Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 544

Chapter 544: How to Earn Money
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo held Ning Qingxue, sensing the faint aroma on her body as the fire in his heart burned. He kissed Ning Qingxue's lips and even forgot to tell her that it was a storage ring.

As Ning Qingxue wore the ring she thought to be an engagement ring, she was already beginning to lose herself. She was getting more and more lost in Ye Mo's arms. How could she resist it when Ye Mo kissed her? She forgot that the door wasn't closed and deeply kissed him back. She felt as if her body were soft like jelly.

One of Ye Mo's hands reached inside her clothes and grabbed the proud bulge at her chest.

Suddenly, a desperate trod of footsteps woke the two up. Ye Ling saw that the room was unlocked and knew that her brother must have stopped cultivating. She charged in without hesitation.

But what she saw was her brother embracing Qingxue, and when she saw where Ye Mo's hand was, she blushed and said, "Brother, you're really bad, aren't you! You didn't even close the door."

Ning Qingxue also recovered from the fire in her heart and remembered where they were. She quickly left Ye Mo's arms and sorted out her clothes, but she was too embarrassed to talk to Ye Ling.

Ye Mo smiled awkwardly, "Ye Ling, you're back! How is Beijing?"

Ye Ling immediately forgot about what had just happened and started rambling on about Beijing. Ye Mo found out from her that although Ye Zifeng had settled in the Ye family, he was still too inexperienced. Within the convoluted power factions of Beijing, the Ye family was off far worse than before. Many people didn't dare do anything over the top for Ye Mo's sake, but if it wasn't for Ye Mo's reputation, perhaps the Ye family under Ye Zifeng's lead would have been left out of the center of power.

"Brother, Second Brother said that the Ye family is far from what it was before. He plans on coming to Luo Yue, but grandpa said he can't come yet. Grandpa said that the Americans are interested in Luo Yue and told you to be careful, Brother. And even if Luo Yue stabilized, it would be best not to move away the factories in Flowing Snake," Ye Ling said.

Ye Mo nodded. What they said about old ginger being the spiciest was true indeed. Ye Beirong always looked very far ahead.

Many people knew what the American's had planned for Luo Yue. It wasn't hard to tell, since even though they wanted the place, they still hadn't made a move.

Ye Mo frowned. Since other people could see the problem, if he dragged on for too long, the Americans would also understand that he knew what they wanted. If that happened, would they try to completely destroy Luo Yue?

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue and Ye Ling and smiled. What did he have to be scared about? He would deal with the situation accordingly, why be afraid up front?

Thinking about the current situation, Ye Mo gathered everyone again to discuss their countermeasures. Because they were short on time, Ye Mo couldn't drag things on. He needed to think of a plan quick.

After everyone heard Ye Mo's words, they knew that they couldn't rush things too much, though. Luo Yue had only just been built, even a normal country wouldn't be able to become a militarily strong power in a such short time.

"Martial Brother, I looked at the data you brought back. I'm confident that I can invent the new type of intercontinental nuclear bomb within a year. But we have too little technical people staff. If we had some more, I'm sure we'd be able to research different projects faster," Ye Xing stood up and said.

"Then, let's start hiring people from all over the world. If we offer more money, I'm sure people will be willing to come work," Ye Ling said without thinking.

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "Although we earn a lot of money, facing the increasingly huge military expenses and construction, we're actually only barely making it. We already hired large amounts of people when we first came here. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to build our defensive system that rapidly. If we hire more people, I'm afraid we will go bankrupt."

Xu Yuehua didn't say that if Ye Mo hadn't made 10 billion USD recently, Luo Yue would have perhaps gone bankrupt already.

Ye Mo sunk into silence. His Immortal Hospital made a lot for every patient it had, but there were too little patients. And on earth, he couldn't even sell his face preserving pill properly.

Hearing Xu Yuehua's words, Ye Xing also nodded, "Yes, Sister Yuehua is right. And if we get some money, I suggest investing in our naval power, including motherships. We also need to build ship factories and large docks. Luo Yue faces the sea on three sides, we absolutely must have naval power."

It all came down to money, huh? Ye Mo sighed. How could he earn large amounts of wealth in a short time?

"If only we had something like that largest diamond mine in Russia - there's about 1 trillion carats worth of diamonds there! If you changed that into USD, it would be enough to fill this entire island," Ye Ling said.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at her ring and wondered when Ye Mo would marry her.

"How much money would that be?" Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

"If they were all decent quality then about 10.000 trillion USD, but that's impossible. If diamond was that easily excavated, then it would've all been dug out already," Xu Yuehua said.

Ye Mo thought, 'It might be hard for others, but it's not hard for me.' Now that he was stage 5, he could move through earth. He could even use his spirit sense in the earth to look for diamonds.

As for the toughness of diamonds, that would spell no problems for his flying sword. Ye Mo believed that everything would be like dust beneath the sharpness of his flying sword. Besides, he knew the hardness of diamond already - he had just made one for Ning Qingxue. There was no problem at all.

The only challenge was that because he had only just reached stage 5, it would be hard to use his spirit sense to search for diamonds while he moved through the earth. After all, earth that could form diamond would be rather hard. He couldn't just rely on his own chi.

No one spoke seeing that Ye Mo was considering something in silence.

After quite a while, Ye Mo slammed the table and said, "Sister Yuehua, immediately spread the message across the world that we're recruiting technical staff. As long as they come, their salary will be multiple times their original salary. Especially military technological staff. Ye Xing, as soon as they come, immediately get them to join your research on the military products we need.

Also, buy large amounts of weapons, be it cannons, bullets, planes or construction lines. As for money, I will handle it."

Ye Mo figured that since he couldn't just rely on his own chi, he would just make charms. He would make large amounts of earth travel runes and traverse the earth without a problem.

Ye Mo didn't expect himself to find 200 million kilograms of diamonds randomly, but it would be a huge harvest already if he found just 1 ton. With all those mechanical beds and production lines, Ye Xing's inventions would come out much faster.

Although most countries kept their most talented scientists under control, some didn't. If he couldn't get enough scientists, he would just abduct them like the Black Sun Empire did.

At the moment, the US hadn't found the Black Sun's base yet, but when they did, wouldn't all those abducted scientists come under their control? That would be dangerous.

He couldn't let that happen. He had to go to the Bai Lin Sea immediately. He had to find the Black Sun Empire before the US, so Ye Mo quickly left Luo Yue. He even put the earth mobility charms and diamonds aside.
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