ye Mo was thinking about Wang Xu, more hurried footsteps could be heard behind the man, and soon, three men equipped with guns appeared in front of Ye Mo. The heavily injured man looked apologetically at Ye Mo but didnt say anything.

The three men stopped after seeing the injured man had stop. They also looked at Ye Mo, who was roasting a rabbit by the fire, with surprise. After all, not anyone could roast rabbits in a wild forest like this. This place wasnt safe, even if you wanted to roast something, you would choose a quieter place, not here, where there were nowhere to hide in case of danger.

None of the five people here said a word, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward, only the sound and the smell of Ye Mo roasting his rabbit were still lingering in the air.

The three looked at each other and nodded, then the slightly darker man said, Friend, theres no business for you here, how about you move aside? We just want to capture the man who escaped here.

The accent was a bit weird, Ye Mo stared weirdly at the man who talked and was just about to say This place isnt your home, why should I move? but the other man suddenly raised his gun and threatened to shoot Ye Mo.

However, before his fingers even pulled the trigger, a few hardly discernible sounds fluttered through the air, interrupting his movement. Suddenly appeared on all three of them a red dot in the middle of their forehead, and then, blood gushed out from it. The three of them looked at Ye Mo with their eyes wide open in disbelief as they collapsed on the ground; they didnt realize how anything could happen this fast as this was, at most, a single breath of time.

Ye Mo didnt like to kill people, but he was merciless to those who would threaten his life; the nails in his hands were only here to prevent someone pointing a gun at him ever again. The heavily injured man stared his eyes wide open, unable to believe what had just taken place. The three who hunted him for so long were so easily killed by a man leisurely roasting a rabbit. It wasnt surprising that he dared to roast rabbits here; he was an unbelievable being.

The rabbit is ready, do you want some? Ye Mo looked at the man who didnt speak for a long time and smiled plainly. He had a good impression of Wang Xu, and since this man most likely was connected to Wang Xu, it didnt matter if he invited him to some food.

Ah, okay, thank you Im Guo Qi, thanks for saving my life just then. Guo Qi saluted with his fist as his face became calmer. Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled: Its nothing, fate brought this encounter, Im Ye Mo.

After slicing half of the rabbit, he took a few herbs from his backpack and crushed it before sprinkling it on top of it. Guo Qi was confused as he watched the scene that didnt seem to be very hygienic. Although he had finished with the herb, Ye Mo didnt give that part of the rabbit to Guo Qi; instead, he said, Come over, Ill check your wounds.

Hearing Ye Mos words and seeing what Ye Mo did before, Guo Qi seemed to have understood that Ye Mo was fumbling with herbs for his wounds, so he quickly walked over. When Guo Qi walked in front of him, Ye Mo raised his hand and, as he used his palm to hit the opposite side of Guo Qis gun wound, a bullet flew out like a comet landing far away in the woods.

Meanwhile, Guo Qi didnt even feel a pinch of pain as the bullet from his waist was taken out and was shocked: How is this person so powerful?! This was his first time seeing a bullet being taken out like this.

As though he did not see Guo Qis shock, Ye Mo passed over the half of the rabbit in his hand, took out two more herbs and gave them to Guo Qi: Chew on the herbs and spread it on your gun wound and then eat this rabbit; you should be fine after that.

After he had finished, Ye Mo didnt pay any more attention to Guo Qi and started to eat his own half of the rabbit.

Meanwhile, Guo Qi was fascinated to discover that not only did his wounds not hurt anymore, but there was also a feeling of coolness and started to wonder what kind of herb could have effects so potent. Immediately, Ye Mo became extremely mysterious in his eyes. This was no longer gratitude, but an unknown feeling of reverence. In a forest full of danger, he not only leisurely roasted rabbits, but he could heal his gun wound so easily and even took out his bullet just with a palm.

This person appeared so mighty as he killed the Yue special forces without blinking. He definitely wasnt Yue, so Guo Qi immediately said, The three people before should be Yue. Our squad was ambushed by them on a mission, and apart from me, there are two team members who have died and another three survivors trapped in a cave, but I think they are probably in their hands at this point. Meanwhile, I escaped to find support.

Ye Mo frowned and didnt say anything. He knew what Guo Qi meant, but he wasnt a soldier. As for a team that was beaten like this by Yue, Ye Mo was contemptuous. Although he didnt want to help, Ye Mo had already a very bad impression of Yue since, as soon as he came to Flowing Snake, he was blockaded by a group of them. Even though he killed them all, in the end, he was still disgusted by them.

Although I really want to help you, I have things to do here; Im searching for something. Ye Mo stood up and was prepared to leave. He didnt know Guo Qi at all, and he saved his life just then. Besides, he had things to do; if it were convenient, then he wouldnt mind, but if he had to go out of his way to help, then he would feel that it was troublesome.
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