Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 552

Chapter 552: Mesica Town
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Ever since he had met Ye Mo, Shi Kaigen had never seen such an expression on his face. He didn't dare hesitate and said, "A month ago, I found someone who had been part of the Chinese gang in the past. He was called Liu Shan. After the gang war, the gang leader did indeed send someone to take Sister Yan away. After the Chinese gang was annihilated, some brothers escaped. The Liu Shan I met was one of them. He encountered Sister Yan on the way as well that person protecting her.

When the three met, they realized they had no money, so Sister Yan took off her bracelet for them to sell. But after that brother left, he never came back. They waited for a long time, but the person still didn't come back. A while later, they heard gunshots and didn't dare to keep waiting. It was up to Liu Shan to protect Sister Yan then, but he was quite loyal to the Chinese gang, so he brought Sister Yan to Mesica Town and parted with Sister Yan."

"Where is this Liu Shan?" after a long while, Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

Shi Kaigen said guiltily, "I found him in Dali City, but the second time I went to see him, he had already moved away. I think he doesn't want to have any relations with the Chinese gang anymore. I understand him, so I didn't go find him."

Then, Shi Kaigen took out an accurate map and handed it to Ye Mo , "This is the location of that Mesica Town - the red dot is the place where they parted ways."

Ye Mo kept staring at the map with such focus that he didn't even know when Sha One came in.

After a long while, Ye Mo put away the map and felt worried for Sister Yan. Although he came from Luo Yue Continent, he still valued sentiment. Otherwise, he wouldn't treat Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng so nice. If Sister Yan was really his mother, then that would mean she was someone with important blood relations with him.

Who knew if that abandoned son Ye Mo wasn't really his past life?

"Ye-Qianbei, I got this information ready. Please take a look." Seeing Ye Mo return to his senses, Sha One quickly handed his findings to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the stack and put it away without looking at it carefully. After a while, he said, "I'll be going out for a while, as for the San Francisco Gang, that can wait until I come back."

Shi Kaigen guessed that Ye Mo would probably be going to that town. He hesitated for a moment but eventually said nothing. Ye Mo had come for that Sister Yan last time, meaning that there was some close relation between them. Other things could wait for after he finished dealing with that.

Ye Mo had regained his composure and noticed that Shi Kaigen wanted to say something. He asked immediately, "What do you want to say?"

"Brother Ye, there was one more thing that I didn't find the right moment to say yet. Huang Mei came back to look for you once after you left. She was very disappointed to hear that you had left," Shi Kaigen replied.

"Huang Mei?" Ye Mo frowned. He didn't know that woman. And this was in the US. He didn't remember meeting any women in the US. What did she want from him?

Seeing this, Shi Kaigen said, "She was the woman sitting behind Zhu Hongsheng when we first entered the Hong Martial Gang."

Ye Mo immediately recalled. That woman had seemed to be helping him no matter the circumstance. He felt strange why a woman he didn't know would be helping him that much. She might have looked average, but she sure was meticulous.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo asked, "How has she been after the Hong Martial Gang was annihilated?"

Shi Kaigen immediately replied, "She is very smart. The day that Zhu Hongsheng rejected her proposal, she immediately left the gang. Later when Zhu Hongsheng realized his mistake, he couldn't find her anymore."

Ye Mo nodded. She was quite decisive and had left as soon as she realized Zhu Hongsheng wasn't worth helping. But why did she want to find him? He wasn't a gang leader or anything.

"What did she say?" Ye Mo asked again.

Shi Kaigen said, "She just asked whether the main reason for you coming to San Francisco had been to look for Sister Yan and when you would come back next. She knew the first part anyway, so I didn't hide it, but as for when you would come back again, I said I didn't know. After she left, I never heard from her again."

Ye Mo didn't ask anything else. This Huang Mei was quite astute, unlike that Peng Yueji. If she could go help Xu Yuehua, it wouldn't be bad, but since she had already left, there was no point in thinking about it.


Compared to other places in the US or even to other towns in San Francisco, Mesica was extremely basic. The streets seemed messy, the buildings were old etcetera.

Ye Mo stood at the door of a caf. It had been newly built, but the dot Shi Kaigen had marked on the map conformed to that place.

Ye Mo sighed. So many years had passed, it was highly unlikely she would have stayed at this town and even if she had, it wouldn't be easy to find her.

Ye Mo ordered himself some coffee after coming in. It was full of bubbles at the top, so he stirred it and took a sip. It was bitter - he didn't like this flavor.

He casually picked up the newspaper on his table. The headline was a picture of the US bank reserve and a dug-open wall of the gold vault. Ye Mo smiled. They had found out quickly. It was only the next morning, yet the newspapers had come out already. He couldn't understand the English, but he could guess what it was about.

Not long after Ye Mo sat down, a blonde girl sat down opposite to Ye Mo with a cup of coffee and asked in English, "Are you Chinese?"

Ye Mo understood that much, but he didn't want to talk to her, so he pretended he didn't understand and kept drinking the coffee he didn't like.

"May I ask if you're Chinese?" the blonde girl saw that Ye Mo didn't answer her, so she asked again - but this time, she used Chinese.

Ye Mo nodded helplessly, "Yes, what do you want?"

"Oh, great! I want you to help me- Ehm, no, I think I can help you-" These words bewildered Ye Mo. She was asking him for help? He had just met her! Also, he didn't need her help with anything.

Before Ye Mo said anything, though, she whispered in Ye Mo's ears, "Can we talk outside? I think you might be interested."

Ye Mo was already in a bad mood and now this woman was just making it worse.

Ye Mo got up and dumped a $100 bill on the bar and walked out. He only had $100 bills on him.

Seeing this, the blond woman quickly took the bill and paid with her card. The waiter saw her with Ye Mo and thought they were together, so he didn't think too much about it.

After the blond walked out of the caf, she suddenly came up to Ye Mo and grabbed his arm, intentionally rubbing her huge bosom on Ye Mo's arm.

Ye Mo frowned. He had no interest in this woman. Compared to Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo didn't even want to look at this woman. Ye Mo was sure now that she had to be some street prostitute.

However he felt strange, because they usually came out at night, and this woman was already out in the morning.

Ye Mo pulled her arm away and questioned unhappily, "What do you want to say? If you want to sleep together or something, then don't bother - I'm not interested in you."

Unexpectedly though, the woman had an embarrassed look and quickly said with a smile, "Oh, I know. But I really like you. You're a true man - you have the smell of a real man."
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