Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 556

Chapter 556: Price is Negotiable
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Everyone looked on dumbly at Ye Mo. Who was Edward? Who could dare question one of his men in front of him? That was asking to die!

"What's the big deal with me beating her? She did something wrong, can't she be beaten then?" Ross was so angry he started laughing.

Ye Mo's tone went cold, "What did Yin Si do wrong?"

"She broke-" Ross suddenly stopped. The white jade statue was completely fine.

Ross looked at Edward and knew that their target should now be changed to Ye Mo.

Thinking about this, Ross quickly took out a 100 dollar bill and gave it to Yin Si, saying, "One slap for 100 dollars - you're lucky."

Ye Mo took that 100 dollar bill and gave it a look, after which he took out a 100 dollar bill from his own pocket and gave it to Ross, "How could I take your money. Here, I'll give you this 100."

Ross subconsciously took the money sneering, 'I thought you were tough, but you don't even dare take my money.'

Slap slap- Two slaps landed on Ross's face, making his mind stop for a moment. He was spinning on the spot. He really didn't get why he was being hit suddenly.

"Although I have quite a bit of money, I can't waste too much on a pig. 2 slaps for 200 it is," Ye Mo said.

But these two slaps were of a different caliber. Ross spat out a bunch of teeth and felt a burning sensation on his face. He couldn't even speak as he slumped to the ground.

Everyone was dazed. No one had expected Ye Mo to have the guts to hit someone in front of Edward, and so harshly at that.

Edward's face went bleak. Just when he wanted to speak, Ye Mo stopped him, "Edward, I'm very interested in your white jade statue. I believe it's very valuable, and I'm wondering whether you have any more valuable antiques over at your place. I'd gladly go back with you and buy some from you. Of course, as long as it's valuable, the price is negotiable."

What? This young man wanted to go back to his place and buy his antiques? Edward wanted to laugh. There was still such good luck in the world, and he had encountered it? He had been troubled trying to come up with a way to bring the young man away all along.

The young man knew the jade statue was worth 10 million yet still wanted to go with him. Didn't that mean he had a lot more money? Thinking about it, Edward's heart was on fire.

While he was getting excited, Ye Mo sighed, "I wanted to buy some treasures from America before going back, and today I finally found someone who owns real treasures."

Then, Ye Mo took out a card and waved it in front of Ross, "I really need to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know Mr Edward. Otherwise, where would I go to spend all this money?"

It was as though Ye Mo had so much money that he didn't even know how to spend it.

Edward's bleak expression disappeared immediately. It turned into a fervent smile. He looked at Ye Mo as though he was looking at dollar bills.

"Mr Ye, you-" Annie was dazed. She really didn't get how Ye Mo could be this dumb.

He was asking to die trying to do business with Edward!

Yin Si was also worried. She didn't know Ye Mo, but even if she did and she tried to stop him from making Edward earn a fortune, her family wouldn't live to see tomorrow's sun, and this young man would still be tricked into doing business with Edward afterwards.

Before Annie could finish, Ye Mo said, "Annie, wait for me at Back Street. I'll come back immediately after completing this business with Edward."

Just as he was about to leave with Edward, Ye Mo seemed to have thought of something and turned back to Ross and smiled, "I almost forgot. You said that you will eat the statue if there was no marks on it and give me 1 million. But the white statue is worth so much, so of course I can't let you eat it. Although 1 million is just change to me, but it's still my money. I will have to take it, Mr Ross."

Ross covered his mouth and wanted to go to the hospital as soon as possible, but he didn't dare to move. This youth was really asking him for 1 million? Was he crazy?

"You don't want to give it to me?" Seeing how Ross wasn't talking, Ye Mo didn't leave with Edward and walked back in front of Ross again.

Ross looked pitifully at Edward. He knew that Edward was going to do business with Ye Mo now and wasn't going to do anything to him, but 1 million was a big sum to him. His total fortune amounted to only 2 million.

"Ross, you said it, so you should give it to him." Edward's words made him understand that all hope was lost.

He hatefully transferred Ye Mo one million. That represented many years of his savings!

Ye Mo waved the card in his hand again, "Ross, to be honest, one million is like a drop of water in the sea in my account. It's your honor for me to be taking your money. Mr Edward, let's go do business. This place is too boring."

Yin Si and Annie couldn't do anything as they watched Ye Mo and Edward leave.

"Annie, who is this person? How did you meet him?" Yin Si asked desperately.

Annie said, "I needed a couple hundred dollars, so I found him."

"What Annie?! Don't tell me you-" Yin Si's face changed drastically. She knew her brother was in a relationship with Annie. If Annie had gone to bed with someone else, what would she do?

Annie had indeed planned on doing that. The reason why she chose to do it in the morning and with a Chinese man was because Yin Jia needed the money by tonight. She also thought that someone who was up that early wouldn't be too lustful of a person. But those who lived in the town all had a very loose lifestyle and thus wouldn't wake up early.

Ye Mo was a foreign Chinese man, and he looked clean. When she approached Ye Mo, she did indeed like the refreshing smell on him. Going to bed with someone she didn't dislike while earning the money she desperately needed - of course, that was more than Annie could have hoped for. She just hadn't expected Ye Mo to be unwilling.

Even though Annie didn't really care about it, when she saw Yin Si's face, she immediately knew that Yin Si was disgusted by it. So she waved her hand and denied it, "No, no, I didn't go to bed with him. How could I? I was just showing him the way."

Hearing this, Yin Si finally breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "You were showing him the way? Our town is so small, why would he need you to show him the way?"

"I don't know. He said he's called Ye Mo and he's here to look for someone. That person is Chinese too, so I took him to the underground boxing ring and then to Chinese Back Street-" Annie said.

Suddenly, the man with the trolley rushed in and as he saw that Annie and Yin Si were fine, he felt relieved.

"Uncle De, thank you for today," Yin Si said.

"Sisi, you're fine? That's great. Your aunty heard what happened and wanted to come look for you too, but she's a bit weak and fainted," Uncle De said quickly.

"Huh, aunty fainted?" Yin Si immediately ran back to her house. Annie also followed.
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