Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 549

Chapter 549: Cant Find Diamonds So Steal Gold
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

This place was so cold! Ye Mo was at the middle-eastern part of Siberia. This was near the Arctic Ocean. Ye Mo looked at the big Amber Crater that looked like a dried up riverbed. The frozen earth was extra hard.

Construction workers were busying about as they seemed to be building some living houses or facilities. Ye Mo estimated that they were about to start digging this place.

Ye Mo used an Earth Travel Charm to go down but felt the charm get exhausted very quickly. The hardness of the earth here had far exceeded his expectations. And his spirit sense could only reach out a little more than 10 meters.

It would seem that diamonds weren't that easy to get, after all. 300 meters underground, Ye Mo already felt it was getting too hard. Even with Earth Travel Charms, he couldn't continue going down.

But before he had gone there, he had looked carefully at where and how diamonds were formed. He knew that there were some usually a few hundred meters within the digging site, but that was only a small amount. Diamonds were usually thousands or even tens of thousands of meters underground. Unless he cultivated to the golden core stage, he wouldn't be able to go down that deep.

Ye Mo searched for an entire day at a few hundred meters deep and used up more than half of his charms only to find 7 kg of diamond. Ye Mo was disappointed. After wasting another 100 charms, he left the diamond pit. This way wasn't working.

He had wasted that many charms only to find 7 kg of diamonds. The amount he invested wasn't equal to his return at all.

Perhaps this amount of diamond would be a huge fortune for others but to him, it was too little. The only thing he could feel happy about was that he had found one piece that was half a kilogram heavy.

Ye Mo found a quiet place and rested for a day. Using his spirit sense in such dense earth had made him feel very fatigued. Ye Mo recovered only after a whole day of resting.

Although there were supposedly large amounts of diamonds there, he had found very little the first day. He would find even less on the second day. Moreover, he used up a lot of charms which he had taken a whole month to make. He couldn't continue like this.

He had access to neither spirit beast blood, nor proper charm making materials. With his power, he could at most make low level charms. He could barely make level 2 charms if he got lucky, but there was still no use in that.

As Ye Mo stood in the cold Siberian air, he felt that the road he had chosen wasn't that easy.

If America didn't exist, creating Luo Yue would be so much easier.

'America?' Ye Mo suddenly laughed, 'Shouldn't they also have large amounts of gold deposits? Why don't I go take all I need from them. That'll be better than doing labor in this place.'

Thinking like that, Ye Mo really felt like laughing. He wondered how the US would react after finding out that their gold deposits had disappeared.

Since he couldn't find diamonds, he would go steal gold. After the gold was all taken, he would go take USD from the US banks. 'Since you guys want to wait for me to build Luo Yue for you and I'm short on money, it should be fine to go borrow some from you!'


Ye Mo soon found out from Xu Yuehua that the US had their gold stored in two locations she knew of. One place was 24 meters under solid bedrock in southern Manhattan. There was around 8.300 tons of gold stored there with a market worth of about 165 billion USD.

But from what Xu Yuehua said afterwards, this wasn't even where the US stored the bulk of their gold. It was at most 5% of their gold, while most of the gold there belonged to international banks and some other countries.

The US mainly stored their gold 50 km to the southwest of Kentucky, Louisiana. There was a US army base there, and this place was said to be the safest place in America. There was not only large amounts of gold deposited there, but also large amounts of confidential files and national treasures.

This base-fort was made of granite, steel rods and cement and took up an area of about 1.180 square meters. The gold vault door weighed about 20 or so tons. And the passwords to the door were kept by many different staff. One could only enter when all the passwords were entered at the same time. The walls outside were also reinforced with steel boards. The roof had of course received special reinforcement as well. There were patrol stations around the gold vault and stops on the road, with guards blocking anyone from coming too close.

There were also 23.000 troops and 300 tanks stationed nearby the area. The place had its own emergency power supply, water system and other facilities. It was protected very well and naturally any touristic visits were out of question.

"Isn't that very precise!" Ye Mo was very satisfied with Xu Yuehua's intelligence.

Ye Mo was sure that no matter how safe this base was, it couldn't be safer than the Black Sun Empire's gold vault. To Ye Mo, it would be much easier to break into the Manhattan gold vault than into the one in Kentucky, but he still decided to go to Kentucky.

There was not only gold there but also things important to the US there. This attracted Ye Mo. Furthermore, the gold in there truly belonged to the US.


Ye Mo was very careful when he approached the fort, since the US's radar and surveillance systems were very advanced. To him, the hard part was getting in and not bringing out the gold.

With his previous experience, Ye Mo turned invisible as soon as he arrived above American waters. As he started reaching the fort, he had still not been found.

Ye Mo stood in the distance. The fort looked like a square governmental building. It didn't seem all that peculiar. It was about 12 meters tall and 30 meters long and wide. But he could see the armored vehicles and soldiers' training base not far away.

Ye Mo didn't try to enter from the main door. He didn't feel like putting his invisibility to the test. Ever since finding out that his invisibilty under special lenses still revealed a faint shadow, he had become very careful.

He got off the highway and went next to the fort and then with the help of the Earth Travel Charm, he went into the earth as fast as possible.
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