Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 578

Chapter 578: The War About to Begin
Translator: Timothy Editor: GlobeGlotter

"I think General Derrick is right. We shouldn't have let Luo Yue develop. We should've attacked Sai Na at first notice. I think that now, our main task is to attack and take back what is ours," the Minister of Defense said.

Harry frowned and didn't say anything, but the person next to him did "Harry's decision was right at the time. The reason why we didn't succeed was because those cunning bastards saw through our intentions and used the time we gave them to quickly develop. That's what caused the situation we have today."

"He's right. I knew a lot of people would see through what we were planning, but I didn't expect the merchants from Luo Yue to be able to see through it. This was my error. Since they already know about our plan, I don't think we need to keep waiting. I suggest we take action immediately," Harry said.

"I agree, Sai Na has countless treasures, including the new element we found. I suggest we immediately take military action and take back Sai Na and kick those criminals out. That place doesn't belong to them. Have we been planning for it for decades only for them to silently take it away?" someone else said.

80% of the people at the meeting agreed to immediately declare war on Sai Na.

The President frowned. It's not that he didn't want war, but there had been another even bigger discovery.

"Everyone, I'm also very regretful about Sai Na, and this is our fault. But according to the FBI, Luo Yue isn't as simple as we thought. Mr Leo, please explain the situation." The President looked at a fat white man who was the head of the FBI.

Usually he didn't come to these meetings, but he did today which meant that there was indeed important news for everyone.

Leo shook his flab and said seriously, "One year ago, we sent five people to China to retrieve a certain woman from the plane the Black Sun Empire hijacked. Only she knew about our men on the plane, yet a year later, we haven't gotten any news from any of them. None of them ever came back. The men we sent were four mutants, one of them even being a level three lightning mutant."

Leo looked around and continued, "Then, we found the Black Star Island the Black Sun Empire abandoned. This seemed like just some private island, yet we found that that place was their main base for technology. On the island, we found a sealed vault. After testing it, we became certain that it had been meant for the storage of gold, but all the gold was gone.

We found some of the most advanced technology on the planet in and around the vault, yet still all the gold had been taken away. I'm sure they didn't do it themselves - they wouldn't have to dig underground and break through walls to access their own gold."

"Leo, you mean that Luo Yue did that?" someone asked in shock.

Leo nodded and said, "Yes,we suspect them strongly. That chase from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean also seems to have led to Sai Na."

The President said very seriously, "Many of you here might not yet know that we lost more than four thousand tonnes of gold from our reserves in one night. And the US banks all lost a few hundred million dollars in one night as well. The hole at the site was very smooth, in exactly the same style as the ones we found in the gold vault at the Black Star Island."

"What?! Our gold reserves have been robbed?"

The meeting room immediately burst into chaos.

"If Luo Yue really has such a potent weapon, I think it could inflict a huge blow on our airforce and navy."

Leo said, "Before, it was just a suspicion. We also doubted whether Luo Yue could make such a powerful weapon - perhaps the route of the chase ending close to Sai Na was just a coincidence. And although we lost our gold, it didn't have to have been caused by Luo Yue. It wouldn't be easy for anyone to ship away that much gold, much less from a heavily secured fortress.

I carefully interrogated every troop that guarded the fort, and it's very unlikely that it was an inside job. The hole was supposedly made from the underground, so I checked the earth there, and there was indeed somewhat of a loosened up path to the outside. The robber might have used a hightech way of getting in. In any case, our surveillance systems were tricked and our gold stolen."

"If this technology really belongs to Luo Yue, then the weapon that sliced the patrol boat might have been made by them too. If their weapons are that advanced, I think we would be facing a very hard battle."

"Leo, if the FBI suspects Luo Yue, why don't you send people over to investigate? Luo Yue is taking in people from all over the world, don't tell me you can't get in. Perhaps even I can go in." Harold from the NSA was unhappy.

Leo knew how Harold felt and said with a bitter smile, "Remember what I said before? Our mutant department sent 5 members to China to take that woman back. And recently, we sent 57 people to Sai Na, yet again, none of them came back. Other than a few photos of busy construction works, we got nothing back."

"Aren't you the so-called most powerful investigation bureau in the world?" one senator scorned.

Just as the President wanted to say something, a new report was sent to him. After reading it, he immediately got up, "Luo Yue is moving to Sai Na, and the citizens from Flowing Snake will also be moving to Sai Na. Everyone?"

"Then there's nothing left to say. I suggest we immediately send our mothership and lock Sai Na down," the naval commander said.

The President obviously agreed, but they still had to make precise battle plans to ensure everything went right. It would be best if the Commonwealth Union could first announce they would investigate Luo Yue and then send its army. That would be much better than the US having to send their army straight away.

Harry knew what the President wanted and also got up, "I agree, but we need to contact Ethiopia and Kenya first so that they seal off Luo Yue's retreat on land. I think we should let the Commonwealth Union bring up this battle plan, and then we can form a multinational army. Before we fight, I suggest we tell Luo Yue to move out of Sai Na first, of course, there's no way they would."

"Although I also support going to war, if Luo Yue really has that weapon of mass destruction, we would be in for some bad luck," someone said.

"If they really have the capability to produce such a weapon then we should only seize Sai Na even quicker! It'd be a pleasant gift, just like their pills," Harold smiled.


Chinese New Year had just passed when suddenly in only one night, Flowing Snake returned to being the barren place it had been before.

A new round of war broke out in the world.

Under the US's strong requests, the Commonwealth Union gathered a multinational army to kick Luo Yue out of Sai Na.

The US believed that Luo Yue had taken their land and were bringing great instability to world peace by buying weapons en masse. Every member of the Commonwealth had the responsibility to put in effort for world peace and kick Luo Yue out of Sai Na.

When this statement was made, the whole world was shocked.
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