Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 541

Chapter 541: Important information

Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter
There were 3 people fighting. Ye Mo didn't know any of them. Although they were all ancient martial artists, they were really weak. The highest-leveled fighter among them was at the yellow level primary stage. The other two were a man and a woman. The man was at most barely at the yellow level. The woman wasn't even at a proper ancient martial arts level.

Those two fought against that yellow level primary stage fighter. The three were all covered in injuries. The reason those two could fight with the yellow level primary stage martial artist was because he was more injured. Despite that, they were still on the losing side.

Ye Mo walked over.

The three saw Ye Mo as he suddenly appeared and all stopped fighting and looked at Ye Mo. They were all injured and now that Ye Mo just came waltzing over, in the middle of nowhere in Shen Nong Jia, there was no way they wouldn't feel threatened by Ye Mo.

No ordinary person dared venture here. Plus, this young man didn't even have a speck of grass on him.

"Who are you? We are resolving private matters, please don't intervene," The yellow level primary stage man said.

Ye Mo wasn't interested in who was right or wrong. He was interested in what they were fighting for. It was very easy to think of spirit items in the area of Shen Nong Jia. If it was something that could be of interested to him, he wouldn't mind interfering.

Ye Mo wasn't leaving, and so the three just stood there. No one wanted to attack first and let Ye Mo reap all the benefits in the end.

Seeing this, Ye Mo asked, "I don't care about your private matters. Why are the three of you fighting, though? Did you find something good here in Shen Nong Jia?"

The three heard Ye Mo's words and knew he wanted to watch them fight it out and reap all the benefits afterwards. They immediately felt contempt towards Ye Mo.

The yellow level primary stage man saluted with his fist and said, "Friend, we're not fighting for something we found here. It's because these two are going against everyone's interests that I must capture them. This is a gang matter."

Gang fights? Ye Mo immediately lost his interest and waved his hand, clearly about to leave.

"Please wait a moment," the woman suddenly called out.

Seeing this, the yellow level primary stage guy immediately tensed up. He feared that Ye Mo would stay and help them attack him. If Ye Mo was an ordinary person, it wouldn't matter, but if Ye Mo was an ancient martial artist, things would get troublesome. Even he didn't really believe Ye Mo would be an ordinary person, however.

"Hmm, what is it?" If this woman was going to ask for his help with some gang affairs, he would leave without hesitation.

The woman didn't seem to see Ye Mo's impatient face and took out a bag from her waist, throwing it at Ye Mo ,"This is a new element I discovered: Qiang-265. It has strong nuclear fission capabilities. It can definitely be used for nuclear bombs, but for now my information is still incomplete. If you give it to the Chinese government, they will give you a large sum of reward money for sure."

"Lu Na, how dare you give this to some random stranger!" That yellow level primary stage fighter's face changed drastically as he witnessed this.

He then looked at Ye Mo and said, "Friend, please give me this thing, it belongs to our organization. If you take it, it will be a disaster for your family."

A new element for making nuclear bombs? Ye Mo was shocked. What gang was this powerful? Even all the countries together had only discovered uranium and plutonium to make nuclear bombs with. This organization was actually able to discover a new one?

Seeing how Ye Mo didn't say anything, the yellow level primary stage man got more and more worried. He tried to persuade Ye Mo again, "Friend, what is in your hand is the result of many years of work by tens of scientists. If you give it back to me, I will definitely give you a satisfying price for it."

"Li Dayi, you're so shameless! This is the research result of my teacher and his colleague. How dare you say you want it 'back' as if you invented it. Bullsh*t!" Lu Na cursed.

Ye Mo looked at Li Dayi and suddenly asked, "Which organization are you from? How come you have the power to research such things?"

Li Daiyi knew that if he didn't name his organization, this young man wouldn't give a sh*t about him, so he said, "I'm Li Dayi, and my organization is called Northern Sand. These two are traitors of Northern Sand. Please don't intervene in our matters friend. We will pay you back for this."

Northern Sand again? Ye Mo shook his head. Although Northern Sand was powerful and full of resources, wasn't this organization's management a bit too chaotic? There were always people running away left and right. Even if he didn't do anything, this organization wouldn't last long.

A truly good organization wouldn't have people deserting it all the time, high level personnel at that.

"Friend-" Li Dayi still wanted to say something.

Ye Mo stopped him and said, "No need for your bullcr*p, if you were from some other gang I wouldn't care, but you're actually from Northern Sand. I happen to have some small conflicts with Northern Sand, and this thing happens to be of some use to me too."

Hearing this, Li Dayi was shook, "Who are you? Why are you going against us?"

"I'm Ye Mo. I believe you wouldn't be unfamiliar with my name being from Northern Sand, right?" Ye Mo smiled.

"You're Ye Mo?!" The three cried out in shock almost at the same time.

Ye Mo's name was too big in Northern Sand. He had used an extreme energy stone to get 10 billion USD, yet that energy stone had disappeared and Northern Sand had then lost another one as well.

Li Dayi woke up. Although he hadn't seen Ye Mo, he knew clearly about how Ye Mo had killed 27 of their elites and 4 black levels in Luo Cang. Chen Zhui and Peter had been there at the time as well, but even they hadn't been able to stop him. Then he moved his corporation to Sai Na and changed its name to Luo Yue, declaring independence. Who wouldn't know about him?

Li Dayi took a step back subconsciously. He didn't dare ask for anything from Ye Mo at all.

"You're Ye Mo? Ye Mo from Luo Yue City?!" Lu Na asked in excitement.

Ye Mo looked at her in confusion and nodded, "Yes I am."

"Ye-Qianbei, I apologize for being rude before. I will leave now..." Li Dayi wanted to run. He didn't dare try to capture people in front of Ye Mo. As for the bag in Ye Mo's hands, it was out of his capabilities to take it. First and foremost, he had to report back.

"Ye-Qianbei, you can't spare him. He knows the information is in your hands, and he will report back to Northern Sand," the other man suddenly said.

"I won't-" Before Li Dayi could finish talking, a wind blade was flying over already.
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