Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 559

Chapter 559: A Woman in Chinese Back Street
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

When Ye Mo returned to Chinese Back Street, he thought he would find Annie immediately but saw that she wasn't waiting for him there. Ye Mo didn't mind, though. He could search even the entire street with his spirit sense in an instant.

There were at most one or two thousand people there, so it really wasn't a big deal for him, and he knew he was looking for a woman, so his search parameter was much smaller than that.

As Ye Mo went along the street to the corner of it, his spirit sense made him stop because of a suspicious room.

The room was dark and had only a tattered chair, and an ugly and old woman inside.

It was when Ye Mo saw this woman that he stopped. This woman had masqueraded her looks. She wasn't actually that ugly - she had just rubbed a layer of substances on her face.

For the first time, Ye Mo sent his spirit sense inside her clothes. As expected: although her neck and hands looked black, the skin inside her clothes was very white. Ye Mo didn't continue looking. However, regardless of whether or not this person was Sister Yan, she probably had no relation to him.

Because Ye Mo saw that behind her ear was some baby hair which signaled she was a virgin. How could she be related to him then? But since the woman had changed her face, he had to go check. Why would a woman be making herself that ugly in this slum?

Who was this woman? Ye Mo frowned and walked over before pushing open the door.

The woman on the chair had only just woken up and suddenly found that Sisi and Annie had left, when a stranger entered her room. She was shook and subconsciously took a shirt to block herself. This was just a subconscious action of self-protection but soon, she realized that her actions weren't appropriate. She put down the shirt and looked at Ye Mo, "Who are you? Why are you in my house?"

Her tone was coarse.

Ye Mo suddenly sat down and studied this woman before asking, "I came to find a certain someone; some people call her 'Sister Yan'. Do you know this person?"

Ye Mo's spirit sense clearly noticed the woman shiver.

"Don't worry. Sister Yan might be related to me. I bare no ill will. My name is Ye Mo, and I come from China." Ye Mo suddenly had the feeling that perhaps this woman was the Sister Yan he was looking for.

"You're Ye Mo? The person who helped Sisi? Edward didn't make you stay?" The woman's voice suddenly became crisp.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, I'm Ye Mo. And no, Edward didn't keep me. He actually sponsored me with some dollars, after which I left."

The woman fell into silence. She had calmed down and studied Ye Mo for a long time, before shakily standing up.

"You're ill?" Ye Mo went up to help her. When he held her, he felt her body shake ince more.

"You don't need to help me, but thank you for helping Sisi." Although she told Ye Mo not to help her, she didn't even have the energy to push Ye Mo away.

She probably knew what 'Edward sponsored me' meant. She had been in the Chinese gang for long enough to understand that.

Ye Mo took out a bracelet and handed it to her, "I came here thanks to this bracelet."

When she saw the bracelet, she suddenly grabbed it as tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably.

Ye Mo saw this and guessed that she was most likely that Sister Yan. The bracelet belonged to her. Ye Mo took out a lotus life pill and fed it to her without hesitation. Then, he grabbed her hand and started helping her treat her meridians.

Ten minutes later, the woman spat out some blood, and impurities started seeping out of her body. Under the intense nourishment of his chi and the lotus life pill, she fell unconscious.

Ye Mo sighed. He knew that it was due to long-term stress. Good thing he had come in time. If that had dragged on for another year or even only half a year, she would've been done for.

Ye Mo didn't wake her up, because her meridians were in the process of rapidly developing.

A few minutes later, she woke up by herself and as she smelled the putrid smell coming from her body, she screamed and rushed into the shower without saying anything to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo laughed to himself. No matter what age a woman was, she would of course still care about that a lot.

But Ye Mo soon heard another scream in the shower and charged over without hesitation, finding her unconscious in one corner of the shower with blood on her head.

Ye Mo didn't know how she had fallen, but he hesitated about helping her.

Suddenly Ye Mo thought, 'What am I hesitating about?' Annie and Yin Si both weren't there. Although she had taken off her clothes, she was at least 40 years old. Furthernore, he had already seen her now, so it would only be more awkward if he woke her up like that. Hence, he might as well help her get dressed.

But as Ye Mo started washing her with waterball magic, he found that he might have been wrong. He thought she would be quite old for sure, yet now he realized she wasn't like a woman in her 50s at all. Her skin was even whiter than Song Yangzhu's, and her chest wasn't slumping at all.

Ye Mo didn't dare to keep looking. He quickly cleaned her up and put a set of clothes on her. He even removed the scarring on her head.

He also helped her remove the stuff on her face.

Then, he put her on a layback chair and waited for her to wake up, while he studied the house a bit.

The house was very old, and the living room was very small. It had 3 rooms. Ye Mo haf thought Yin Si and Yin Jia were her children, but now he knew they weren't.

'Si Jia' - so this woman had given them the name, huh? That meant that she was longing for home. Ye Mo sighed. Life had really been hard on this woman.

Ye Mo looked at her again and was dazed. She wasn't Sister Yan? He had Sister Yan's photo, and they didn't appear to be the same person.

He had hurriedly washed her up and didn't even realize that this woman was so beautiful that she was actually on par with Luo Ying. In fact, Ye Mo could see a shadow of Luo Ying in her. Was she related to Luo Ying? That was impossible.

While Ye Mo was busy guessing who she was, the woman opened her eyes. She looked up and saw Ye Mo and suddenly thought of something. She touched her clothes and immediately, her face drastically changed. It turned first red and then white.

She had seen that the scars on her waist had disappeared in the shower and had fallen over in shock on the spot. But now, she had been washed clean and even had clothes on. She didn't need to think much to figure out that Ye Mo had done that.

"Sorry, it was an emergency, so I helped you a bit." He saw the woman look at her clothes again, so he could only say, "I didn't know where your clothes were, so I could only take out a set of my wife's clothes."

"You're already married?" Her expression eased a bit.

Ye Mo nodded, "Although we haven't had a wedding yet, but yes, I'm married."

The woman obviously misunderstood Ye Mo - She thought Ye Mo meant that they hadn't gotten married yet but were already living together.

Then, she took out the bracelet again and couldn't help but tear up once more.
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