Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 571

Chapter 571: Bitter Ten Years
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo waved his hand, "No problem."

"Grandpa! This-" As Xiao Ku saw that Ye Mo could even see when his grandpa would be dying, he rejoiced. If Ye Mo could really cure his grandpa's condition then their family could finally be freed.

"I was rude before," Meng Jiushan interrupted his grandson. He knew what his grandson was going to say, but it was better for him to say it. However, he was a little embarrassed.

Ye Mo continued, "Master Meng, I said I will treat you, and so I will. If I didn't want to treat you, nothing you said would change anything."

"Yes, I am just too desperate. You must not call me master anymore, though, I don't deserve that title. If you don't mind, just call me by my name." Meng Jiushan said.

"In that case, Mr Meng, tell me about your condition. What I'm bewildered about is that your essence is very potent and you have no disease, so why are you still like this?" Of course Ye Mo wouldn't say that there was death chi around Meng Jiushan.

Meng Jiushan looked troubled and immediately asked, "Would you have the time to come to my place and have a chat?"

Ye Mo knew what Meng Jiushan meant, but he really didn't have time, so he said, "I am very sorry Mr Meng, I'm a busy person. After I land in Hong Kong, I will be going back immediately. Although the business under me isn't big, there are still some things for me to do. If you are willing to say it, then please say it here and now. If not, then I can't help you."

Although Ye Mo could check Meng Jiushan's meridians, he knew that this wasn't a physical disease, so checking Meng Jiushan's meridians wouldn't help that much.

Although it involved some important secrets, Meng Jiushan clenched his teeth and explained the Meng family's situation, "The reason for my condition is simple. Our Meng family has always only had one son a generation, and no one has ever lived past their 60's. Everyone dies for sure on their 60th birthday. According to the family records, there have been seven generations already, and still this curse is yet to be broken.

There's still half a month left before I reach 60, so when Doctor Mo said that I have half a month left to live, that is when I knew that you are a capable man."

Ye Mo frowned - there was such a thing? If this was a man-made curse, what means would that require!

"In that case, please give me your hand so that I can check your meridians," Ye Mo thought for a long while and said.

Meng Jiushan's meridians were calm and normal. Even after checking it with his chi, Ye Mo didn't find anything abnormal.

Ye Mo was only more confused, but he had the feeling that he was overlooking something specific. For now, it would seem that death chi couldn't be cured that easily through physical means.

Although Ye Mo could easily dispel the death chi, that would only save Meng Jiushan himself. According to him, all the sons of their family's every generation had this condition.

Wait- Meng Jiushan's blood contained faint spirit chi. He had almost missed that. How could a fortune teller have spirit chi inside his body?

"How is it, Doctor Mo," Meng Jiushan asked desperately, seeing Ye Mo sunk into contemplation.

Ye Mo didn't reply and said to Xiao Ku, "Give me your hand too."

After looking at Xiao Ku's meridians, Ye Mo started to get the gist of the situation. Xiao Ku also had some faint spirit chi inside his body, but actually a little bit more than Meng Jiushan.

"Mr Meng, have you and your grandson eaten the same type of unique fruit?" Ye Mo asked. His heart was beating fast. If this concerned a spirit fruit, then he would be earning big.

Meng Jiushan looked shocked and saluted with his fist after a while, "How did you know, Doctor Mo? Our family does have a special type of fruit, but it should be safe to eat. It has been passed down from our ancestors, and before we learn our fortune telling art, we need to open the spirit, and for that we need to eat the fruit."

Meng Jiushan forgot to speak softly, because he was so shocked, but he wouldn't care even if others heard. Quite a few people knew about their fruit tree, but only people from the Meng family could eat the fruit. Others who tried would die for sure. Many people knew of this.

"Is it somehow related to with our fruit tree?" Meng Jiushan then asked.

Ye Mo thought, 'If it really is a spirit fruit, it should only make people live longer, and not shorter.' First, Ye Mo needed to confirm if their fruit was a spirit fruit. It should be a spirit fruit for sure if it had spirit chi in it, but the lifespan-reducing effect made him doubtful. He said, "That might not necessarily be the case, but please tell me the characteristics of the fruit."

Meng Jiushan trusted Ye Mo a lot already, and their fruit tree was no secret anyway.

"The maturing process of this fruit is completely different to that of normal plants. It blooms each year but never bares fruit. One must wait for 10 years of consecutive blooming before it bares three fruits. This fruit is very precious, but it's very bitter too - you can't even eat it. If you try to force it, you will only faint on the spot. So in the end, we started using honey to eat it and that way, we barely-" Ye Mo stopped Meng Jiushan.

Ye Mo was sure that this had to be the second main ingredient for his foundation establishment pill, the Bitter Ten Years. Even if Meng Jiushan didn't let him go to the Meng family, he would still go no matter what. If he let this opportunity pass by him, he wouldn't be Ye Mo.

"I can cure your condition, but I need to go to your house," Ye Mo said. Anything had to make way for his cultivation progress.

"Mom, look at those frauds behind us being really patient. They've been acting for so long, yet they're still going," the young woman commented in contempt.

The wealthy woman was dazed. She knew a lot about Meng Jiushan's legends. In the Meng family there had indeed never been males who lived past 60. They said that that was because the Meng family had leaked too many heavenly secrets and that it was divine punishment.

After hearing this, she immediately became certain that the two men weren't acting. They were really Meng Jiushan and a capable young doctor.

Besides, Meng Jiushan's air of seeming like an immortal Daoist really didn't appear fake. Thinking like that, the wealthy woman could no longer calmly stay seated. She got up and said to Ye Mo, "Doctor, could you help me as well? I apologize for what my daughter has been saying. She's a young student who doesn't understand a lot of things, please bear her no mind."

Ye Mo smiled, "Big sister, I don't dare help treat you, or else, police would come for me immediately."

Hearing the irony in Ye Mo's tone, the woman blushed and wanted to apologize again, but the young girl stopped her once more, "Mom, you still don't believe me. Are you really going to trust a fraud?"

The woman's face burst red, and she slapped away the hand of the young girl. She said with red eyes, "Xiao Yin, I know you're acting in my benefit, but do you really want to see me die. If it wasn't for Nan Nan, I might as well die, but now, I absolutely can't yet. You call Master Meng fake, a capable doctor fake. Money, money, money, is money really that important to you?! Can you even spend all the money you have now?"

"Mom-" That young girl was dazed. She didn't expect her gentle mom to become this angry.

Ye Mo didn't mind the two as he noticed that Luo Dongsheng had returned to his seat with an anxious complexion.
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