Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Sister Yans Whereabouts
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

The first person Ye Mo thought of was Sha One. Had he saved Shi Kaigen? Regardless, Ye Mo decided to go to his territory and check.

"Why have you stayed?" Ye Mo looked at Luo Xin and asked.

Luo Xin heard this and seemed a little uneasy. Ye Mo waved his hand and stopped him from talking, "Thanks for the info, I'll be going now."

Luo Xin reacted and wanted to say something, but Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen.


Ye Mo had guessed correctly. Shi Kaigen had indeed been saved by Sha One and so was Tong Zhu. What had confused Sha One though, was that usually if something involved Ye Mo, he would get there as soon as possible, yet the gang battle had taken place nearly a month ago, but Ye Mo still hadn't come.

Shi Kaigen was also confused why Ye Mo hadn't come and why even his phone couldn't be reached. He knew that the reason why Sha One had saved him was Ye Mo. Ye Mo had been to the Five States before and Sha One seemed to fear Ye Mo. From Sha One's power, he could tell that Sha One seemed to be almost as strong as Ye Mo. How could someone like him fear Ye Mo?

Regardless, Sha One had saved him, so he was very grateful. If it wasn't for Sha One, he wouldn't just have been lightly injured. He wouldn't have been able to make it out.

When Ye Mo arrived in the Five States once again, Sha One was in the middle of talking to Shi Kaigen. Neither of them had expected Ye Mo to suddenly appear.

"Ye-Qianbei!" Sha One had saved Shi Kaigen on Ye Mo's account. He was a realistic person. If it wasn't for Ye Mo, he wouldn't do something that was of no benefit to him. Although the San Francisco Gang couldn't do anything to him, he also had people under him to worry about and in that area, the San Francisco Gang was the local head snake.

Shi Kaigen hadn't been injured heavily and with a master like Sha One, he had recovered a long time ago. When he saw Ye Mo appear, he quickly greeted him with 'Brother Ye'.

"Tong Zhu isn't here?" Ye Mo saw that Shi Kaigen was fine and felt assured. Shi Kaigen had been doing things for him and if something happened to him, he would feel guilty.

"Zhu Zi went out hunting for information-" as soon as he said this, Tong Zhu's voice sounded, "Brother Shi, I saw Dick tonight- Gang Leader Sha, you're also here," Tong Zhu then saw Ye Mo and called out in joyful surprise, "Brother Ye, you're finally here!"

Ye Mo looked at Tong Zhu and patted his shoulder. It was his fault that Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu ended up like this.

"So, what happened?" Ye Mo looked at Shi Kaigen and asked. Although Luo Xin had explained it clearly, Ye Mo still wanted to hear Shi Kaigen's story.

Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu pretty much said the same thing. With the added detail that Dick had apparently kept looking for Shi Kaigen even after knowing that he had been saved. Dick wouldn't rest until he captured Shi Kaigen and interrogated him on the person behind the destruction of the Grey Alliance.

Due to the San Francisco Gang's pressure, even Sha One's business was also affected.

"You're still in the human trafficking business?" Ye Mo felt a little repulsed by this business, but Sha One had saved Shi Kaigen, so that made him feel conflicted.

Sha One quickly said, "No, ever since I saw Qianbei last time, I listened to Qianbei's words and stopped that business. I'm in weapons trade now."

"You're tradong weapons? Can you get the latest weapons too?" Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Yue. Although Luo Yue had bought some weapons, those were actually the weapons from which others wanted to upgrade. Countries wouldn't sell weapons to Luo Yue, so most of their weapons had to come from underground dealings.

Before Sha One replied, Shi Kaigen said, "The US is very different to China in this aspect. They are the ones being supplied by major weapon manufacturers - the US government buys from them. Of course, all of these manufacturers have some political background, so due to their private connections, it's that much easier for the US to get the latest weapons."

"That's right; like Thor, Universal Motion, ATK etc. Warfare weapon manufacturers are very close to the government and the military, but that's all only a secondary point. However, the large scale weapons are indeed restricted and we can't get them, but we can get some lighter weapons easily," Sha One said.

Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, Sha One, you will be responsible for getting me the latest weapons. As for those large scale weapon blueprints, I will get them from the weapon manufacturers myself. My company moved to Luo Yue now, you probably know right?"

Sha One had always wanted to mention this so now that Ye Mo mentioned it, he was very excited. This time, he didn't hesitate and said, "Ye-Qianbei, I of course know of Luo Yue Corporation, and I wish to join Luo Yue City, Qianbei!"

Hearing this, Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu also got excited. They'd long since known about the legendary story of Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals. Even if they were already Ye Mo's men, that only made them want to join Luo Yue all the more. But Ye Mo was talking to Sha One now, so they couldn't really butt in.

Ye Mo knew what they wanted and smiled, "Of course, since I have mentioned this, it means I am willing to let you join Luo Yue City. If you want to go back to Luo Yue now, that's fine, and if you stay here, then help me take notice of the US's weapons and get me some of the latest weapons. If the US has any new breakthroughs in technology, make sure to tell me immediately."

From a personal perspective, Ye Mo had to admit that America was a very open country and it that sense much better than many other countries. If not for them trying to devour Luo Yue, he wouldn't attack them either. But no matter how strong they were, if they wanted to attack Luo Yue, then don't blame him for attacking first. And, in their heart, the Americans believed that they were the Big Brother of the world, and Ye Mo didn't like that.

"That's fine, I'm willing to stay here to continue the firearms business," Sha One said immediately, and Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu wanted that too.

Ye Mo would of course not mistreat them for being willing to stay and help. He made three defensive bracelets for them which could save each of them at least once. Although Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu didn't really know how it worked, they had seen Ye Mo shoot fireballs before. Not to mention all the legendary things Ye Mo had done, they felt like Ye Mo was a very mysterious and powerful person.

Sha One felt reverence towards Ye Mo. He still didn't understand how Ye Mo had gotten from Chun An to Hong Kong in such a brief moment. Thus, he would think of everything Ye Mo gave him as very precious.

Despite Sha One's rejection, Ye Mo still left 50 million USD with him. Ye Mo had gotten this from Jason. He rarely used money anyway, and if he wanted Sha One to do things wholeheartedly, he needed to give him some money.

"I still wish to get the large scale weapon blueprints now - do you know where the weapon manufacturers keep these things?" When Ye Mo asked this, the three turned into stone.

The first to react was Sha One, "Qianbei, you're joking right?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Of course I'm not. I have to take care of that today, because tomight, I'll be going for a spin at the San Francisco Gang."

The three thought Ye Mo was crazy! Go to the US weapon dealers and steal their blueprints? But soon they realized that Ye Mo wasn't joking.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Just give me the details, and I will think of a way."

Ye Mo felt that he hadn't done enough in America yet.

When Sha One left to find information, Shi Kaigen patted his head and said, "Brother Ye, you told me to search for Sister Yan before you left. I found something, but before I could report to you, the San Francisco Gang invaded."

Ye Mo was shocked. He knew that Sister Yan could quite possibly be his bloodmother. Hearing this, he had a certain indescribable feeling in his heart.
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