Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 545

Chapter 545: High-tech Fishing Boat
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

An hour later, Ye Mo got to the island he had gone to find Ning Qingxue in the past. Last time he had been there was a wooden house in the middle, but now that wooden house was gone and so were the four dead bodies.

It seemed that people had been here. He had marked the Black Sun logo last time, but that mark had to be within range to be detected.

Ye Mo walked around and didn't find anything.

Ye Mo gave up on the island and kept searching. Although his spirit sense had a radius of 800 m, it was still hard to find a hidden place in the vast ocean.

Ye Mo didn't want to give up, though. The Black Sun Empire had been established many years ago, and who knows how many scientists the Japanese pirates had taken. Moreover, who knows how many scientific discoveries had they found. To Ye Mo, this was more valuable than diamonds.

If he got hold of those research findings, it would take ten year less from Luo Yue's development process.

For Luo Yue City's sake, Ye Mo searched the seas day and night, but he didn't find anything for three consecutive days. On the 4th day, when Ye Mo was about to approach a small group of islands, he felt he was being locked by something. Ye Mo knew it wasn't good, so he switched places and turned invisible.

Soon, Ye Mo saw a small patrol ship on the sea. Looking at the flag, he knew they were Americans.

Ye Mo didn't do anything to it and looked around first. It was quite odd to see a single patrol boat there, much less such a small one.

When he got closer to them, around 100 kilometers away from the patrol boat, he saw a ship without any flags. There were a few Japanese men on it and he immediately could tell that they were the Black Sun Empire's men.

Ye Mo rejoiced, and at the same time also realized why the US ship was following them. They hadn't found the Black Sun Empire's base either.

No matter how long the US ship had been following it, Ye Mo decided to end the ship's chasing game and take for him the results.

With this in mind, Ye Mo flew above the US ship and got ready to attack.

At the same time, a few officers in the command center looked at the radar with confusion. They had clearly found an unidentified object a moment ago, but why had it suddenly disappeared?

"It appeared again! It's 1000 meters above the ship," a small bearded man claimed.

"Lock on immediat-" before the captain could finish, the small beard screamed again.

Everyone looked at the direction he was pointing at. A white flash crossed the radar screen. What kind of attack was that?

"Return fire!" the captain ordered, he had reacted much faster than the Indonesian navy.

Ye Mo stopped being invisible. The flying sword in his hand turned into a white ray and sliced the ship below. After reaching stage 5, his flying sword could turn into a ten-meter long and three-meter wide sword ray.

Rumble- Ye Mo's flying sword had cut the ship right in the middle from top to bottom.

"What's going on?" everyone felt the ship shake, it seemed to be slanted.

"Water is coming inside!" a marine yelled. Their ship hadn't even had time to attack and it was sinking already. This was too absurd.

Ye Mo took back his flying sword and stared at the ship sinking slowly. He shook his head. He was still too weak - if he had been stronger, he could have sliced the ship in half. That would have been more shocking.

However, it was impossible to remedy the cut and the ship was falling apart. Life rafts had gotten released already.

Ye Mo was angry. He had attacked already, but he couldn't these people escape. Before they got onto the life rafts, he changed directions and sliced the boat again. This way, the ship sunk fast and it soon disappeared into the endless sea.

After making sure that no one could survive, Ye Mo chased after the small boat. The Japanese boat had sped up a lot. Because they had known they were being followed, they moved slowly in order to think of a countermeasure. But the ship that was following them suddenly disappeared for some reason, so they sped up quickly.

More US ships soon appeared where their patrol boat had sunk, but nothing was left there.


After following the Japanese boat for five days, it stopped on an island. It was a coral island, smaller than the one before.

Ye Mo really didn't know what the Japanese were doing at the island, neither did he know why so many of their bases were located on these islands..

The island also had a small wooden house, but this time there were two of them. Eight Japanese marines got off the boat carrying large wooden cases. After the men got off, one of them stayed outside and the remaining seven went inside. They all had a Black Sun necklace on them.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in the wooden box and suddenly realized that they were all full of gold. Looking at the size of the box, each weighted about 150 kg, which meant that there were more than 500 kg of gold there. That would be about 20 million USD. Although it wasn't a small amount, it wasn't much for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo scanned the island carefully with his spirit sense. From his previous experiences, he knew that there were large amounts of alarms and a few radar systems.

After the Japanese men went into the wooden house, they started talking, but Ye Mo couldn't understand anything, so he could only stay invisible and mark the island with multiple spirit sense marks.

After this, Ye Mo left the island. He knew that they had poison for committing suicide. And even if he could subjugate them before they did it, he didn't understand Japanese, so he couldn't interrogate them. He might as well wait on the side, he didn't believe they wouldn't go back.

After leaving, Ye Mo went to another coral island 10 kilometers away. He believed that as long as he wasn't in the air, the radar wouldn't notice a person in the ocean.

That 10 km distance was just the distance he needed to still sense the spirit sense marks.

For a moment, it seemed like the Black Sun men had decided to stay there long-term. They hadn't left in many days nor given any signs of going somewhere.

Just when he was getting impatient, Ye Mo's spirit sense mark moved. He flew above the island and found a fishing boat parked next to it. He didn't even know where it came from, it had made no sound at all.

Ye Mo carefully landed behind a rock and scanned his spirit sense. He was dazed with what he found - a few days ago there had been only four boxes of gold but now, there were 40.

How did so many suddenly appear? Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and immediately found that there was an underground bunker behind the wooden house. The Japanese men had gotten the gold from somewhere and stored it underground. He hadn't even noticed it last time.

It seemed that they were preparing to leave after loading the boat with the gold. As Ye Mo expected, the 40 boxes were soon carried onto the fishing boat.

Then, the fishing boat's engine started and left the island.

What shocked Ye Mo was that the fishing boat was much faster than their previous ship. It almost made no sound at all, what kind of engine was that? It was clearly a high-tech boat.
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