Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 579

Chapter 579: Luo Yues Stance
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The International Federation was an international organization made up of all the countries in the world, with peacekeeping being just one of its functions.

When the US proposed to kick Luo Yue out of Sai Na by force, they didn't expect that the International Federation wouldn't completely pass their proposal. Of the five greatest countries, China simply passed on voting, but Russia actually voted contra any military action against Luo Yue.

As long as there was one vote contra, the proposal couldn't be passed. Like that, the US wouldn't be able to send troops to Sai Na blatantly.

Russia had only gotten some weapon deals from Luo Yue, though. Were they going to get on the US's bad side for a few hundred million dollars? It wasn't the Cold War period anymore, there was no need to get on the US's bad side for a mere Luo Yue who only had 200.000 inhabitants.

The way Russia did things was very strange, but three days later, because of the US's strong request, the International Federation held a vote for the second time, and what surprised everyone was that Russia also passed on voting this time. Like that, US could legitimately send an army to Luo Yue.

No one knew why the Russians had changed their decision. But that wasn't too important, and a week later, an alliance with the US as the head of it declared war on Luo Yue in the name of freedom and democracy.

26 countries and a total of 120.000 troops, with the US's army forming 90% of it. Most countries hadn't voted and had sent their troops only after being given some special conditions by the US.

There were 50.000 ground troops, 30.000 navy marines, an airforce counting 10.000 men, and 30.000 men's worth of special assault squads. There were 380 tanks, 600 armored vehicles, 350 jets, 200 helicopters, and 70 ships.

According to the battle plan they had made, the Union Army would come to Sai Na from the Indian Ocean, meanwhile the ground troops would attack from the border with Ethiopia and Kenya. This would result in two battlefields and was called the swing tactic.

Its purpose was to make the enemy unable to deal with the attacks on both sides and force them to the middle. They wouldn't be able to get away, and so eventually they would have to surrender. The reason why they used this tactic was because the US didn't want any of Luo Yue's high-level technical personnel to escape.

Perhaps, surrendering without conditions was the best choice of action for Luo Yue.

The day the Union Army was mobilized, the greatest betting organization opened a bet for the war. The bet was on how long it would take for the army to take over Sai Na. The odds for Luo Yue winning were 1:100.

No one believed Luo Yue would win, so even if the odds were 1:1000, no one would bet on Luo Yue. Yet randomly, a certain piece of news shocked the world: an anonymous person had bet 500 million on Luo Yue winning.

This caught the attention of the media and made Luo Yue and this anonymous person a bit more mysterious. What shocked the world even more was Luo Yue's reaction to the war.

Luo Yue declared war on the US. Xu Yuehua said on Luo Yue's news channel that Luo Yue had nuclear power and was going to test their first warhead close to South Africa. If anyone dared attack Luo Yue, Luo Yue wouldn't mind using their nuclear weapons.

With Luo Yue's declaration, the US grew furious. They didn't expect Luo Yue to grow this troublesome in such a short while. For some stupid extra gains, they had allowed Luo Yue to grow so strong. At the same time they were also worried. Even if they could blow Luo Yue to pieces, if Luo Yue dropped even one bomb on their country it would be catastrophic. The US also suspected that Luo Yue's nukes had been supplied by another country, either China or Russia.

The whole world was shocked. Some small countries that had also joined the war were scared. They weren't afraid of the US having nukes, but they sure were afraid of Luo Yue having nukes. If they cornered Luo Yue too hard, Luo Yue really might just throw a nuke at them. Even if Luo Yue was eventually annihilated, they wouldn't be able to handle the losses.

Nine countries quickly left the union.

The second day, a huge mushroom cloud appeared, and the world was sunk into silence. Another five countries left the union.

Although the amount of soldiers in the army stayed mostly the same, this was a blow to morale.

The Union quickly held another meeting. No one thought that some entrepreneurship would be able to obtain nukes in a mere year of development.

Although the International Federation requested Luo Yue to participate in the meeting, Luo Yue refused without hesitation. They wouldn't mind coming, but the Federation would have to admit Luo Yue's independence first, and their army would have to retreat.

The US was angry. They couldn't possibly retreat - if they were se easily scared off by just one nuke, how would they remain the police of the Pacific Ocean?

So what if Luo Yue had nukes? They had them too.

"We must wipe them clean before they can react!" someone ordered.

The US government was irate, but the people didn't agree. When they found out that Luo Yue had nukes and had the capability to detonate it from far away, a mass protest began. The people didn't agree to sending the army to the other side of the ocean to invade a new country that had nukes and had nothing to do with the US.


When the International Federation invited Luo Yue to the meeting once more, Ye Mo just sneered.

This was just like the battles among sects on Luo Yue Continent. When a new sect arose, the other sects would gather together to pressure the new sect. If they couldn't get from it what they wanted, they would just annihilate the new sect.

But if they went there and found that the sect leader was absurdly powerful, the pressure tactics would be turned into meet-and-greets.

Power, no matter where, no matter when, was still the most important. Ye Mo sighed, he wouldn't even be able to find a peaceful place to live without power.

Although Luo Yue requested for the retreat of the Union Army, the order was never made. At the same time, the Union Army under Sai's lead was in the Indian Ocean already, and it would be half a day before they reached Luo Yue's regional sea.

The whole world's attention was gathered on Luo Yue, and by the time it became known that the third meeting had resulted in nothing, the first fleet of the Union Army entered Luo Yue's sea. When the first missile was fired at Luo Yue, the war began.
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