Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 574

Chapter 574: No Medicine for Regret
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

That middle-aged woman carefully put away the charm and sighed, "Xiao Yin, there are a lot of capable people in China. My dad once told me, 'Qingkui, you shouldn't underestimate anyone nor should you blindly follow others. Sometimes, the ones who can help you best might be those who casually pass by you.'"

"Mom, grandpa comes from the old society-" Before she finished, she was interrupted.

"Xiao Yin, call me aunty from now on and don't call him grandpa. If the Shen family people hear that, they will gossip about it. The words I said on the plane were a bit over the line. Please don't take it personally. Nan Nan- Sigh, never mind. Nan Nan has his own fortune." The woman's tone was melancholic.

Xiao Yin was dazed. She suddenly thought that it wasn't right for her to have let the people in the family freeze the card. Even if the money was scammed, it was what Aunty Qingkui wanted herself.

Sensing the sadness in the woman, Xiao Yin suddenly said, "Mom, you'll always be my mom in my heart. I'll call you aunty in front of others from now on, though. Don't worry, we'll go back home and prepare a bit, but then we'll go to the US for treatment. I believe you can get better for sure. As for Nan Nan, don't worry, I can take care of him."

The middle-aged woman waved her hand. After a long pause, she said, "No matter whether I get better or not this time, I won't go back for treatment anymore. Nan Nan is also a part of the Shen family, so he can stay there. But I've clearly been in the mortal world for too long - I shouldn't keep thinking about these things."

"Mom, you-" Xiao Yin looked at the middle-aged woman and saw how strong her decision to become a nun was.

The middle-aged woman didn't talk for a while and fell into silence.

"Argh!" Xiao Yin suddenly screamed and fell to the ground.

"What's wrong Xiao Yin?" The middle-aged woman woke up from her reverie and quickly helped Xiao Yin up.

"My stomach hurts so much!" Xiao Yin screamed.

At that moment, both the middle-aged woman and Xiao Yin seemed to remember something, and they looked at the clock on the wall at the same time. It was 12 a.m., midnight.

The young doctor on the plane had said that her stomach would be hurting for two hours.

"I'll call a doctor." The middle-aged woman saw the young girl rolling on the bed in pain and was very worried.

"No, Mom," Xiao Yin pulled the her mother's hand, "That person said it would only go on for two hours. I should be fine after two hours. We'll see tomorrow."

The middle-aged woman believed Ye Mo's words and Xiao Yin's current situation proved that the young man's words were right. Wasn't he a magical doctor? She sighed - if Xiao Yin hadn't treated him like that, then perhaps he could have saved her this pain.

Xiao Yin felt her pain get better and asked, "Mom, could it be that he purposely made my stomach hurt?"

"Xiao Yin, don't say that. That young magical doctor didn't even touch you - how could he make your stomach hurt?" The middle-aged woman was clearly a bit unhappy.

"Yes, mom, I know. I truly hope he is as capable as this makes him seem. Maybe you can really get better-" Suddenly, she stopped. Did she really think like that so easily?

She clearly knew what she thought before. She was sure that that guy was a fraud and never held the faintest believe that he would be able to cure Aunty Qingkui's condition. That's why she froze the card. But now, she was doubtful too. How would a fraud know her stomach would hurt tonight?

After a long while, Xiao Yin crawled up and said, "Hmm, I'm fine now. My stomach doesn't hurt anymore."

The both of them looked at the clock, and it was 2 a.m. It had been exactly two hours.

"Mom!" The young girl called out. The two looked at each other for a long while without speaking. Everything that young man said was confirmed. If it was just a guess, then his luck was too absurd.

"Mom, why don't you putting that charm on your head and trying?" Xiao Yin suddenly really wanted to see if that charm would work.

The middle-aged woman shook her head, "It's not 5 a.m. yet. He said it must be 5 a.m., so I'll wait 'till then."

Xiao Yin didn't argue for once and nodded.

Three hours went by quickly and it became 5 a.m.

The middle-aged woman picked up the charm and put it on her head reverently. She wanted to lie down to prevent the charm from falling, but when she put the charm on her head, she felt it get stuck to her head automatically.

Before she could think about anything else, her body started to heat up. There was a pins and needles kind of sensation all over her body. There were clearly many things the eye can't see being sucked away by the charm. She couldn't see it, but she could feel it.

"Mom, how is it?" Xiao Yin also looked astonished, seeing that the charm wasn't falling off.

The middle-aged woman didn't talk. She felt a lazy, warm sensation all over her body, and she didn't want to talk.

Half an hour later, she woke up abruptly as the charm slowly fell to the ground. It turned into dust which then didn't separate at all.

As the middle-aged woman witnessed that, she suddenly teared up. No one knew better than her that her condition had truly been cured. In a short 30 minutes, some magical charm had cured her.

After standing shocked for a while, the middle-aged woman took out a handkerchief and carefully wrapped the dust. The doctor had said it would be very poisonous and that it had to be dealt with carefully.

"Mom, it really turned into dust! Is it, is it-" Xiao Yin looked at the middle-aged woman in disbelief. She could feel her worldview get shattered.

She remembered that young man's words, "If I say that one charm I draw can instantly cure a person who has been in a vegetable-like state for many years, would you believe me? If I say that your stomach will hurt for two hours after we arrive, will you believe me?"

Funnily enough, her stomach really had hurt, and the charm did turn into dust.

"That magical Doctor Mo, he's a real master! He could cure my disease in half an hour, but the money I gave him isn't even 10% of the value of this treatment," Qingkui said.

Xiao Yin just murmured to herself, "It actually worked, actually wor-"

Suddenly, she said desperately, "Mom, he said he could cure even vegetable-like people with charms, Great Uncle has been-"

Before Xiao Yin finished, the middle-aged woman shook her head, "You can't meet such masters whenever you want, Xiao Yin. Sigh-"

At this moment, she suddenly realized why Aunty Qingkui had called it luck amongst luck to be able to see Meng Jiushan. It had been even greater luck to meet that magical doctor.

Yet she didn't even ask him for a charm, and instead, she called him a fraud.

She suddenly thought of the card. If that doctor went to withdraw money and found the card frozen, what would he think?

He must think the real fraud is Aunty Qingkui. Thinking about this, the young girl really regretted.

Hong Kong Meng Mountain Villa.

This villa was more famous than even the Mo family's Half-Mountain Mansion due to the Meng family being renowned as one of the three great Chinese feng shui families.

There were countless people wanting to ask Master Meng to look at feng shui or tell their fortune, but only those very significant people could actually invite him. Each time, they would treat him with the highest respect they could.

Yet today, Master Meng was carefully accompanying a young man in the Meng family mountain villa.
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