Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Blue Diamond Ring
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Although he was worried, there was nothing Ye Mo could do. He couldn't just leave put Luo Yue aside and go to the small world - who knows what could happen while he was gone? Leaving before Luo Yue could protect itself would put in danger those who followed him in the case something happened.

The gold leaf was also very important to him. If his guess was right, finding the three gold pages might lead to a miracle. Furthermore, Ye Mo was sure that the old woman wouldn't kill Luo Xuan before making sure she had the right information.

If she did find out the truth, he had no need to go find her, she would just go to Luo Ye and look for him. It all depended on whether she would find out the secret of the blank page, Ye Mo was sure that she wouldn't be willing to burn it like he did.

Casting these thoughts aside, Ye Mo had just arrived to the cave at Nan Lu Peak. It smelled bad and there was a huge stone blocking the door.

There were two rooms inside, one seemed to be meant for cultivation and sleep and the other was probably used for cooking. It seemed like the grey-clothed man had really lived like a primitive, hiding in a cave and cultivating by himself; he had been quite perseverant.

Ye Mo didn't go to the kitchen, the smell of meat in there was unbearable. Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned and soon found a lot of herbs, but they were all dried. Some of them were valuable, yet still useless for concocting pills.

Ye Mo went into the man's cultivation room and just saw a simple bed lying in there. Ye Mo picked up the book beside the bed, it was written in ancient characters and it showed the use and effects of different herbs.

Ye Mo finally understood why the man knew herbs that well.

The book was useless to Ye Mo, so he threw it away casually. Ye Mo soon realized that there was nothing he wanted in there, he shook his head in disappointment. He really wondered how anyone could call these things a "treasure".

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave, his spirit sense found a wooden box covered in dust under the bed.

Ye Mo opened it and saw something familiar: a yin yang fish and an eight trigrams shard.

While holding these objects, he thought of the jade box he got from Guo Taiming, in which there was a purple coral inside and a map. He had used that map to find the Upside Down Gourd Island, and in there he had found a shard too.

He put the two pieces together, but it still wasn't complete, a few other shards were missing.

Ye Mo couldn't find out what that thing was anyway, so he threw out the wooden box and placed the two shards into the same jade box.

He left the place and continued searching in Shen Nong Jia. That night, he managed to find a few Lan Su. After that, he returned to Luo Yue immediately.

After giving the Qiang data to Ye Xing, he started making pills. Because his yellow essence was limited, he only made one cauldron of essence chi pill.

The pill was no use for foundation establishment levels in chi recovery, but for chi gathering middle stage and primary stage it was quite good. In a way, he had saved plenty of lives thanks to these two pills.

Thinking about the things he did, Ye Mo walked out of the cultivation room full of satisfaction. Suddenly, he felt chi pulses from next door.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in and found that Ning Qingxue had just reached stage three. While feeling happy for her, Ye Mo sighed - he couldn't help thinking that his talent really wasn't such big of a deal.

Ning Qingxue definitely didn't cultivate as hard as he did, nor did she have the resources he did, but she still had reached stage three. It was time to make a flying sword for her, but he was short on materials.

He wanted to go congratulate her, but he changed his mind after realizing that that she was still reinforcing her state. Hence, he decided to immediately return to the cultivation room, he wanted to help Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei by making two storage rings for them.

Luckily, he had only used a third of the Space Abyssal Rock last time and had gotten more at the auction. However, he didn't have enough supplementary materials, so he could only make one. Because he still needed to go to the US, he chose to make a larger storage ring and give his to Ning Qingxue.

Ye Mo made up his mind and started working. He was at stage five by then, so he could set more stable space formation. With more stable space formation, he could make storage rings with greater capacity.

Three days later, Ye Mo breathed at ease. He had used three essence chi pills and three times the Space Abyssal Rock to make this new ring.

The new storage ring had around 15 meters of circumference. Ye Mo knew it was still too small, but his power was too low. If he was at foundation establishment level, he would be able to make a storage ring with 120 meters of circumference.

Ye Mo also improved his old ring. He made it a little bigger and added a blue diamond to it. He didn't care about the aesthetics, but Ning Qingxue was a girl and the ring couldn't look too ugly.

After finishing it, Ye Mo got up. Just when he was about to go out, Ning Qingxue pushed the doors open and came in.

"I've been waiting for you outside for three days, but you were cultivating, so I didn't dare to come in. I reached stage three!" she had brusted inside to tell Ye Mo that she had broken through because she knew that Ye Mo would be very happy to hear that.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue's face, it was getting prettier and more exquisite. She looked a little skinny; he knew she had been recently very busy because of Luo Yue and his heart ached for her.

"Qingxue, you've been very busy. Why don't you hire some people to help you with your work?" Ye Mo didn't want Ning Qingxue to work that hard.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, "No, I like my days busy and full of stuff to do. Moreover, I'm not the only one who's busy. Luo Fei and Ye Ling are both helping me, Mumei also came."

"Did Zifeng come too?" Ye Mo was only worried about those few people. If they were all in Luo Yue, he could be at ease.

Ning Qingxue nodded, "She came 3 days ago. Ye Ling came by a few times but she didn't want to disturb you since you were cultivating. Ye Ling doesn't seem to be able to cultivate. Although I tried to teach her, she can't gather chi."

Ye Mo sighed. The thing he was worried about happened indeed. Not everyone has a spirit root. If Ye Ling couldn't cultivate, it meant she didn't have a spiritual root. There was nothing he could about that.

In the cultivation realm, people without a spirit root could use unique spirit treasures to develop it; but on earth that was impossible.

Ning Qingxue tried to comfort him, "Once Luo Yue City is built, this will be a very safe place. Even if she can't cultivate, she'll be fine."

Ye Mo didn't bother explaining. Ning Qingxue didn't know about the purpose of cultivation, she thought it was just to stay healthy. He took out a ring and gave it to Ning Qingxue, "Qingxue, this is for you. Do you like it?"

"Such a pretty ring!" Ning Qingxue grabbed it immediately, her eyes were already filled with sparkles.

No woman could resist such a beautiful diamond ring, much less when it was given to her by the man she loved.

After Ye Mo helped her put it on, she could no longer resist the love in her heart and embraced Ye Mo tightly. It was the first time Ye Mo gave her a ring, and it was such a pretty blue diamond ring. Was he proposing to her?
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