Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 542

Chapter 542: 3000 Worlds, 3000 Dao
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Thank you for saving us, Brother Ye. My boyfriend and I appreciate it greatly," Lu Na said as she saw Ye Mo kill Li Dayi.

"So why did Northern Sand start hunting the two of you?" Ye Mo studied the two and asked.

Lu Na rubbed her eyes, "My sister Lu Lin and I were working for Northern Sand when suddenly, they wanted my sister to be the scapegoat for someone else, and she was taken away. It's unlikely that she's still alive. What a catastrophe! My sister did so many things for Northern Sand yet had to take the blame for someone else. I wanted to get revenge, but since I didn't have the ability to, we ran away from Northern Sand.

Lu Lin? Ye Mo suddenly thought of the woman called 'Sister Ling'. Could it be her? If it was, then Ye Mo could partially be blamed for her death. Ye Mo studied Lu Na and found that she actually looked like Lu Lin.

To be fair, Ye Mo wasn't guilty at all. Everyone had simply acted out of their own interest.

Ye Mo raised the bag with the element, "This is your newly discovered element, Qiang-265?"

Lu Na shook her head and said, "I was just an assistant. The main researchers were my teacher and two other chemistry professors. Two months ago, the research was pretty much over, and my teacher fell ill due to overworking himself, and the two other chemistry professors went to the US and Bai Lin Sea respectively. That's when I found an opportunity to escape."

"What is the professor at the Bai Lin Sea doing there?" Ye Mo wondered and asked.

Lu Na didn't mind Ye Mo's question and replied casually, "I heard people say that Northern Sand's biggest base and research lab are somewhere in the Bai Lin Sea. That base also seems to be called Yang Wan Base."

Ye Mo rejoiced - this was good news for him. He had been planning to go find the Black Sun Empire when Luo Yue City was stabilized, but he didn't expect some Yang Wan Base would also be there.

"Qiang, huh? This name is good - I truly hope it's 'qiang' (strong) indeed," Ye Mo looked at the bag and said. Since cultivation alone wasn't enough to destroy a country, he would use both technology and cultivation.

Hearing this, Lu Na suddenly said, "My teacher named it that way. If he hadn't died, he might have received the Nobel Prize for chemistry for this fission element..."

As Ye Mo heard Lu Na's sorrow, he was sent into a daze. He felt as if he was very close to grasping something. Suddenly, the word 'fission' flashed across his mind, and he thought of 'One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves.' He had gotten two pages of gold paper. If the word 'leaf' was changed a bit, the sentence would be 'One page, one world.' Leaf and page in Chinese were homonyms! Could it be that the Lian Hang Jing Sect had passed down 'One page, one world,' but because so much time had passed, the inheritance was wrong? Or perhaps that ancestor had been wrong?

Buddhists also liked to use flowers, grass and things like that to represent sophisticated things all the time. He had just never heard of pages being represented by something.

Ye Mo felt his guess was right.

If he was right, then his two gold pages represented two worlds. So 'two pages, two worlds.' But the numbers of Dao were either 3 or multiples thereof, like 6 or 9.

So that meant that he couldn't see the full secret of the gold pages because the set was still incomplete! There was probably a third page left.

Ye Mo was shocked. If his conjecture was right, then the woman who went to Lian Hang Jing Sect must have taken the middle one out of the 3 pages.

If he was right, then wouldn't these pages be absurdly powerful? Such huge treasure wouldn't easily be found even in the cultivation realm. The objects that could form small worlds all surpassed spirit artefacts in level. Since when did earth have such a thing?

"'One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves.' Usually, everyone who cultivated the Dao knew that there were 3000 great Daos which corresponded to the 3000 great worlds.

If it was 'One leaf, one world - one world, 3000 leaves,' then if he had 3 pages, that could be 3 worlds, each having 3000 daos. Together that would be 9000 Daos?

God, Ye Mo was getting more and more confused. He rubbed his head. He felt that there was so much meaning to these words that he couldn't digest it all now.

No matter what secret it involved, these golden leaves were definitely significant. He might be missing only one, and it was probably taken by the woman who slaughtered Lian Hang Jing Sect.

Thinking about 3 worlds being contained within that paper, Ye Mo's heart was burning with intensity. He had to get that third page no matter what!

A woman, and she was half-step great heaven? Ye Mo rubbed his head. Since when was there such a strong female cultivator? He thought of Luo Yin's martial aunt - could it be her?

The more Ye Mo thought about it, the more he thought it had to be her. If it was, then everything would be explained. However now, she might have been able to find the gold page in the Dao De Sutra, but she wouldn't find it in the ones Luo Xuan gave her. What would she think then?

She would suspect Luo Xuan and go interrogate her. Ye Mo immediately began to worry for Luo Xuan.

"Ye-Qianbei?" Lu Na's boyfriend saw Ye Mo's face change constantly and called out.

Ye Mo came back to his senses and realized those two were still there. He smiled awkwardly, "Sorry, I was thinking about something just now. Thank you for this research, it is very useful to me. What are you planning on doing now?"

Ye Mo wanted to invite Lu Na to Luo Yue City after finding out that she had been involved in the research for the new element.

"Ye-Qianbei, after I graduated from the Univeristy of California, I joined Northern Sand and met Lu Na afterwards. We were planning on going to Luo Yue City after running away to join Qianbei but were chased here instead. We also had one more martial brother who escaped, but he died by the Northern Sand people's hands." The man's tone was still careful and sad as well.

Ye Mo wouldn't have expected that they had wanted to join Luo Yue all along. But it seemed obvious - if you were being hunted by Northern Sand, there was no better place to go than Luo Yue.

"You're welcomed greatly! What is your name? Also, don't call me Qianbei anymore, we're about the same age, right? Your martial arts are also quite good for a technical guy, by the way." Ye Mo wouldn't reject such talent coming to Luo Yue.

"My name is Liang Jun, and my martial arts were passed down by my ancestors. After my father left, I was all by myself, so I sold everything I had and went to the US. Other than that, if I hadn't met Lu Na, I would probably still be in Northern Sand," Liang Jun replied.

Ye Mo nodded, "Okay, go to Flowing Snake for now, that is Luo Yue's land too. After you go there, find CEO Yu. She will get people to send you to Luo Yue. I will call her later."

After Liang Jun and Lu Na left, Ye Mo immediately called Yu Miaodan so she would send the two to Luo Yue as soon as they arrived. As for the data, it was better to keep it on himself.

After the two left, Ye Mo sunk into worry. He was worried for Luo Xuan of course. With that old woman's means, she wouldn't give Luo Xuan an easy time. But he couldn't leave Luo Yue now, either, as Luo Yue was still under construction. What if something happened during his leave?
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