Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Treatment

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn
Put her down; Ill have a look. Ye Mo had already noticed the gunshot wound in Chi Wanqings leg. However, Lu Lin carried Chi Wanqing some distance away and put her down in an obscure brush before saying, Please, Mr. Ye, while we deal with the bodies, could you help treat Wanqing? There are some spoils of war that we need to collect. She didnt wait for Ye Mos answer and left.

Ye Mo nodded. This Captain Lu did things fast and was very straightforward, she didnt even ask how he was going to treat her or even if he could treat her and she didnt have the intention of asking Chi Wanqing either. Lu Lin left, Chi Wanqing looked down at the position of the wound on her leg and then looked at Ye Mo; she felt a bit awkward. After all, this posture wasnt the best.

She believed Guo Qis words. Since he said this Ye Mo could cure her, then he definitely could. However, the wound was on her thigh, and she hoped that he didnt plan on taking off her pants.

Ye Mo looked at Chi Wanqings wound and frowned. It wasnt that he couldnt cure her, but this position was a bit awkward. What if he put his hands there and this woman started rambling? He really hated doing things that were arduous yet possibly punishing and seeing this womans cold complexion, she really might start protesting.

As she noticed that Ye Mo was looking at her wound and frowned without talking, Chi Wanqing immediately understood what was going on, and immediately, her impression of Ye Mo improved. She used a voice that was so low that even she could barely hear: Ye... Big Brother Ye, you can treat me, its okay.

Ye Mo was stunned for a moment and didnt know how to reply; he didnt think that she would take the initiative to ask him to treat her. He started to have a better impression of Chi Wanqing who seemed cold on the outside but wasnt that indifferent on the inside.

The reason he felt it was troublesome was that Chi Wanqings wound was strapped tight by her camo suit, unlike Guo Qi, who was wearing ragged clothes. He only needed a palm to force out the bullet; however, Chi Wanqings wound was strapped very tight by her camo suit.

Now that Chi Wanqing said she didnt mind and asked him to treat her, he immediately had a good feeling towards her and thought that she was a very genuine girl. Thinking about this, he also smiled: In fact, your wound isnt something troublesome. However, there are only two ways. First, you take off your pants, and Ill help you treat it. The other way would be to poke a hole in your pants. Look

No need, Ill take it off I didnt bring another pair, Chi Wanqing said and took off her clothes in her own accord; since she had agreed, she wouldnt be hesitant. Ye Mos good impression towards this straightforward girl rose once again. Seeing her difficulty in moving, he hurried over and said, Let me.

Thank you. From the first time Chi Wanqing set eyes on Ye Mo, she had felt that he was a pretty good person. Besides, when she saw his hesitation at the position of her wound and how his eyes never left that spot, she felt more trust toward Ye Mo and actually let him take off her pants.

Although Ye Mos hand didnt touch her skin directly, she could still feel the warmth of his hands feeling a heartfelt comfort. Ye Mo didnt take her pants off completely and just took it down to her wound and strapped it up; however, Chi Wanqing felt this way to be more intimate, and her face immediately became flushed. As she didnt dare to look at Ye Mos movements again, she turned her head, deep in thought.

Chi Wanqings youthful white skin struck a chord with Ye Mo. Her underwear seemed to be white checkered; however, Ye Mo didnt dare to look and focused his mind on the task. At the same time, Ye Mo palmed on Chi Wanqings thigh, and a bullet flew out in a small spurt of blood. Afterward, Ye Mo took out a few herbs and chewed it a few times before applying it to her wound. With the help of his chi, the medicinal power was quickly digested into the wound.

Finally, he took out the dressing from his bag and strapped it to Chi Wanqings wound, and pulled up her pants. The whole process took barely a few minutes. The reason he chew the herbs instead of letting her doing it was that he was afraid that she would be too slow, and since girls needed some face, it wasnt good if she had her pants off for too long.

Chi Wanqing only realized that he was done when Ye Mo pulled up her pants. She didnt even see the entire process.

Brother Ye, you... have you finished treating me already? Chi Wanqings blush hadnt retreated and was a little dazed.

Mhm, its done. You will probably be completely fine tomorrow morning, Ye Mo smiled and said a few words. He used his Chi to help her heal her wound, so she should recuperate faster than Guo Qi.

Ah! It really doesnt hurt theres also a feeling of coolness. Thank you, Brother Ye, you really are amazing! For the first time, Chi Wanqing felt that there was such a thing as magic in the world, and her previous awkwardness had long disappeared. Which doctor could do what Ye Mo did just then? Taking out a bullet in a few minutes and treating a gunshot wound so easily...

Thank you, Brother Ye. Chi Wanqing also felt Ye Mo wasnt a normal person, just like Guo Qi had said.

Brother Ye, hmm do you mind if I ask you what you do for a living? This was actually the first time Chi Wanqing asked about a man and felt her face burning up, but she desperately wanted to know. She also knew that it was fate to be able to meet someone like Ye Mo; not everyone could meet someone with such ability.

Ye Mo opened his mouth but swallowed the words Lets go. Chi Wanqing asked him something like that meant that she didnt have the intentions of leaving right now, so he could only casually say, I dont have a stable job now, theyre all temporary. As for what I do if Im lucky, I can earn quite a lot, but when Im not... I had been kicked out by the city management once, hehe.

Ye Mo wasnt lying. He helped treat people, sell at roadside stalls, sell charms and even help people deal with gangs.

Huh Chi Wanqing looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. She couldnt believe that someone like Ye Mo didnt have a job and was even doing casual jobs.

Brother Ye, thank you for saving my life, I Chi Wanqing couldnt even finish before she was interrupted by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled as he interrupted her: Even if I didnt help with your wound, you would have been fine. I didnt save your life.

Chi Wanqing smiled sweetly, which stunned Ye Me as he stared at her. He didnt think that the cold-looking Chi Wanqing could have such an attractive smile. Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to be entranced while looking at her, Chi Wanqing actually felt joyful and hurriedly said, Brother Ye, Im not talking about this. If you didnt come, the rest of the squad and I wouldnt even be able to live and perhaps would have been r*ped. Im really grateful to you!

Ye Mo nodded as he knew that Chi Wanqing was speaking the truth. He contemplated for a while and responded, Actually, I feel that a girl like you arent suitable for the army, but of course, this is just my view.

Unexpectedly, Chi Wanqing nodded and said, Brother Ye, youre right. Originally, I admired the military lifestyle, so I have worked very hard myself until I finally entered the Eagle Hunter squad. However, judging from now, perhaps Im really not suited to live in the military.

After thinking for a while, Chi Wanqing continued once again, Brother Ye, I want to request your help for something
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