Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Saw it
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"Lailin is different from me - I'm just a rich second generation, but he's a true social elite. If it wasn't because of an emergency, he wouldn't have come to Tan Du today. But now that he came, I need to fulfil my duty as the landlord. Haha, I didn't think I'd be able to see Young Master Rang at the Golden Pearl today. Let's eat together, let it be my treat tonight," Han Dan quickly said.

Zhi Rang patted his head and immediately reached out his hand to Zhang Lailin, "Of course, I remember! You were the number one student of 2004. Your dad, Zhang Zhiguo, is the Secretary of Ning Hai City. Compared to you, Han Dan and I really are just rich second generations, haha!"

Zhang Lailin quickly reached out his hand and said, "Those are just some minor achievements, nothing worth mentioning. It's my honour to meet Young Master Rang."

The few got close very quickly and walked into a room.

As they talked, they got to the topic of An Ning wanting to go to Luo Yue. Han Dan knew that that was his opportunity to shine.

"If it's Luo Yue we're talking about, then I really might have a way. A cousin of mine is living at Luo Yue right now, and she has quite a big place," Han Dan said pridefully. This immediately caught the attention of the people there, and even Zhang Lailin was interested.

Luo Yue was different from China. Even if you were the head of China himself, you still wouldn't be able to casually make requests to Luo Yue. So no matter what status you had in China, there was no use in trying to go to Luo Yue through relations.

Han Dan felt pretty satisfied seeing that everyone was listening to him intently and continued slowly, "I'll tell you a secret: the head of Luo Yue and my great-grandfather are truly close friends. Do you think my cousin could stay at Luo Yue permanently otherwise? I'm not bluffing here. If I wanted to go to Luo Yue, I would only need to tell my great-grandfather."

Han Dan actually was bluffing. Although his grandfather Han Zaixin could get him into Luo Yue if he wanted, considering his grandfather's character, he wouldn't help out for sure.

"Then Han Dan, can you help me? I wish to move to Luo Yue," An Ning couldn't resist it and stood up to ask.

Only An Ning herself knew that if it weren't for her truly wanting to go to Luo Yue so much, she would never ask a rich second generation such a request the first time she met him.

But she really didn't have a choice. She didn't know anyone who could get her into Luo Yue, and she wanted to go to Luo Yue more and more every day.

Han Dan hadn't expected An Ning to actually ask him for help but now that he had said so much, he couldn't just admit that he had been bluffing. He clenched his teeth and replied, "Of course, I'll ask my grandfather as soon as I get home. I trust that he won't reject me."

He didn't have any confidence that his grandfather would agree as he knew his grandfather all too well, but he couldn't lose face in front of An Ning.

"Thank you, Han Dan. This is my name card - if you can, please call me on first notice." An Ning heard Han Dan's promise and felt much happier about the whole dinner. She actually got to meet someone as powerful as Han Dan. She had taken out another name card of hers.

Zhi Rang had seen An Ning give out two name cards, yet none of them had been for him, and he didn't feel happy. But he really had no way to help An Ning. If it was something in China she needed, he would be able to help her properly for sure, but in Luo Yue, he really didn't have that power.

But even good friends can't just appear in the middle of the evening and steal away your girl, so Zhi Rang said bitterly, "Han Dan, your grandfather's character is rather stubborn, I think this promise you're making might be quite hard to fulfil."

Han Dan knew that Zhi Rang was telling the truth, but he had already made his promise, so he could only say, "I'll do my best to make my grandfather agree to my request."

But even Zhang Lailin could hear the not-really-confident tone with which Han Dan was speaking.

An Ning could of course also discern it, and she felt like she had been too impetuous. She got up and said to Han Dan, "Young Master Han, if it proves impossible, I understand. Now if I may excuse myself to the ladies' room, you guys go ahead and keep talking."

Seeing An Ning walk out, Zhi Rang smiled, "Han Dan, this time you bluffed too much. I really doubt your words. Your great-grandfather agreeing? Hehehe."

Han Dan knew Zhi Rang was right and felt disappointed. If it wasn't that he couldn't contact his cousin, he would rather ask her for help instead.

Walking out of the room, An Ning suddenly felt it was funny how nave she was. She had believed something so casually and given her name card.

She had given out two name cards that day, yet most of the time she wouldn't give out even one in half a year.

"I've been too desperate-" An Ning murmured and suddenly stopped. In the trash can next to the door, she could see her name card.

She picked it up - it was that guy's without a doubt.

For the first time, An Ning felt truly angry and clenched her teeth. She wanted to drag that guy out and also throw him into that bin.

She rarely gave out her name card yet today, it had been thrown into a bin. That was intolerable.

She didn't think any further before just pushing open the door to Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan's room.


Meanwhile, Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan's food had arrived. Ye Mo wasn't overly passionate about food, but he had to admit that the food there was really good. But Ye Mo still felt like it was too pricey.

The two ate and talked as time passed by quickly. At some moment, Chong Yuanyuan's phone sounded, and Ye Mo stopped immediately. He wanted to know if it was Tang Beiwei calling.

Chong Yuanyuan spoke a few sentences and hung up. She looked strangely at Ye Mo and said, "It was Jingwen. She's looking for Beiwei too and just got off the plane. She didn't find Beiwei at school, and she heard you were here, so she's coming over."

Su Jingwen? Ye Mo thought, 'She was in Ning Hai only a few hours ago, how is she here all of a sudden?'

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Seeing An Ning with an unhappy face, Ye Mo was bewildered. Why did that woman suddenly appear? Ye Mo thought of the name card he had thrown away and scanned his spirit sense out - the card was gone indeed.

"Is there something wrong?" Chong Yuanyuan got up and asked normally.

She didn't believe that An Ning would be that interested in Brother Ye. Brother Ye had a certain indescribable temperament to him, but it wasn't to the degree where it would make women like An Ning actually chase him.

"You really aren't a gentleman are you? I gave you my name card, and it's fine if you don't want to call me, but why would you throw it into the garbage can?

Ye Mo blushed. He felt awkward and sighed to himself, 'Why didn't I just throw the card into my ring? Who knew this girl liked checking out garbage cans!'

"Um, maybe I dropped it accidentally," Ye Mo said, but he immediately regretted it. Why was he even trying to find an excuse.

"Oh, apparently you're really environmentally friendly dropping things too!" An Ning sneered. Ye Mo suddenly thought, 'It was just a name card. So what?' He had thrown away Mo Kang's name card too, with the only difference that he had memorized the content first.

"An Ning, what are you doing there?" a voice sounded.
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