Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Luo Yue Becomes Wealthy, the Whole World is Anxious
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

While everyone was nervously watching the fighter jets, no one discovered that Ye Mo had disappeared.

The jets kept flying in front of the boat, even clueless people would understand that they were forcing the boat to stop. Although there were missiles and cannons and the boat, no one there was some professional operator.

The four fighter jets were like four sheep in front of Ye Mo. They couldn't stop Ye Mo's flying sword. Ye Mo sliced out four consecutive times.

Rumble- Fire sparks were visible as the four jets fell into the cold sea with a huge splash.

Everyone looked at the falling jets in shock. They couldn't comprehend what had happened. Why would the jets that where supposed to be stopping them suddenly fall into the ocean?

Ye Mo reappeared on the ship. He glanced at everyone who was still in a daze and just told Huang Siyou that he needed some rest and that no one was to disturb him without any major happenings. Then, he went into a private room.

Ye Mo knew that even though he had annihilated four planes this time, there would still be more ships trying to stop them coming up. There was quite some distance from the Bai Ling Sea to Luo Yue. Ye Mo didn't mind the ships chasing behind as with their speed, it would be very hard to catch up to them. Ye Mo only worried that the fleet not that far ahead of them was most likely a US fleet.

They had lost a ship a few days ago, so they would've increased their Pacific naval power. Who knew if they wouldn't suddenly block their route. The shortest way back to Luo Yue was through the Pacific. And the North of the Pacific was America's backyard.

So Ye Mo didn't stay on the fishing boat's deck for now and just told Huang Siyou the direction they had to take, while he kept scanning the path ahead. He didn't want the US and Luo Yue to fight yet, so if he couldn't annihilate them all, he wouldn't do anything.

What shook Ye Mo was that the first fleet to stop them wasn't the US fleet but a Japanese fleet. It was as though they knew where the fishing boat would be passing by and had positioned themselves there. The fleet contained one guard ship, two vanguards and two nuclear-powered submarines. Ye Mo attacked those ships without second thought.

Under Ye Mo's flying sword attacks the two vanguards and the guard ship started to sink. But this time, the Japanese did find the opportunity to retaliate. Even then, after all three ships started to think, they could only fire with their cannon once.

Ad for the two nuclear submarines, Ye Mo sliced them open without hesitation. The people inside wouldn't be able to survive unless they were cultivators like Ye Mo.

In a short while, the entire Japanese fleet had sunk. It was so fast that no one had even been able react. The Japanese command center only received news that they were being attacked, and by the time they arrived at the place of the incident, there was nothing left.

After the fishing boat passed by Japan, patrol boats of a few other countries also found them, but none of them could catch up.

In order to take the quickest route, the fishing boat passed straight by the Philippines and Indonesia. During this time, Ye Mo annihilated two more planes from Indonesia and three more ships. The Philippine military saw those planes and ships sink for no reason, so they didn't dare approach too closely and just watched the fishing boat go passed them into the Indian Ocean.

After that, Ye Mo knew that they were completely safe. Even so, he still turned back and destroyed the two planes following them. What Ye Mo felt strange about was that he had annihilated planes and ships from a few countries, but he hadn't seen any from the US.


While Xu Yuehua, Xu Ping and everyone else were shocked at the amount of technical staff and gold Ye Mo had brought back, the entire world was in even greater shock.

The US once again announced the existence of aliens, because they had lost an entire fleet in the pacific ocean, and according to the report they got, a UFO was responsible for the sinking. There had been white flashes of light before the devastating attacks, and the ships hadn't even been able to retaliate at all.

After that, the US urged the Commonwealth Union to join them in the Earth Protection Plan. Japan also released large amounts of information, saying that one of their fleets had also completely seized to exist. They found the shipwrecks somewhere near them, and it seemed they had been done in by the same means as the US ships. It was as though they had been cut by a sword. There were no modern weapons that could cause such damage. The ships could only have actually been hacked by a sword, but who could cut a ship in half with a sword?

Then, the Philippines and Indoneisa also declared they had seen a fishing boat go faster than 60km/h with Indonesia also having suffered losses. Their planes following the ship had also fallen into the sea for no reason.

It was confirmed that all these planes and ships had been damaged by the same type of weapon.

Knowing that the fishing boat had been sighted, Xu Yuehua immediately ordered for its breakdown.

Ye Mo had brought back so many technicians, many of which were renowned internationally, which eased the pressure on Xu Yuehua and Ye Xing greatly.

From Xu Yuehua Ye Mo heard that the gold could be used as the basis for building a country, so Ye Mo gave up the thought of selling it for now. Firstly, although Luo Yue wasn't a country, it was an independent city. Who knew if they wouldn't have their own currency, so they needed to store a certain amount of gold. Secondly, if Luo Yue started selling large amounts of gold, then the Black Sun Empire would obviously immediately suspect them.

Ye Mo sighed. He thought that the money problem would've been solved after getting this much gold, yet he still had to go make money.

All that technical staff was sent to a top secret location. Ye Mo and Huang Siyou had explained that before Luo Yue could lock down completely, they could only be hidden for now.

Huang Siyou and Pete were basically Luo Yue's people now, so they didn't feel any pressure and went to join other researchers in theor work instead.

With the addition of these scientists, Luo Yue's research power had increased by manifolds.

Ye Mo also started to make those Earth Travel Charms in preparation for his diamond digging in Russia.

Meanwhile, on the island that Ye Mo had slaughtered clean, there was a rampage going on. An old man in his 60s was roaring, "Find it, no matter what!" They had lost almost 80% of the Black Sun Empire's gold. That was a decade's worth of their efforts.


A month later, Ye Mo had made almost 1000 Earth Travel Charms.

With that, Ye Mo left Luo Yue and went to Siberia, going to the Amber Craters. He had heard there were tens of thousands of carats of diamond there.
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