Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 557

Chapter 557: Neighbor Coming for a Chat
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Mesica might have been only a small and poor town in the US, there was one significant figure there, Edward.

Although he wasn't that significant, his family, the Bohr family, were a member of the famous Black Hand Gang in the US.

In reality, Edward no longer counted as a member of the Bohr family, but other people didn't know that. The reason why Mesica Town had stayed the way it was was greatly due to Edward.

Edward used his family's name to earn money in the town, but since he never stepped out of bounds, he'd stayed on good terms with the local government. At times, they would even work together.

The largest private manor in town alsi belonged to Edward. He had around 40 to 50 men working for him. Sometimes, he would even commit some robberies at nearby towns, but what was clever about him was that he never touched the government's bottom line.

Since Ye Mo had come all the way into his manor and the people outside were all his men, Edward didn't even bother putting up an act. He was sure that no matter how good Ye Mo was at explaining himself, he would have to give Edward the money obediently with his means.

"Edward, your house is really big, you must've earned a lot in this town!" Ye Mo suddenly said.

Edward shook his head. This Chinese young man was probably dumb. He didn't even understand that he had fallen into a hunter's trap. Edward couldn't wait to see how this young man would be begging him for mercy.

"I think that compared to my manor, you would be much more interested in my collection. Many look like mere glass but are actually beautiful antiques. I'm sure you would love to buy them, hahaha!" Edward laughed.

What he hadn't expected was that the young man would nod and seriously say, "Yes, compared to antiques, I in fact prefer glass collectibles. Glass products need to be modeled, burned and even intricately marked. They are much harder to make than those antiques you can just dig out from underground."

Edward was stunned. Was this guy really an idiot?

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that the reason why Edward had brought him here was to force him to give up all his money.

Ye Mo wasn't a coldhearted person - he could see how much authority Edward had in this town and that if he left just like that, Annie and Yin Si would be doomed.

Hence, Ye Mo couldn't leave just like that. Moreover, he could maybe even earn a little fortune here on the side.

The moment Edward spoke, Ye Mo knew that the man would be going for the attack soon. This guy was really desperate - he couldn't even wait for them to go inside.

Ye Mo wanted to sneer at him but suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Seeing Ye Mo stop, Edward thought that Ye Mo had realized that he was going to harm him and that he wanted to run. So he had been acting dumb! Edward signaled to the people at the door, and the gates were immediately closed.

But what unexpectedly Ye Mo didn't try to leave at all. Instead, he started walking faster towards his manor, as though he were attracted by the beauty of it.

Edward was in fact right. Ye Mo had truly been attracted indeed. More than that, he was shocked. Edward's manor was full of lush green plants and fresh air that was of unimaginable quality.

Ye Mo was feeling much stronger spirit chi than on the outside. That's right, spirit chi!

What shocked Ye Mo even more was that it was as though all the plants in Edward's manor were being fed with spirit water!

'Could this be a spirit ore mine? Or is there a spirit well?' Ye Mo was dazed and excited. If not for him being super lucky and having a good heart, how could he ever have found a place like this?

"Mr Edward, your place is just too nice. I love it already." Ye Mo cooled his heart and acted as though he hadn't seen the men behind him.

Edward smiled bleakly, "Heh, that's great. Since you love it so much, go ahead and take a good look."

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out but found no spirit wells or spirit mines. What was this?

"Mr Edward, am I imagining things or are your flowers and plants different from others? I feel like the air here is great," Ye Mo said casually.

"Hahaha!" although Ye Mo was already dead meat to him, Edward didn't want to pass up on the chance to show off. He laughed and said, "I've had specialists take special care of the place, and it's perfect for living."

Ye Mo thought for a while and then asked in confusion, "Mr Edward, what is your secret to such a good environment? Of course, if you're willing to tell me your secret, it'd be more than worth it to give you tens of millions for it."

"How much you give won't be up to you!" Edward snarled and then turned to the men behind him, ordering them, "Drag him in. I want to see just how much I can get out of him."

"Wow, you're boring." Ye Mo looked at Edward and shook his head.

Before Edward could react, Ye Mo shot out a couple of fireballs, and those seven men were quickly turned to dust.

Edward looked at his men as they disappeared in the blink of an eye and rubbed his eyes, thinking he was seeing things.

The next moment, Ye Mo held Edward's neck and dragged him around his manor. A short while later, Edward realized that all of his men had been turned to dust, except for some servants.

Ye Mo then dragged him to the guest hall and dumped him on the ground. Edward just realized what predicament he had put himself into.

This f*cking Chinese, what magic was he using? He was killing people without leaving even the slightest of marks behind. He was too scary!

"Sir, excuse me, Sir, I have large amounts of antiques here- No, actually, they're all glassware. But if you like them, you can take them all." Edward didn't dare stand up nor even wipe the sweat from his head.

Ye Mo picked up an ashtray and threw it on Edward's head, "Are you an idiot, glassware I can find everywhere on the streets. Do I need to come to your place to buy them?"

"Ehm, no, I have momey too. At least tens of millions of dollars! I can give it all to you. And, and if you like this mansion I can also give it to you!" Edward quickly changed the topic.

Ye Mo shook his head. With the size of this mansion, he had thought Edward would have at least a couple hundred million, yet he only had mere 'tens of millions'? What a poor guy. But something was always better than nothing, so Ye Mo threw a card in Edward's direction amd said, "Hurry up and transfer it to me."

Edward picked up the card carefully and glanced at Ye Mo, wanting to ask if Ye Mo would spare his life afterwards, but he saw a fireball suddenly emerge from Ye Mo's hand, and he quickly did as told.

A while later, Edward handed the card back to Ye Mo carefully. Ye Mo took it and then said pleasantly, "Edward, I actually really do have some interest in your place. What's the secret as to why the air in your garden is so good?"

If he hadn't seen Ye Mo kill tens of people with his own eyes a moment earlier, Edward would've believed Ye Mo was just a neighbor who had come over for a chat.
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