Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 550

Chapter 550: The Drastic Incident at China Town
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

After Ye Mo entered, he knew that although the walls of the fort were very hard, the fort was much easier to break into than the steel vault with that layer of electric alarm system had been.

Was this the place they called the safest place in the US? Ye Mo shook his head as his flying sword easily pierced through the underground layer, into the underground room of the fort.

To Ye Mo, no matter how many tanks or soldiers there were outside, they might as well all be show.

Ye Mo stood in a convoluted maze, in the underground of the base. He sighed. It had been too easy to get in there. The Americans might not even find it out after he took the gold.

Although the surveillance system here was also mere decoration to Ye Mo, He didn't act carelessly. He didn't want to be caught, because after this job, he still wanted to go for a spin at the US banks.

Ye Mo pierced through room after room. Here and there, Ye Mo also saw all sorts of strange bodies and heads, as well as some historical documents. They were nothing but garbage to Ye Mo, but he did take some crowns and jewels.

After breaking open a ton of rooms, Ye Mo finally saw the gold. He didn't even bother counting it as he put everything into his ring.

As Ye Mo ravashed room after room and took all that gold, he took so much that eventually he got sick of taking it. After taking about 300.000 ingots, Ye Mo finally didn't feel like looking for more gold anymore. Who knew how much was still left. He probably took around 4.000 tons, though.

After Ye Mo had left the fort, the guards were still patrolling it with great severity, not knowing at all that the place they were guarding had had 90% of its gold stolen.

Although Ye Mo had a big harvest at the fort, he only found a couple hundred million USD robbing the banks. The security systems at the banks were far more threatening to him than at the fort. Ye Mo lost interest in trying to move large amounts of USD from the banks, because it was just too hard.

He didn't even know what place had the greatest amount of USD. Furthermore, he truly couldn't get himself exposed. If he did, neither his own power nor Luo Yue's would be a match for the US. If he couldn't beat the US, he could run, but what about other people?

Now, he only needed to let Xu Yuehua find some place to sell all that gold. Gold was a solid currency, so they only needed to be a bit careful.


Ye Mo once more appeared in China Town in San Francisco. He had planned this before.

It wasn't dark yet, but the Ming Yun Tower was closed early. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside and found that there was no one there - even that Old He and the waiter were gone.

Ye Mo visited Peng Yueji's old base but found the place empty too, and it looked like it had been desolate for a while already. Ye Mo had a bad feeling arise in his heart. He went to Hong Martial Gang's dojo but - it was in ruins. Ye Mo went to Zhu Hongsheng's turf but still didn't see anyone.

What had happened there? Why hadn't Shi Kaigen reported to him? Ye Mo then realized that he had changed his phone ever since going to Luo Yue. He could only go back to Ming Yu Tower with a frown on his face.

As Ye Mo was being very confused, his spirit sense suddenly picked up on a person in an alleyway a few hundred meters away. Finally someone he knew! He had given Sister Yan's picture to Luo Xin, and he still hadn't left.

The next moment, he appeared in front of Luo Xin. Luo Xin, who was walking with his head down, was frought upon being stopped, but he soon recognized the man standing in front of him. It was a being that the entire Hong Martial Gang had to look up to.

"Ye-Qianbei!" Luo Xin recgonized Ye Mo and greeted him.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Luo Xin, I didn't expect you to still be here. Why do I not see anyone from the Tang Gang? Shi Kaigen is nowhere to be seen either, but why can't I even see anyone from your Hong Martial Gang?"

Luo Xin subconsciously looked around. Ye Mo saw this and immediately said, "You don't have to look, there is no one around. Did something happen to Shi Kaigen?"

Luo Xin shook his head, "Brother Shi is fine. The thing is, something happened to Gang Leader Peng. After we fought with the Mountain Gang, we both had our power much weakened. But then, they teamed up with the San Francisco Gang and planned on annihilating us."

It seemed that the Hong Martial Gang had been annihilated. Otherwise, their bases wouldn't be so tattered.

Luo Xin continued, "Gang Leader Zhu knew that they were no match for them, so he asked the Tang Gang for help. However, Gang Leader Peng knew that even if the Tang Gang helped, they would still be no match for the San Francisco Gang."

"So Peng Yueji rejected?" Ye Mo asked casually.

Luo Xin said sadly, "Before he could even reject, the Mountain Gang and San Francisco Gang already attacked. But what was strange was that even though the fighting that night was extremely intense, no police ever arrived. The Tang Gang weren't as strong as the San Francisco Gang in the first place, so being ambushed like that, eventually"

Ye Mo's eyes went cold, "Eventually what?"

Luo Xin said dejectedly, "The Tang Gang was almost completely annihilated. Our Gang Leader Zhu was also killed. Those brothers fighting also almost all died. I was to do some business outside, and so I managed to live."

"How are Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu?" Although he didn't have much of a connection with the Tang Gang, Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu were his men. They were different from Peng Yueji. Peng Yueji had just used him to revive the Tang Gang.

The reason he left Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu to help Peng Yueji was mainly for them to find Sister Yan.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't asking about the wellbeing of Gang Leader Peng, Luo Xin was surprised, but he quickly reacted. He immediately replied, "I don't know about Tong Zhu, but I heard Gang Leader Peng was heavily injured and was saved by a brother from the gang. It was said that Brother Shi was also injured, but that he was saved by someone with one arm. That one-armed person was very strong and killed many of the San Francisco Gang memebers before saving Brother Shi. By the time Dick had arrived though, he had left."

"Dick?" Ye Mo felt like this name was really familiar somehow.

Luo Xin quickly explained, "He's one of the two masters of the Grey Alliance and was called the Gun and Knife Duo together with Johnson. At the time when the Grey Alliance and Johnson were annihilated by Qianbei, he wasn't in America. After he came back and found out what had happened, he wanted revenge.

The Mountain Gang and San Francisco Gang just so happened to be collaborating against the Hong Martial Gang, so Dick joined the San Francisco Gang.

Ye Mo finally understood! So this was related to him. He didn't expect some minor character he didn't care about to have almost killed Shi Kaigen.

Who was the one-armed person who saved Shi Kaigen, though? And why did he help him?
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