Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 555

Chapter 555: This Isnt Over
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo went up to the second floor and said to Annie, "Annie, you took my money, so why aren't you leading the way for me now?"

Annie was already worried and at a loss about what to do. Now that Ye Mo suddenly appeared, she became even more worried.

"I'm sorry, Mr Ye, please wait for me outside for a bit, I will be out soon." Annie knew she wouldn't be getting out any time soon, but she knew who that white man was. Perhaps Ye Mo would be dragged into trouble eventually too.

"What is going on?" Ye Mo looked at the girl who had been slapped and walked over.

Seeing this, Annie could only say, "Sister Sisi broke the customer's belongings, and she can't afford them. I, ehm-"

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on.

After Ye Mo's sudden intervention, the white man and Chinese man finally reacted.

"Who are you?" the middle-aged man studied Ye Mo and asked in contempt.

"I'm a friend of Annie's. What did they break? And why are you hitting people?" Ye Mo scanned the man and asked casually.

Ye Mo soon found that the white man had a gun in his pocket, and not far away stood two robust-looking guys.

Hearing this, the middle aged man sneered and said slowly, "Yin Si is a worker at my restaurant, and Edward is our honourable guest. Yin Si broke his white jade statue, don't you agree that needs to be compensated? Because Yin Si is my worker, I'm only asking her to pay 10% of it. The remaining amount will be paid by me. But if she doesn't even want to pay 10% of it, what should I do? If she keeps refusing, I can only send her to jail."

"Mr Ross, you know she can't pay that much, yet you still ask her to pay 1 million. Moreover, can that thing really be worth 10 million? You're doing this intentionally, aren't you? You're-" Annie wanted to argue but then looked at the white man and swallowed back her words.

"You don't have the money?" Ross glanced at Annie and Yin Si and sneered but didn't say anything.

After Ye Mo came, the white man no longer cursed at Yin Si. Instead, he signaled for his bodyguards to block the entrance downstairs.

"What is this thing that has a 10% cost of 1 million?" Ye Mo suddenly asked again.

Ross sneered, "However much the customer says it's worth, that's how much it's worth. If you can't pay what you broke, shouldn't you at least know how to kneel down?"

Suddenly, Ross felt that he actually shouldn't be answering Ye Mo. Who was this guy, and how dare he question him like that? He scanned Ye Mo and said, "Who are you to Yin So anyway? Do you want to pay for it? If you don't, what's the use of asking this and that?"

Ye Mo smiled, "I want to pay, but I don't see the object in question. If it really is worth 1 million, perhaps I will pay you."

"You-" Ross wanted to speak in derision, but before he could say anything much, he froze.

Ye Mo was holding 3 stacks of freshly printed dollars. There had to be at least 20k in his hands. Before anyone could react though, Ye Mo waved his hand, and the money magically disappeared.

Ross's eyes went green. If this young man could casually take out 20k, he must have more. Those dollars had seemed fresh from the bank.

Edward also saw the USD, and his eyes started glimmering, but he soon covered up his greed. His eyes moved around as he began scheming.

Ye Mo looked at the two and sneered. It was just 20k, yet these two were getting greedy for it. It was impossible for them to have a statue worth 10 million.

Annie's eyes also brightened up. She couldn't understand how Ye Mo could have put the money in his thin layer of clothes, but she didn't exepct Ye Mo to be this wealthy! Everyone used credit cards, so who would carry so much cash like that.

But Annie knew the situation wasn't good, because Edward had also seen the money on Ye Mo. And Edward was a notorious man in Mesica.

Yin Si subconsciously looked at Annie. She knew all of Annie's friends - since when did she know someone this rich?

Before Ross could say anything, Ye Mo continued, "Since you want me to compensate, shouldn't you at least show me what I'm compensating? I need to know where it's broken."

If he weren't concerned that Annie and Yin Si might be affected, he would have killed the two already. Things wouldn't be so troublesome then.

"Oh, of course." Ross then took out a white jade statue from the room behind him and passed it to Ye Mo "This is it. Edward spent 10 million to get this from an auction. It's from Ancient Roman ruins."

Ye Mo sneered. He didn't even need to look at it to know that it had been made from a modern type of glass. The thing was worth at most 10 dollars.

Ye Mo saw a crack at the back.

These two were obviously scamming Yin Si, but Yin Si didn't look rich. In that case, why were they scamming her? Ye Mo looked at Yin Si. Although she looked clean and decent, it wasn't like she was mindblowingly pretty. How could someone like Edward and Ross be interested in her?

Ye Mo then looked at the statue. He was a cultivator who could make proper high-level artefacts. The little thingy was repaired in a brief moment. He looked at the statue and then said, "Ross, I don't see any damage on this. I just took a strand of hair away, and the statue seems perfectly fine. Maybe you saw wrong?"

"Perfectly fine? If that statue is perfectly fine, I'll eat it and give you a million!" Ross sneered and took the statue from Ye Mo. He glanced at Ye Mo, ready to point out the crack.

Yin Si also looked at Ye Mo in stupefaction. The lie would be broken immediately, so what was the point of telling it. She had seen the crack herself.

But Ross had to be disappointed. He looked again and again yet didn't see any cracks. He turned it around and around, but there were no marks at all. Had it really been a strand of hair? There was no way!

This wasn't good. Thinking for a second, Ross simply dropped the statue. Like that, the glass would crack for sure. Ross sneered, 'Even if there wasn't a crack before, now that it will, as long as I deny that it dropped, what can you do?'

But before the statue fell to the ground, Ye Mo caught it with his foot and then flicked it into his hand.

Ye Mo held the thing and sneered, "Mr Ross, this statue is perfectly fine, so if you drop it on the ground, you will have to pay for it."

Ross looked at Ye Mo and was dazed. He hadn't expected his 'trump card' to fail.

Ye Mo passed the statue to Ross again, "Mr Ross, if you drop it again, that means you're throwing it around intentionally."

Ross gave the statue to Edward. Edward also looked at it and confirmed that there were no cracks at all. Had they really seen wrongly?

"Since we were wrong, never mind." Edward sneered. He would think of another way. Yin Si's whole family was here anyway - they couldn't escape. This youth in front of him looked rich, though. He wouldn't be letting him go. Although he didn't care about that 20.000 dollars of cash, if the guy could take it out so casually, he definitely had more.

"Huh, it's over just like that?" Annie almost screamed. Yin Si also felt like she was dreaming.

With Edward having said that, Ross could only glare at Yin Si and say, "You were lucky this time."

Ye Mo suddenly intervened, "Mr Ross this isn't over yet. The misunderstanding before was about the white statue, but we haven't resolved you hitting Ms Yin Si yet."
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