Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 558

Chapter 558: Source of the Spirit Chi
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Seeing Edward's mind wander off, Ye Mo patted the armrest of the chair, and it immediately got shattered, "Edward, I'm asking you something. Didn't you hear me?"

"Huh, yes!" Edward wanted to crawl up subconsciously, but when he glanced at Ye Mo, he went back down and didn't dare think about anything else anymore. He said, "It's all because a few years ago, I found an animal that can seek treasure."

"An animal that can seek treasure?" Ye Mo stood up. That sounded like a spirit beast from the cultivation realm.

"Yes, yes," Edward quickly said yes as he saw Ye Mo get up.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Continue. What sort of animal is it - be specific."

Edward continued, "It's a fox-like animal. The person that gave the small thing to me said that it's a snow fox from the Mei Nei Snow Mountains in China."

Edward said, "I just thought it was very cute, so I kept it in my manor. At that time, I didn't know it had the capability to seek treasure. Then one day, a friend of mine was showing off his shooting skills with me and killed it."

Then, Edward peeked at Ye Mo. Meanwhile, Ye Mo was considering whether that might have been that white fox he saw at the Mei Nei Snow Mountains.

Ye Mo glared at Edward, "Edward, since it was such a cute fox, why did you kill it, you fool? What has this got to do with the spirit chi in your garden anyway? Talk more bullsh*t with me and I'll give you a fireball immediately."

Spirit chi? Of course Edward didn't know what that was but seeing Ye Mo's anger, he quickly said, "No, hold on, I told people to carry the fox away, but my men said they found a stack of diamonds beside the fox. I quickly went over and found that those weren't diamonds. The material wasn't as hard as diamond. It was a pretty, milky white crystal, and I found that the plants nearby it seemed much prettier and that the air nearby was also much better, so I-"

"What did you do?" Ye Mo had a bad feeling.

Edward shivered, "I told the person to grind it to powder and mix it with water to water the plants in my garden. In the end, all the plants in my garden became pretty and the air quality became very good. I even git rid of my migraines after living here for a long time. I know those crystals were good things, but-"

Slap- Ye Mo broke the other armrest and said in anger, "But what? Did you grind all the crystals?"

"Ye- yes," Edward said. His sweat was dripping to the ground.

Ye Mo was sure those milky crystals had been spirit stones. What a waste! Such a magical creature was killed by an idiot, and the spirit stones were grinded to powder by another idiot.

Seeing Ye Mo's face, Edward quickly said, "There are more snow foxes 9n the Mei Nei Snow Mountain. As soon as I understood the snow fox's power, I immediately told Ericson to go to the Snow Mountains again."

Was the snow fox really that small fox he had seen before? If the snow foxes had such abilities, then they would be top grade spirit beasts even in the cultivation realm.

A spirit beast that could find spirit stones - that was too absurd! Thinking about the white man he had killed in the Snow Mountains, that guy had indeed been called Ericson. Good thing he killed him. Otherwise, if that small fox had fallen into his hands, it wouldn't have been good.

Thinking about the Snow Mountains, Ye Mo immediately thought of Song Yangzhu who had made him lose his virginity. That fiery tent and her snow white, bouncy skin. Had he still not forgotten about her? He wondered how she was now. Ye Mo shook his head and cast those thoughts aside.

Ye Mo was sure that the small fox he had seen was the snow fox. Firstly, these snow foxes should obviously fear strangers, but it hadn't feared him, because he was a spirit cultivator. There were no spirit cultivators on Earth except for him. The fox must have felt that he was different. Secondly, when the spirit well exploded, the snow fox had been the first to find it.

The cute creature was such a precious treasure?! If the snow fox were to follow him and look through the entire Earth, who knew if he might not find more spirit stones?

Snow fox? Spirit seeking beast? Thinking about this, Ye Mo wanted to go back to the snow mountains immediately.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't talking, Edward was getting very uneasy. Just as he was pitying his own fate, Ye Mo suddenly said, "On account of you telling me so much useful information-"

Edward rejoiced but before he could talk, a fireball flew over and the last words he heard were, "I'll reward you with a fireball and give you a quick death."

After leaving the manor, Ye Mo felt like the trip had been worth it. Tens of millions of dollars might not be significant, but finding out about the value of the snow fox definitely was.

There was one thing Ye Mo had forgotten to ask Edward before leaving, which was why he had cared about Yin Si.


Chinese back street had always been the poorest place in Mesica but of course, a few people still became wealthy. Ross was one of those people, but he had forgotten about his roots. He changed his name from Liu Luosi to Ross and looked down on the poor people in Chinese Back Street.

But because there were some people he knew from the past, he still sometimes hired workers from there.

At the moment, he was lying in the best hospital in Mesica, receiving oral surgery. He knew that Ye Mo would be dead for sure having followed Edward along, so he didn't expect Ye Mo to be able to compensate him or anything.


In a small house in Chinese Back Street, a very skinny and ugly woman sat on an old tattered chair. There were two girls by her side.

One was a blonde-haired girl and another a clean-looking Chinese girl. They were Annie and Yin Si.

The group was silent and seemed to have been like that for a long time.

Yin Si suddenly said, "Aunty, if something happened to Ye Mo, we can report it to the mayor. And if we can't, we'll fight it out with Liu Laosi. Now that I think of it, he must've conspired with Edward to scam us, but I really don't know what they can scam from us."

The woman on the chair said after a long while, "Sisi, we can't beat them, that Ye Mo, he-"

The woman's voice was very beautiful. It was like the voice of a teenage girl, yet her face was that of an ugly old woman's.

The woman said those few words and seemed to sink into reminiscence.

"Sister Sisi, you said that jade statue was really not broken? Why did they say you broke it?" Annie suddenly asked.

Yin Si had forgotten about it and now that Annie asked, she immediately thought, 'Yeah, I saw that white jade statue with my own eyes, and there really was a crack on it. How come that after Ye Mo touched it, the crack was gone?'

"I don't know either. I really did see a crack on it," Yin Si confirmed firmly. This incident was too eerie.

"By the way, Annie, what did you say you were doing at the underground boxing ring?" Yin Si asked.

Annie was going to tell them after Yin Jia won the prize money but now that Yin Si asked, she could only say, "Jiajia wants to participate in the tournament, so we went to sign up-"

"What?!" Yin Si got up abruptly. Her brother had gone to fight there? People die there, what were Annie and Yin Jia thinking? She didn't dare imagine the consequences and charged out without thinking. Seeing this, Annie also closed the door and followed.
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