Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 561

Chapter 561: Worse than a chick
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo knew that Sister Yan must not have much money since she had been forced to sell even the bracelet. There was no way he would take the money back. He pushed it towards Sister Yan again and said, "Sister Yan, it really is just a small amount of money, maybe a couple of thousand-"

Ye Mo suddenly felt something didn't seem right. With the bracelet being that important to Sister Yan, how could she have sold it? Shi Kaigen couldn't have lied to him, so it must be that Liu Shan who tricked Shi Kaigen.

"Okay, I'll take it." Sister Yan smiled and took the card. She thought that if it was only a few thousand dollars, it was fine to take it.

Looking at her leave, Ye Mo regretted he couldn't stop her, but she had her own things to do.

"Sister Yan!" Ye Mo couldn't help but call out her name once more. Although it had been only a short time, Sister Yan had given him warmth. The love she felt for him was from the depth of her heart. There was no faking it at all. Ye Mo was sure that even if he were a beggar on the streets, even if he were unimaginably dirty, as long as Sister Yan knew it was him, she would hug him without hesitation.

Sister Yan turned back and smiled at Ye Mo, but with his spirit sense he could clearly see the tears in her eyes.

"Sister Yan, I live at Luo Yue City now. If you want to find me, just go there." Ye Mo didn't know if she would but he wanted her to.

She had said that whatever he wanted to know was already in his hands. Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the two books. One was a thick diary, yellow due to the passage of time, and the other was an ancient martial arts cultivation method.

Recognizing the cultivation method, Ye Mo knew why he had felt familiar when he saw Yin Jia. This cultivation method was called the 'Ye family Qi Gong'. He had seen Ye Zifeng cultivate the same manual as Yin Jia, so the two's actions looked similar.

Ye Mo shook his head and put the book away. He really wasn't interested in that. Sister Yan probably knew that without some power, one couldn't achieve much in this place, so she passed the method onto Yin Jia.

Ye Mo picked up the aged diary again, and as he wanted to open it, a young Chinese man in his 20s ran in. He looked at Ye Mo standing at the door and was dazed, but he soon reacted, "Who are you?"

"I'm Yin Si's friend," Ye Mo said.

"Oh, then quickly go see Yin Si and Yin Jia. Something happened to them at the boxing ring, and I came to tell their aunty-" Before he finished his sentence, he noticed that the youth at the door had already disappeared.

He rubbed his eyes, "Did I see wrong?"


How could he let something happen to Yin Jia and Yin Si? He had just promised Sister Yan to look after the two, so Ye Mo immediately went to the underground area.

It was the afternoon already, and the boxing ring was full of people.

Ye Mo's spirit sense quickly scanned the ring. Annie and Yin Si's hair was messy, and Annie's eyes were blue as though she had been punched by someone. Yin Si's eyes were red, and she was holding onto Yin Jia. Yin Jia's mouth was bleeding, and the bones in his chest were broken.

Ye Mo could tell that he was near death and even if he was sent to the hospital right away, he would be paralysed for life.

But since he was already like that, why weren't they sending him to the hospital? Ye Mo was confused, but then Yin Si's words made him realize the situation.

"Please, I beg you, let my brother go to the hospital!" Yin Si's voice was coarse. She had repeated those words countless times.

Two black-clothed men were standing in their way.

"I already agreed, so let my brother go to the hospital!" Yin Si said.

But the two men didn't have any intention of moving aside. A woman with a cigar in her mouth walked over and coldly looked at the three on the floor before slowly saying, "You may have agreed, but your aunty hasn't yet. She has to agree too."

At that moment, Ye Mo walked over and put a lotus life pill in Yin Jia's mouth.

"Mr Ye Mo, it's you? How did you manage to come back? Oh my, this is great!" As Annie saw Ye Mo again, she seemingly forgot that she had been hit in the eye and rejoiced. But soon, she remembered the predicament they were in, and her face turned bitter.

"What happened, Annie?" Ye Mo just asked that when the two black-clothed men started coming over to pull Ye Mo away, but Ye Mo didn't even turn around and simply sent out a kick. The two men were kicked away by more than ten meters, and as though it had been previously arranged for, their legs heavily smashed into the corner of the wall at the same time. With a few cracking sounds, the two fell unconscious.

The woman had wanted to say something, but seeing Ye Mo attack so ferociously without saying anything, she quickly retreated in fear. If this woman had come over, Ye Mo wouldn't mind kicking her as well, but she had hurriedly left.

Ye Mo's actions immediately dispersed the onlooking crowd. Almost everyone understood this Chinese young man wasn't easy to mess with. As soon as he attacked, he had paralyzed two people. It was best not to mess with such a person.

Annie looked at Ye Mo in shock. She didn't expect the random Chinese man she had guided a bit to be this strong. He was almost a god-like being. She soon reacted and jumped up, hugging Ye Mo's arm, "Oh, Mr Ye, you're amazing!"

Ye Mo was speechless, her boyfriend was still lying right there on the side, right?

Yin Si also almost forgot about her brother too as she looked at Ye Mo in a daze, but she soon remembered that her brother needs to be sent to the hospital immediately.

"Your brother is fine. Don't touch him, and let him lay still for a while," Ye Mo said.

"Huh?" Yin SI knew how badly injured her brother was, and she couldn't just believe Ye Mo when he said Yin Jia would be fine, but she soon stopped her doubt. Yin Jia was already opening his eyes, and the blood stopped flowing from his head. A scab was even already forming. Yin Si couldn't believe her eyes.

"I'm fine," Yin Jia said seeing his sister's worried face.

"Jia Jia, you're fine now!" Annie realized that she still had a boyfriend and quickly went to help him.

"Hey you! You might be strong, but if you think you can do whatever you want just because you have some power, you're wrong. This place is easy to enter, but not so easy to leave," a skinny man walked in and said coldly.

"Brother Dou!" As soon as the man appeared, almost everyone greeted him.

Ye Mo shook his head. A yellow level primary stage guy dared be cocky in front of him?

"Who said I'm leaving? I'm not finished here yet, how could I leave?" Ye Mo smiled coldly and walked in front of this Brother Dou. Suddenly, he reached his hand and grabbed Brother Dou's neck as he flung him up.

Brother Dou's face bursted red. He didn't think the day something like this happened to him would come. He couldn't resist at all!

Everyone around them was shocked. Ye Mo kicking away those two men wasn't much, but holding Brother Dou by the neck was absurd.

Who was Brother Dou? The number one master in Mesica! Even Edward feared him a little bit, yet in front of this young man, he was worse off than a chicken. The boisterous boxing ring fell silent.

Ye Mo waved his hand and threw Brother Dou out, "Don't worry, it'll be a good while before I leave."
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