Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Ill Wait For You
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If there was one thing more stunning than the result of the battle, then it was that the Shalaweisi Corporation went bankrupt.

They had hosted a bet on the result of the battle, with the odds of Luo Yue winning being 1 to 100, yet someone had actually bet on Luo Yue winning, and the person seemed to have known exactly how much the corporation had. He bet 500 million, and the corporation barely managed to pay him 50 billion USD but after that, they declared bankruptcy.

It became the greatest mystery who won the 50 billion, and absolutely no one knew who it was.


Because Luo Yue won the war and received huge compensations, and because they had their position in the lucrative pharmaceutical industry, Luo Yue became very wealthy, and all the people in the world wanted to move to Luo Yue.

A newly developed place with such strong military capability made everyone who went there feel safe. But the standards for moving to Luo Yue were getting higher and higher. Only the soldiers who had served in the army could move their family to Luo Yue without any requisites. New immigrants had to follow new rules.

Many of those who had moved to Luo Yue early on celebrated their decision. Those new immigrants had to pay large sums of money.

Luo Dongsheng also rejoiced that he came at the right time. Not long after he arrived, the Luo Yue War happened. He thought that Luo Yue wouldn't be able to survive and felt tragic about his fate but then, Luo Yue crushed the Union Army.

Now, both his girlfriend and him worked at the management level of Luo Yue and had ten times higher salaries than ever. He also had his own new residence. This made them feel very happy.

Han Yan thought only their Guang Han Sect would re-establish their sect at Luo Yue, yet unexpectedly a big sect like Lian Hang Jing Temple also moved to Luo Yue. At the same time, a few other small sects also came to Luo Yue.

When Liang Jun and Lu Na saw Ye Xing, they finally came to understand why Luo Yue's interference system was so terrifying.

Many countries visited Luo Yue, politely asking for cooperation, and they all acknowledged Luo Yue's independence.

Ye Mo didn't like this sort of troublesome matters, so he let Xu Yuehua deal with everything. He eventually also just pushed her to the seat of City Lord.

Xu Yuehua knew that Ye Mo didn't like those matters, and she knew that Ye Mo's final goal didn't lie with Luo Yue, so she didn't reject the role.

Xu Yuehua also knew all too well that those friendly-looking countries had come for their interference machines.

But the ones they were selling were far weaker than the immobile version that was based in Luo Yue.

But these people didn't know, so Luo Yue was able to sell lots.

Each machine was sold for one billion USD but even then, before Luo Yue could even complete their production line, they received one hundred orders.

Even Ye Mo had to admit that the weapon dealing business was more lucrative than pharmaceuticals.

Large sums of money flowed into Luo Yue, and large sums flew out as well, being exchanged for ships upon ships of materials.

Luo Yue grew day by day, and only those who lived at Luo Yue could properly feel it.

In the same month, Luo Yue announced the establishment of their own government and currency. The world-renowned Luo Yue Immortal Hospital also went back to work.

Standing atop a high mountain, Ye Mo sighed as he looked at the Luo Yue that was changing daily. Ever since he had come there, although his cultivation hadn't progressed much, he had finally made some achievements. At least he could now say that he had built and protected his own city.

A faint aroma came from behind him, and Ye Mo knew that it was Ning Qingxue.

He embraced her and started feeling a little excited. He remembered that a large part of the reason why he built his own city was due to Ning Qingxue's wish.

"I finally completed our wish and built Luo Yue City." Ye Mo looked at the busy city and felt a sense of accomplishment.

"Thank you, I-" Ning Qingxue knew that Ye Mo had built the city for a great part due to her. She had wanted a peaceful and worriless environment to live in, and Luo Yue was just that.

Before Ning Qingxue could finish, Ye Mo kissed her.

After a long while, Ning Qingxue panted and pinched Ye Mo sulkingly "It's still day, at night"

Ye Mo laughed and looked into the distant sky and said "Qingxue, I want to wait until you reach foundation establishment state. If you-"

Ning Qingxue interrupted, "I don't care about any foundation establishment state. I just want to be with you. Sometimes I imagine a life where I am almost never able to see you, and I feel scared. If it wasn't for you, perhaps I wouldn't have ever become happy in my entire life. Thank you for letting me know that love is so mesmerizing."

Looking at Ning Qingxue as she was feeling emotional, Ye Mo brushed his hand through her hair.

"If I hadn't gone to Shen Nong Jia that day, would we have passed by each other for forever?" Ning Qingxue's voice was very soft, and her eyes were cloudy as she looked at Ye Mo with softness.

Ye Mo was dazed. If Ning Qingxue hadn't gone to find him at Shen Nong Jia, what would have happened?

Perhaps he would have died. Even if he wouldn't have, he wouldn't have remembered anyone called 'Ning Qingxue'. There would only have been Luo Ying in his heart.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxue held Ye Mo tightly as though fearing he would disappear "Luckily, I went. If I hadn't, perhaps I would have lost you forever. I don't know what I would be like without you. Perhaps I would go crazy."

She didn't know when Ye Mo fell in love with her, but she knew that it had had nothing to do with her looks. She thought of Su Jingwen and how she felt towards Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue's womanly instincts had made her easily notice that Su Jingwen also liked Ye Mo. What would have happened if it had been Su Jingwen who went to save Ye Mo at Shen Nong Jia?

Ye Mo lovingly held Ning Qingxue tighter and spoke gently, "Qingxue, you and Susu are the most excellent women there are. It's my fortune that I could be with any of you. When I opened my eyes at the bottom of the cliff and the first thing I saw was you, I knew I would never be able to forget you. When I felt the wounds on your body and saw that fruit you bit, I knew that I had fallen in love with you. Thank you, Qingxue."

Ning Qingxue thought of Susu and was dazed. Wasn't that her aunty? But she soon calmed down. Susu wasn't her biological aunty - she was about the same age as her. And even if Susu was her real aunty, she wouldn't want to leave Ye Mo no matter what.

Deeply in love, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue no longer remembered that it was day as they were immersed into a fiery kiss, both of them unable to relent.

In the distance, Luo Fei saw the two and sighed. She worried for her little martial sister Luo Xuan. She could tell that Luo Xuan liked Ye Mo, but Ning Qingxue was no lesser than Luo Xuan in terms of looks or feelings for Ye Mo. Furthermore, these two were with each other everyday.

After who knows how long, the two stopped. They just looked at each other without saying anything.

Ning Qingxue's face was red, and her body was hot. She didn't mind what Ye Mo did to her - she loved him. Ye Mo was in a similar state, but he had a spirit cleansing chant and could control himself.

"Qingxue, I'm going out for now. But if we still can't reach foundation establishment state in three years and there's still no news of Susu, then we will hold a big wedding in Luo Yue," Ye Mo promised softly.

"I'll wait for you." Ning Qingxue's voice seemed like it came from the edges of heaven yet at the same time, it resonated at the very bottom of Ye Mo's heart.
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