Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Annihilation of an Island
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

The first thing the bulky man did when he realized the situation was to bite hard on his teeth, but Ye Mo was experienced and stopped him.

Ye Mo sighed. These Japanese were really cruel to themselves.

Ye Mo pressed on the Japanese guy's forehead and asked, "Do you know Chinese?"

"I do."

Ye Mo rejoiced at that answer and asked a series of questions.

"Reply to everything in Chinese. What is it you do here? What authority do you have?"

"I'm the Guard Captain here, responsible for security."

"How many people are active here? How well-defended is this place? What valuable things are here? Are there any captured scientists?"

The man answered all the questions very precisely.


After an entire hour, Ye Mo got what he wanted and casually got rid of the man.

Ye Mo found out that this island was called Black Star Island, and it was one of the main scientific research islands of the Black Sun Empire. Although it wasn't very large, there were 739 people guarding it. There were also all sorts of anti-missile systems and radars.

A total of 242 scientists was held captive here, 89 of whom were world-renowned scientists. Those high-level mansions were the scientists' research facilities. There was no airport, so all of their seized planes were kept on another island 1000 nautical miles from away.

There were 537 tons of gold stored there, beong half of the Empire's gold storage.

After knowing that, the first place Ye Mo went to was the control center. He cut off all the communication devices, but Ye Mo knew that even if he destroyed the whole room, some wireless signals would still be able to go out. But he only needed some time.

Then, he started killing. Ye Mo didn't hold back and killed everyone he saw. In the end, Ye Mo was sure he had killed everyone as no one could escape from his spirit sense.

Then, Ye Mo went to the research facilities.

They were also heavily guarded, but the environment was really something. It was truly like a holiday resort except for the place being rather small.

There were a lot of offices and laboratories, and everyone was focused on doing their own thing. The place was made up of 10 faculties, and each one worked individually but all in the same area. After coming here, Ye Mo felt like he had come to university again.

When Ye Mo rushed into the largest faculty, a few foreigners looked at him in shock immediately. According to them, although they were free inside the faculties, no one would usually be allowed to come in. Although they could go out a bit, they had limited time and space when doing so. At most they would be able to have a glance at the beach.

Seeing them look at him, Ye Mo frowned. He didn't know English. He could understand some simple conversations, but he couldn't speak.

"Does anyone here know Chinese?" Ye Mo looked around.

Then, one man stood out hesitantly, "I'm Chinese, who are you?"

Ye Mo rejoiced, but before he could talk, his spirit sense caught onto a guy with an alarm. Ye Mo threw a wind blade over before he could press it, and the man was cut in half immediately.

The bloody scene scared the researchers.

Ye Mo looked around carefully and realized that that person must have been undercover. Other than him, everyone else was normal.

"The person I just killed was a Japanese member hiding amongst you to keep watch on you. Now, anyone who wishes to leave with me, please come forward. If you don't want to leave, you can stay here." Ye Mo didn't really mean that. He knew that no matter how good this place was, no one would want to be kept in custody.

"You're here to save us?" an old white man said in disjointed Chinese.

Ye Mo nodded, "You could say that, but I do have my conditions. I can get you out of these people's custody, and you will be free men, but you will have to work at my place for five years before being allowed to leave. During your working period, however, you're free to roam anywhere on my land."

"You're from another organization?" That white man immediately didn't seem too willing. From one place to another, they would still be kept in custody. There was no difference.

Ye Mo smiled, "No, we are openly building a city. My company is called Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals. It's not a place like this that lurks in the shadows."

"Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals?" that Chineseman repeated in shock and immediately said, "I'm willing to go. I've heard of your corporation. It's said that a few months ago you took over Sai Na and changed its name to Luo Yue and then declared independence.

It seems they weren't restricted from TV access.

In that case, it would save him a lot of explaining. The foreigner also knew about Luo Yue and explained it to the other scientists there. After hearing that it was a proper city, they all expressed their wilingness to leave.

They could only get true freedom after 5 years, but the city was thousands of times larger than this place. That was enough to make them want to leave that cage.

Ye Mo was very happy that they all wanted to leave. If there had been someone who didn't want to go, Ye Mo would kill them before he left. He couldn't leave any evidence behind.

Then, Ye Mo told them to gather all their research findings and computers for him.

The Chinese man was an American-Chinese materials researcher called Huang Siyou. He helped Ye Mo quite a bit.

Ye Mo used the same method to convince all the other faculties and killed 12 more undercover enemies in the meantime.

Under Ye Mo's command and with Huang Siyou and that old white man's help, they spent an entire day loading all the things onto the ship. Although the fishing ship was large, it wasn't lije it was a cargo ship, so it could only carry 2 to 3 thousand tons. The gold took up a few hundred tons alone, so many things couldn't be taken, but Ye Mo could only leave them behind.

As the ship left the port, two helicopters finally came over. They landed on the island. They only came because the surveillance data seemed abnormal and because they received no replies to their queries, but they had come too late.

After Huang Yousi and the old white man called Pete's introduction, Ye Mo knew that most of the scientists here were military-related.

Even Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh at the Black Sun Empire's capability to acquire so many talented people over the years. One could see their ambitions from that.

After some more years of hard work, perhaps they really would be able to build a militarily powerful country. Ye Mo really didn't know where their money to support such high-cost scientific research could have come from. That Northern Sand seemed to be the same, just what was it they all wanted to achieve?

Was there some correlation between the Black Sun Empire and Northern Sand?

Just as Ye Mo was thinking about this, there was some loud rumbling, and four battle jets appeared above the fishing boat.

The researchers on the boat immediately had their faces turn pale. Although they had been held captive on the island, at least they had kept their lives, but if these battle jets rained bullets on them, they wouldn't even be able live, let alone be freed from captivity.
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