Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Assistance
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

Soon two undercover airline police officers appeared, and the captain of the plane spoke through the microphone, "Dear passengers, welcome aboard our flight, this is your captain speaking, my name is Yu Yeming. I regretfully have to inform you that there has been a murder aboard this plane. A passenger was killed in the restroom, so in order to ensure everyone's safety, please don't leave your seats right after the plane lands."

The plane immediately erupted into chaos. Everyone became anxious afraid that there might be people trying to hijack the plane.

Ye Mo scanned Luo Dongsheng; although he was clearly nervous, he was much better than most passengers.

But Ye Mo immediately judged that this Luo Dongsheng had no potential to be a killer - he was still keeping that gun on him.

Ye Mo shook his head. Why keep the gun after killing the target? That was asking to be caught. But then, he considered Luo Dongsheng might have a reason for keeping the gun. The flight attendant on his side was pushing a trolley anxiously, and it seemed like he had wanted to use the trolley to relocate the gun, but for some reason, a different flight attendant found out about the situation sooner than he'd expected.

He should've dealt with the gun immediately. Maybe he was afraid of leaking his fingerprint? But couldn't he have washed it with water? Or was it impossible to just wash fingerprints away with water. But then the dead person would have his fingerprints on him anyway, right?

Suddenly, Ye Mo remembered that his fingerprints were also still on the gun, and he cursed. He wasn't scared of anyone, but this flight was sensitive, and if anyone investigated, they might find out that he was Ye Mo. If the US knew that Ye Mo had gone to San Francisco, they might suspect him for the robberies.

Meng Jiushan was the only other person who knew who the killer was, but he didn't seem to even hear the captain's words as he carefully asked Ye Mo all sorts of questions.

Although he was more interested in the Bitter Ten Years, Ye Mo was also interested in Meng Jiushan's fortune telling art.

Hearing the conversation between the two, the wealthy woman wanted to ask more questions, but she was afraid Ye Mo would be annoyed at her, and so she didn't say anything.

But she didn't talk to her daughter anymore. One could see how disappointed she was at her.

After the murder, the atmosphere on the plane became weird. People all focused their attention on the people next to them, fearing that they were sitting with the killer.

A few more policemen appeared. No one wanted to be suspected, so those who wanted to go to the toilet also resisted the urge to go.


A few hours later, the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport. The passengers got off and had to go through a temporary detector that was set up.

The detector would sound an alarm if any weapons were detected. Luo Dongsheng obviously realized that, and his face looked pretty bad. According to his plan, the pistol should have been moved away already. He didn't expect the murder to be exposed that early.

As Ye Mo saw this, he knew that Luo Dongsheng had no way of hiding the gun, so he could only take the gun and put it in his ring when they got off the plane together.

When Luo Dongsheng walked past the detector and no alarm sounded, he started suspecting his own ears. He was dazed for a moment as people on the side pushed him before he walked into the foyer subconsciously. He felt the place where he had put the gun, but it was gone. He suspected that he might've left it on the seats, but he couldn't go back and check anymore.

The flight attendant who was on Luo Dongsheng's side was very worried too, so when she saw Luo Dongsheng being fine, she was overjoyed. Before Ye Mo left, he heard Luo Dongsheng say to the girl that they should go check out Luo Yue.

Ye Mo nodded. It seemed like Luo Yue was quite famous, which was good to attract all sorts of capable people.

Although they knew the culprit was amongst the passengers, they didn't have any incriminating evidence, and almost everyone had gone to the toilets, so no one knew when the fat man could have been killed.

The passengers couldn't be kept there, not to mention that there were important people among them, and they couldn't be held back there for some dead merchant, so after a simple interview, everyone left.

Before Luo Dongsheng left, Ye Mo put the gun back on him again.

Before the wealthy woman left, she expressed her gratitude to Ye Mo many times. Although she hadn't been cured yet, she could tell from Ye Mo's eyes that Ye Mo hadn't scammed her, yet that young girl was getting more and more impatient.

Due to Meng Jiushan's case popping up suddenly, Ye Mo had to go to the Meng family to see the Bitter Ten Years. Hence, he followed Meng Jiushan to their house. The Meng family had been in the Hu Zhong province in the past, but they moved to Hong Kong during the Cultural Revolution.


After Luo Dongsheng and that flight attendant left the airport, they took a taxi to Hong Kong Miao Pu. Although it was very chaotic there, that was where the housing was the cheapest.

After getting off the taxi it was already 10 p.m., and the flight attendant asked, "Dongsheng, how was your pistol not found? I was so worried! Luckily, you actually had a way to hide your gun."

Luo Dongsheng was very worried and said immediately, "Ying Zi, it's best if we leave this place as soon as possible. Come with me to Luo Yue, I heard that the city lord of Luo Yue is very powerful. We can go there. Luo Yue is open to the world now, and they need all sorts of capable people to go and welcome Chinese settlers."

"Why? Didn't you say we would go after finishing up everything here? Besides, I still want to get my end-of-the-year bonus," Ying Zi said.

Luo Dongsheng shook his head and said, "I suspect they might know I was the culprit by now, because I might have left the pistol on the seats."

"What?" Ying Zi's face changed drastically. If the pistol was left on the seats, then they would be caught through the fingerprints for sure."

Suddenly, Luo Dongsheng felt his pockets and said in a daze, "At the checkpoint, I searched many times through my pockets, yet I didn't find it on me, so why did it suddenly appear now?"

Ying Zi said, "Could it be that you were too nervous and didn't feel it?"

Luo Dongsheng shook his head, "There's no way, it's not like it's just some piece of cloth. Furthermore, the detector would've detected it."

The two looked at each other for a long time before saying at the same time, "Someone is helping us!"

"Dongsheng, let's go to Luo Yue, I don't want to live here, anyway. I want to live a peaceful life." Ying Zi suddenly made up her mind.

"Okay, let's go to Luo Yue." Luo Dongsheng also made up his mind.

At the same time in a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, that wealthy lady was holding her charm with an absent mind.

Her young daughter carefully went outside, calling back home to tell about the card-scam and request for the card to be frozen.

"Mom, I already told you: don't believe this. A charm thingy should be able to cure you? Is that possible? The US hospitals all agreed you should stay there for extended diagnosis. We should go back to the US after we deal with the family business," the young girl said. She was still not happy about her mom being tricked and still refusing to listen to her.
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