Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 584

Chapter 584: Passed Opportunity
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With Luo Yue on the right track, Ye Mo believed that even if some countries still coveted Luo Yue, they wouldn't dare challenge Luo Yue that easily. The more time Luo Yue had to develop, the more powerful it would become.

Hence, Ye Mo wanted to go out and take care of some of his own things. He had wasted a lot of time on building Luo Yue. As a cultivator, his main focus should be on finding resources and cultivating.

For one, Ye Mo needed to go find that white fox. If it could really find spirit stones and herbs, he would be earning big.

Of course, the most important thing was that Ye Mo wanted to go find Luo Ying. He loved both Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying, and he didn't want Luo Ying to miss out on the wedding. Whether it was this life or the past, his master or Susu, Luo Ying's position would never change in his heart.

Last time he got news of her being in the desert, he couldn't go right away due to Luo Yue's matters, so this time he would investigate everything properly for sure.

At midnight, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue went back to their home, where Han Yan had apparently been waiting for them.

Seeing them come home, Han Yan immediately got up.

"Han Yan, do you have something going on?" Ye Mo looked at Han Yan strangely. She usually wouldn't come out much, and the location their sect had chosen was quite far off. Lian Hang Jing Temple had also built their sect in the same valley with Ye Mo's help.

Han Yan's face wasn't relaxed. She would've never thought that that Ye Mo who went to Beijing for just a few hundred thousand from Li Hu would someday reach his current state.

"Did your grandfather tell you to come? Is it about the interference machine? You can just go and talk to Sister Yuehua about it," Ye Mo smiled. He guessed that Han Yan should have come for that, but she should focus on cultivation.

Han Yan shook her head, "No, although it was grandpa who told me to come, it wasn't for the interference machine. Grandpa wants to invite you to Beijing, and if it weren't for a the special circumstances, grandpa would have come here himself."

Ye Mo immediately understood. Han Zaixin represented the Chinese military, so it wasn't suitable for him to come at such a sensitive time in person.

Ye Mo nodded, "Okay, I was about to leave anyways, so I'll drop by Beijing. Old Han owes me large sums of ores, so I need to get them."

Han Yan said thank you somewhat uneasily and then turned to leave.

She was truly grateful to Ye Mo that her sect could have such a good cultivation environment.

The snow fox matter wasn't too urgent, anyway. After Ye Mo left Luo Yue, he wanted to go to Ning Hai and see Tang Beiwei. Although Tang Beiwei liked that small house and didn't want to leave, Ye Mo was still worried and tried to visit her often.

Ye Mo arrived at West Lake Restaurant. This had been his first high class restaurant, and it was Su Jingwen who treated him to it back then. Ye Mo subconsciously scanned his spirit sense around and actually found Su Jingwen sitting by herself in the room she had eaten in with him last time.

Ye Mo had a great impression of her, so he immediately walked into the room.

"Jingwen, why are you sitting here by yourself? Aren't you with Beiwei?" Ye Mo asked.

"Ye Mo!" Su Jingwen got up immediately. She saw Ye Mo smiling in front of her and subconsciously rubbed her eyes. She had just been thinking about him. How could he have appeared in front of her eyes so suddenly?

"Are you alright?" Ye Mo subconsciously reached out his hand to grab her wrist and check how she was.

But Su Jingwen grabbed Ye Mo's hand first, "It's really you, Ye Mo? H- how did you know I was here?"

"Are you forgetting me already? Of course it's really me. I was just passing by here and remembered that this was the place you treated me for the first time, so I came over to have a look. I didn't expect you to really be here. Anyway, you're getting prettier and prettier, aren't you?" Ye Mo knew that it had to be the effect of the face preserving pill.

Su Jingwen's face blushed, and she forgot that Ye Mo's hands were still in her hands.

"Thank you for still remembering me." Su Jingwen felt like she didn't know what to say.

Ye Mo could feel that Su Jingwen had feelings for him, but he already had Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, so he was more than content. He didn't know what words to comfort Su Jingwen with.

The door was opened once again, and a young man holding flowers appeared at the door. He looked in shock at Su Jingwen as she held Ye Mo's hand and was sent into a daze.

Only then did Su Jingwen realize that she was still holding Ye Mo's hand. She blushed and quickly let go. Immediately, the atmosphere became awkward.

"Eh, sorry, I didn't know you guys were on a date. Euhm, I'll be going first." Ye Mo just realized that Su Jingwen had been waiting for someone here and that he was being a third wheel.

He had some mixed feelings, though. But then, he immediately woke up and realized that he couldn't give her anything, so why was he having mixed feelings about her seeing someone else? He was being too domineering. Thinking about this, Ye Mo shook his head. He wasn't happy with his subconscious reaction.

"By the way, is Beiwei at home?" Ye Mo asked before he left.

"Hm? Euhm, she said she was going to a student gathering yesterday and that she would be coming back today, yet I waited for her for a whole day and she still didn't come back, and I felt bored," Su Jingwen subconsciously answered.

Student gathering? Ye Mo was surprised. It seemed like Tang Beiwei had gone to Tan Du. Ye Mo would be going to the Duan Heng Ranges to find the Bitter Ten Years and the entrance to the inner hidden sects, and he would be passing by Tan Du.

"Thank you. Well then, I won't be disturbing you anymore. Goodbye then!" Ye Mo was getting more and more uncomfortable. He felt a bit hypocrite. He was just friends with Su Jingwen, so why did he feel uncomfortable about her going on a date with someone else?

He shook his head and walked out of the restaurant quickly.

"Huh, Ye Mo wait, it's not what you think!" By the time Su Jingwen reacted, Ye Mo had already disappeared. She immediately went outside to chase after him.

"Jingwen?" The man saw Su Jingwen run away and called out to her.

"Zhang Lailin, how did you even know I was here? There is only one person I like, and it's not you. Sorry, but I'll be going now." Then, Su Jingwen started her car and left rapidly.

She was regretting. Not what had happened today but what had happened before. She had always had good feelings towards Ye Mo and even liked him a little, but her embarrassment had made her unwilling to admit that.

If she didn't have special feelings for Ye Mo, she wouldn't have kept Ye Mo's first present all the way until today. She wouldn't have let Ye Mo dance that first dance with her. She had met Ye Mo first, yet she lost to Ning Qingxue who came later. She knew Ye Mo more than Ning Qingxue in the past, but she didn't dare admit her feelings. Now, she had lost that first unexplainable 'first-love-feeling'.

Ning Qingxue was more brave than her. She knew she liked Ye Mo and chased after him without relenting. Up 'till today, Su Jingwen still didn't know why a prideful woman like Ning Qingxue would love Ye Mo so wholeheartedly.

Seeing Su Jingwen leave, Zhang Lailin dropped the flowers in his hands. He had always been very prideful. He was smart, handsome, and he was also the son of the mayor. Zhang Lailin wasn't like many other young masters - he never went out and about doing bad things, and he was conservative with women. He had been the ultimate prince charming in the eyes of many pretty girls yet today, he was rejected.

At the moment, Ye Mo was standing outside of Tan Du University. He didn't think that his sister would spend two days on a student gathering, and it was only a one hour flight from there to Ning Hai.
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