Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Group of Frauds
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Because he knew Luo Dongsheng and because they had been classmates, Ye Mo didn't want him to be pointing a broken gun at people. He quickly walked over to Luo Dongsheng and repaired the gun before quickly putting it back. Ye Mo did this very rapidly, and Luo Dongsheng didn't notice at all. All his focus was on the fat man in front of him.

Luo Dongsheng saw that fat man go to the toilet and all of a sudden squeezed in with him.

"Who are you, what do you want?" The fat man wasn't dumb and immediately knew something was up.

"If you scream scream, I'll shoot." Luo Dongsheng pointed the gun at the fat man's temples.

"Who the hell are you?" The fat man wad sweating a little, but he was rather calm.

Luo Dongsheng ignored him and gave him a bank card, coldly demanding, "Transfer five million onto this account immediately, and don't play any tricks. If you take longer than 3 minutes, I will shoot. All I have is my little life, so scream all you want if you want to die together, I don't care."

"Don't get agitated, I'll transfer it immediately, immediately!" the fat man said and took out his phone to perform the transfer.

"There's no signal," the fat man said shakily.

Luo Dongsheng sneered, "Give me the card and tell me the password."

The fat man answered Luo Dongsheng without hesitation.

Ye Mo felt like the man had given his stuff away too easily and suspected that the fat man had something up his sleeve. Probably if Luo Dongsheng went to withdraw money from that account, he would be exposed. Surely Luo Dongsheng wouldn't be that stupid, right?

Ye Mo sensed that Luo Dongsheng's hand was shaking. He shook his head. This was likely Luo Dongsheng's first time doing anything like it.

Luo Dongsheng took the card, and his hand started shaking even more. He said coldly, "One year ago, you and a police officer raped a girl called Xiao Yun. When she went back home, she commited suicide. Today, I will get revenge for Xiao Yun at the same place. Xiao Yun, rest in peace-"

Luo Dongsheng then fired while covering the fat man's mouth.

Ye Mo shook his head. Luo Dongsheng wasn't too dumb at least. He had fired quite quickly and even covered the fat man's mouth so that he wouldn't scream.

Ye Mo went back to his seat.

Seeing this, Meng Jiushan suddenly said, "You didn't do anything, so why did you go over? To watch a show?"

Ye Mo knew that Meng Jiushan was capable, but he didn't understand why Meng Jiushan seemed sure that he himself hadn't been responsible for killing anyone. Hasn't his impression of him become pretty bad?

Ye Mo didn't reply to the question and said instead, "Mr Meng, I said before that I'm a doctor. Regardless of whether you believe me or not, your checkups in the US won't be useful. Your condition will not be able to be diagnosed. But I really wonder: how did you know that you're sick?"

Meng Jiushan heard this and was shocked. Had he been mistaken? Was this young man really a master?

But how was that possible? Usually the older a doctor was, the more skilled he would be. Ye Mo was only in his 20s. Furthermore, he had seen many ancient martial arts masters, but none of them had been able to tell that his condition wasn't something a hospital could diagnose.

"Mr Meng, if I say that I can cure you, would you believe me?" Ye Mo suddenly spoke again.

"You?" If Ye Mo hadn't said that he knew the hospital wouldn't be able to diagnose his condition, Meng Jiushan would've reproached Ye Mo for being boastful. But no matter what, Meng Jiushan still wasn't comfortable, "You can cure my disease? Young man, do you know how many people have looked at my disease? Many talented medical masters weren't able to cure me, yet you dare to think you can?"

Ye Mo smiled, "There are all sorts of capable people in this world. It's an overstatement to say that no one can cure your condition. You just haven't met the right person yet. Hence, it's your luck that you met me today."

Their conversation caught not only the attention of the young man behind them, which was Meng Jiushan's grandson, but also of the two ladies in front.

The young girl heard Ye Mo's words and whispered to the middle-aged woman, "Mom, I think the two are performing some act trying to cheat us."

Ye Mo couldn't be bothered arguing with them. He no longer had any intentions of helping the woman. His attention was on Meng Jiushan. Meng Jiushan had such excellent fortune telling powers - if Ye Mo could learn the concepts of it and predict his own fortune, perhaps it would benefit his cultivation.

The main thing was that Ye Mo had the feeling that both Meng Jiushan and his grandson were people of abundant essence and had good spirits. So he wondered why there would be death chi around them.

Meng Jiushan heard Ye Mo's words and laughed in anger. Ignorant and arrogant! If he had known that this young man was like this earlier, he wouldn't even have talked to him. He had seen Ye Mo's power wasn't bad and assumed that he was from some ancient martial arts family. But now, he really had to start believing that young girl's words. This young man was just a fraud.

Ye Mo saw the sneer on Meng Jiushan's mouth and that he didn't seem to want to talk to him anymore. Ye Mo wasn't worried, though. He would first see if Meng Jiushan had any books on fortune telling and the like. If he did, he would read it once and give it back. He would be able to remember everything with his spirit sense, anyway.

"Sir, can you really cure my grandpa's condition?" that young man who had listened as well asked excitedly.

"Xiao Ku, you have no business here, don't talk," Meng Jiushan reproached.

Before Ye Mo could reply, that young girl said to her mother again, "Mom, see! They're a group of frauds. If I hadn't stopped you in time, you would've been tricked."

Ye Mo kept ignoring her and said to Xiao Ku, "Of course I cannot be 100% sure. I still need to examine your grandfather first, but if your grandfather isn't willing to be treated, he will only live for about half a month."

"What?! You can tell that I only have half a month left?" Meng Jiushan was truly shocked this time. He had merely come to try his luck in the US, precisely because he had only half a month left. This young man had seen through that just like that! Was he really some hidden master?

Ye Mo sneered, "Not only that, but I can also tell that your grandson has this disease as well but that it is just not as serious."

"Huh?!" Meng Jiushan's hand shook, and he almost knocked over the cup of juice.

Then, he immediately got up and bowed to Ye Mo, "I deeply apologize, young friend. I was looking at you through the eyes of a dog. Please forgive me. May I ask for your honourable name?"

Ye Mo got somewhat of a good impression of Meng Jiushan in the end. He apologized as soon as he realized he had been wrong. However, Ye Mo couldn't say his real name - he was too famous in the US at the moment.

"I'm Mo Ying."
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