Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Patient but Cruel Liu Luosi
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo didn't have to wait long before some Chinese man and Liu Luosi arrived.

Dou Yuezhu closed the door as he saw the intense killing intent in Ye Mo's eyes. He knew what Ye Mo was thinking, and the only way to save his life now was to please Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at the Chinese man and asked coldly, "You're the one who beat Yin Jia?"

"Who are you? Brother Dou what's this?" the man saw Jim sitting on the ground and Dou Yuezhu being so reverent towards the unknown young man and frowned.

But Dou Yuezhu didn't even look at him, so the man felt something was up and thus replied to Ye Mo, "That's right, I beat Yin Jia. Mr Edward ordered-"

Ye Mo didn't even bother listening to the rest of his explanation and said to Dou Yuezhu, "Kill him."

Dou Yuezhu hadn't expected Ye Mo to make him kill the man but nonetheless, he walked up to the man and sent out a punch.

The man didn't expect at all that Dou Yuezhu would suddenly kill him. Even if he had, he was no match for Dou Yuezhu anyway. He could only stare in shock as Dou Yuezhu's punch landed on his heart. He felt like his heart had been smashed by a hammer and exploded.

He looked at Dou Yuezhu while he fell down, as he didn't die right away, and said, "You dare kill me? I'm one of Edward's men, you, you-"

Dou Yuezhu was expressionless. He had to save his own life now - even if he had to kill Edward hinself, he wouldn't hesitate for a bit.

Ross had understood that the situation wasn't good as soon as he came in. Looking at Ye Mo who sat at the top, his heart skipped beats left and right. Hadn't Ye Mo been taken away by Edward? Why was he here?

"Dou Yuezhu, you dare kill my nephew?! He's Edward's underling, you!" Ross was very angry. The reason why he had goid relations with Edward was because his nephew was such a capable fighter and helped Edward with a lot of his business.

Ross was furious, yet what he saw was Dou Yuezhu looking down as though he hadn't heard his words. Ross's voice died down. He finally understood the gravity of the predicamenthe was in. As long as this young Chinese man ordered it, Dou Yuezhu would be killing him next.

"How can you be here? Mr Edward, how could he-" Ross suddenly shivered. He felt cold. He felt like he was missing something important. There was an intense feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

"Edward? I killed him, of course." Ye Mo's words paralyzed Ross. That was probably true. Otherwise, how could he have escaped Edward?

If he could kill even Edward, then what about him? Ross started sweating heavily.

Dou Yuezhu didn't dare say a thing. He didn't expect this young man to have even killed Edward. This god of slaughter made him extremely scared. If the young man was planning on killing everyone before he left, how could he survive?

"Tell me, why do you have a problem with Yin Si and Yin Jia? This is your only chance to explain," Ye Mo's cold voice sounded.

"I'll say it, I'll say it, so please have mercy on me, Qianbei. Alll my money is yours too-" Ross knew his life was no longer in his own control.

"You talk too much garbage. Dou Yuezhu, cut off one of his legs." As soon as Ye Mo spoke, Dou Yuezhu pulled out a dagger and sliced off one of Ross's leg.

Then, Dou Yuezhu helped Ross stop the bleeding and seal the wound. Ye Mo nodded. This Dou Yuezhu did things well. He knew that Ye Mo still had to question Ross and didn't let him faint.

Ross was extremely frought. He knew it was best not to talk conditions with the young man in front of him.

"Are you still going to talk cr*p?" Ye Mo's cold voice sounded again.

"I'll talk, I'll talk. My original name is Liu Luosi, and I used to love in Chinese Back Street in the past-"

"Get to the point!" Ye Mo slammed the tea table.

"Yes, yes!" Liu Luosi shivered and quickly said, "One day, I asked Yin Si to help me with something. I came to her house and found that both Yin Si and Yin Jia weren't there, but I saw Yin Si's aunty as she washed off the makeup on her face, and I saw that she was a rare beauty."

"I was sure that I'd never seen a woman as pretty as her before. For the first time, I fell in love with a woman. But then, I found out that she rarely came out, afraid of people recognizing her. I didn't dare startle her in any way, but ever since that day, I couldn't calm down either."

Liu Luosi seemed to have forgotten about his predicament and continued, "I used to be an assistant in a painting workshop, so I drew her according to my memory, but I knew that the painting didn't represent even one-thousandth of her true beauty. On that day, I swore that I would earn money, lots of it, and then give it all to Yin Si's aunty and marry her."

"Hmph, a pig like you dared think of marrying Sister Yan?" Ye Mo said in contempt.

But Liu Luosi didn't seem to hear that.

"Then, my opportunity to earn money came. The brother of Annie's dad came from Hong Kong to this town, wanting to find Annie's father, and he asked me for help. I saw him take out large sums of money, so me and my nephew abducted him, interrogated him about his bank account and killed him." Liu Luosi's voice had turned dark, resembling a demon from hell.

But he still continued unknowingly, "With that, I had gathered my first 2 million and wanted to start the restaurant-hotel. That's when I found out that money alone wasn't enough to survive in this town. At first, I couldn't even open my hotel for a single day, so I had to join Edward, and my nephew became his hitman.

But Edward leeched on me too much. He took half of my profit each month. So after all the extra expenditures, I didn't have much left. Luckily, Edward was very lustful. One day, he told everyone that if someone could find a woman like Marilyn Monroe, he would give that person half his wealth!"

"I immediately thought of Yin Si's aunty. In my eyes, she was actually much prettier than Marilyn Monroe." Ross's expression became much softer, but to others, it would just look creepy.

"I said that perhaps I could actually find such a woman. Edward took me seriously and immediately said that if I could fetch the woman I had in mind and make her willingly stay with him, he would give me a manor. But I didn't want that - I knew his character all too well. Even if he did give it to me, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it for long.

When I took out the painting I had drawn of her, Edward was immediately interested. I said that I all I wanted was to be able to keep all of the profit of my hotel. Edward agreed without hesitation.

Slap- Ye Mo slammed the table, "Animal, you just said that you were going to earn money for Sister Yan, yet now you're saying you were going to give her to someone else? Garbage!"

Ye Mo's roar pulled Liu Luosi back to reality, and he quickly said, "I just wanted to earn my first big money like that, then gradually take over Edward's businesses, and eventually kill him. Then, I would be able to make Yin Si's aunty happy."

Ye Mo and Dou Yuezhu now understood what sort of a person Liu Luosi was - he was patient but cruel.

"Cut off his limbs and kill him." Ye Mo waved his hand to Dou Yuezhu. Ye Mo didn't have any questions left to ask of such an evil person.
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