Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 560

Chapter 560: Sister Yan
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Because of the woman being seemingly lost in nostalgia, Ye Mo could only break the silence by saying, "I got this bracelet from an antiques shop in San Francisco. Trying to find the owner of the bracelet, I found my way here-"

"Wait, what relationship do you have with this bracelet? Why did you try to find me?" the woman suddenly asked.

"Because I also have one just like it." Then, Ye Mo took out his bracelet.

Seeing it, the excitement in the woman's eyes became obvious. She grabbed Ye Mo's bracelet too and stared at the two bracelets. More tears appeared on her face.

Ye Mo didn't stop her and just waited quietly for her to calm down.

"Who are you?" the woman looked at Ye Mo for a while before asking shakily.

Ye Mo sighed, "I'm Ye Mo. I come from Beijing-"

"Yes, you're Ye Mo! I know that you're really, really- Your father is Ye Cai, your mother is Ye Qingcheng. That year, you had only just learned to walk, yet now you're so big already. I should've long thought of it! Your eyes are exactly the same as his," the woman murmured and even grabbed Ye Mo's hand.

Ye Mo didn't speak. He didn't know who this woman was to him, but since when was his father Ye Cai?

Ye Mo saw that the eyes the woman looked at him with were filled with joy from the bottom of her heart. Ye Mo's heart shook. How much love was needed to look at someone with eyes like that?

The woman dragged Ye Mo to sit down next to her and looked at him carefully. The care in her eyes was so explicit that even an idiot would be able to notice it. Ye Mo suddenly felt warm in his heart. This was the first time he received such care. Qingxue gave him love, but that was different to this kind of care.

"Tell Sister Yan, how have you been all these years?" Ever since Ye Mo had said his name, the woman had never let go of Ye Mo's hands.

'Sister Yan'? Ye Mo was confused for now, but he didn't intend to hide anything from her. He simply told her that he had been kicked out of the Ye family, because he didn't remember anything.

After hearing that Ye Mo had been kicked out and left to fend for himself in Ning Hai, Sister Yan breathed heavily until her face burst red, and she stood up cursing, "Ye Wentian, you idiot, hypocrite!"

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan in confusion, thinking 'You seem to have been living in worse conditions than me in Ning Hai,' but before he could say anything, Sister Yan embraced him in her arms.

Although she was skinny, she did have quite the chest. Ye Mo happened to be hugged into her chest, and the softness touching Ye Mo's face made him feel very awkward, but he couldn't really struggle away. He still didn't even know who Sister Yan was to him. He had a lot of things to ask her, but he hadn't even gotten the chance to yet.

Even Ye Mo couldn't endure being embraced by such a beautiful woman's chest and felt a little hot. Just as he wanted to push her away, Sister Yan seemed to have thought of something and let him go.

Her cheeks were a little red as she held Ye Mo's face, "You're big and very capable already. I can rest assured now."

Ye Mo wanted to say something, but Sister Yan seemed to know what he wanted to say and stopped him. She just looked at Ye Mo with fire in her eyes that made Ye Mo even a little worried.

That fire wasn't like the care of an elder looking at their younger generation, but more like the fire of a lover. Ye Mo was shaken. Although Sister Yan was very pretty, Ye Mo knew she had to be at least 40, and apparently she was an elder of his.

After a long while, Sister Yan's eyes still appeared strange, and she suddenly said, "I have masqueraded my face. I want to wash it and let you see me."

That sentence was already a bit intimate, and Ye Mo was feeling uncomfortable but he still said, "Sister Yan, I already washed it off."

"Huh?" Sister Yan quickly picked up a mirror and saw that the makeup was gone indeed, and her face shone with a long-forgotten beauty. She touched her face subconsciously as tears rolled down her face once more.

Ye Mo didn't understand how she felt at that moment, but he knew not to disturb her.

Then, she put down the mirror and started asking about every detail of Ye Mo's life, especially about Ning Qingxue, but she never mentioned her own life.

After confirming that Ye Mo was indeed living well and that she didn't need to worry, she finally felt assured.

After a while, she seemed to have made up her mind and suddenly looked at Ye Mo sweetly, "Wait here for me, I'll be back soon."

As she went into a different room, Ye Mo could scan with his spirit sense to know what she was doing, but he didn't.

After a long while, Sister Yan carried a bag with two books into the room. It seemed a little old. Ye Mo just realized that she had gone to masquerade her face again. Indeed, if her face were to be seen, that would be a big problem.

Ye Mo got up, and Sister Yan looked at him again, but the fire in her eyes turned into melancholy and then into emptiness.

Ye Mo was a bit worried and grabbed her hand, sending some chi over. She came back to her senses and seemed shocked at Ye Mo's chi.

"Can you hug me?" Sister Yan suddenly said something Ye Mo didn't expect.

Seeing Ye Mo's shock, Sister Yan suddenly smiled, "I'm the closest person to family you have, what are you embarrassed about? Just then, didn't you-"

Ye Mo smiled and hugged her. He felt she must have a reason. When Ye Mo embraced her, Sister Yan shook a bit and after a long while, she pushed Ye Mo away. Although her face was ruddy, she had now recovered and smiled to Ye Mo, "These two books are for you, and I will be going."

"What? You're going? I'll go with you, then." Ye Mo understood she would be leaving far away.

Sister Yan smiled, "My greatest wish was for you to be safe. Since you're fine and have such great power, my wish has been fulfilled. Since Ye Wentian, that bastard, is already dead, he could be called lucky. However, there are still things I need to take care of myself. I can't go with you."

Ye Mo was dazed. He still had a lot of questions to ask her. He didn't even know how he was related with her.

"I know what you want to ask, and I've given it to you. You don't need to worry about me, either. I can protect myself." Seeing Ye Mo's worry, she wanted to stay, but she quickly cast the thought aside.

Ye Mo could tell that she had cultivated ancient martial arts before, but she wasn't very strong. She wasn't even at the yellow level. Ye Mo had looked at her meridians and knew that the cultivation method she used was very strong, though.

Seeing Ye Mo open his mouth, Sister Yan stopped him yet again, "You don't need to try persuading me. I like going alone. After I leave, please look after Yin Jia and Yin Si if you can. They are siblings I found here."

Ye Mo sighed. He knew that Sister Yan had made up her mind and that there was no use in trying to persuade her.

"Oh, and I really like your wife's clothes. Thank you. I don't have anything to give you, but that bracelet had been with me for a long time. I might have lost it, but since you found it, go ahead and keep it. Well then, I'll be going." Suddenly her eyes turned red again.

"Hold on." Ye Mo stopped her and gave her two jade bottles. "These are some pills my master gave me. This is called the face preserving pill, and this is the chi increasing pill - it can increase your power."

As though fearing that she didn't believe him, Ye Mo continued, "These two pills are as good as the lotus life pill. Oh, right, I'll give you one more."

Sister Yan took the pills and nodded, "I might have been out for many years, but if I hadn't been sick, I wouldn't be in this state. Don't worry."

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized something else, quickly took out a card and gave it to her, "There's a bit of money in here - take it. The pincode is all 1s."

"No, I can't take that. I have some savings. I know that you're not short on money, but I can't take it." Sister Yan pushed the card back to Ye Mo.
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