Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Eyes
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The doors opened, and Han Dan and co. saw An Ning stand at the door of Ye Mo's room.

"Zhi Rang, you guys go eat first, I'll eat over here. This person said he would be treating me to a meal," An Ning pointed at Ye Mo casually.

Noticing that Zhi Rang still wanted to say something, she waved her hand and said, "That'll be all."

Zhi Rang didn't dare rebuke her, but he still said shamelessly, "Then why don't you join our table? It'll all be on me."

Perhaps because these peolle were used to doing whateverthey wanted, Zhi Rang waved at the waiter before Ye Mo and Chong Yuanyuan could even agree.

"When did I agree to join tables with you!" Chong Yuanyuan was unhappy that she couldn't even peacefully treat Ye Mo to dinner.

"It's you? No wonder Jingwen said she was going to Tan Du out of nowhere - it was because you're here, and you're eating with another girl. I wonder what Jingwen would say if she saw this." Zhang Lailin also noticed Ye Mo at that moment.

"Jingwen, this way!" At the same time, Chong Yuanyuan saw Su Jingwen and called out.

Ye Mo noticed that Su Jingwen was very fatigued and realized that she must have come over due to him. And Zhang Lailin in turn probably came due to her.

Ye Mo felt guilty but didn't know what to say to Su Jingwen. He had already married Ning Qingxue, and Su Jingwen knew that, yet she had still chased over. What could he say?

"Ye Mo." Su Jingwen walked up to Ye Mo and called out to him while her sadness was evident.

In Ye Mo's heart, Su Jingwen had always remained the friend he could talk well with even when he was very desolate. Su Jingwen had never looked down on him and would never talk to him with such a wronged tone.

Yet as soon as she arrived, she expressed her wronged feeling. Ye Mo sighed. He only had Ning Qingxue and Luo Ying in his heart. There were a lot of good women in the world, but he couldn't accept them all.

"Um, Jingwen, have a seat. I rushed over here because I didn't get news of Beiwei," Ye Mo hesitatingly explained.

An Ning suddenly realized, 'No wonder this young man didn't seem to notice me. He had such a pretty girlfriend!' Jingwen's appearance was no lesser than hers, and she was even better than her in some aspects.

But what An Ning didn't understand was that since Su Jingwen was so perfect, what reason could there be for her to feel so wronged following the young man?

"Jingwen..." Zhang Lailin saw Su Jingwen sit next to Ye Mo, and his face went pale. His feelings towards Su Jingwen were genuine, but the moment he had seen Ye Mo there, he knew why Su Jingwen had come over from Ning Hai and gone on the same plane as him.

He had lost to some random young guy.

An Ning looked at Su Jingwen and then at Ye Mo and Zhang Lailin and suddenly understood what was going on. She really wanted to spit in Ye Mo's face. Someone as beautiful as Su Jingwen had dropped her dignity to come chase Ye Mo, yet Ye Mo was still being hesitant.

As everyone talked, the waiter served all the food.

"You must be tired having come all the way here from Ning Hai, right? Hm, this Song Tree Dew swan liver is a bit average, but it's still edible," Ye Mo said.

Seeing Ye Mo stay and talk, Su Jingwen breathed a sigh of relief. At least he hadn't left as soon as he saw her.

Seeing Ye Mo take away the most expensive dish, Zhi Rang was quite unhappy, but Su Jingwen was a pretty lady, so he couldn't say too much. Only An Ning was clearly not too happy.

"Since you wanted to join the table, then hurry up and eat. We won't be waiting for you," Ye Mo said.

Although they didn't mind such a small amount of money, they were still paying for the meal, so Zhi Rang and Han Dan reached out to the food they liked.

An Ning finally sat down, and only Zhang Lailin seemed like he had lost his soul.

"Brother Ye, I heard Beiwei say that she would be going to Luo Yue in a few months, is that true?" Chong Yuanyuan said casually, but this immediately caught the attention of everyone at the table.

Ye Mo didn't care and nodded, "Yes, if it wasn't for her still having some business to take care of in Ning Hai, she would be going over now. If you want to go to Luo Yue too, you can go with Beiwei. Why not move your parents there as well?"

"I could go too?! But I heard that after the war, it has become much harder to get into Luo Yue. Could I really go?" Chong Yuanyuan exclaimed joyfully. Beiwei rarely told her about Ye Mo, so she didn't know that Luo Yue was Ye Mo's.

"Of course! Jingwen, you can come too if you want," Ye Mo smiled.

Su Jingwen smiled sweetly, "I was planning on going to Luo Yue, but I was afraid you wouldn't want it, so I didn't ask."

"Why wouldn't I want it? The more people I know go to Luo Yue, the better," Ye Mo smiled.

Han Dan looked at Ye Mo and suddenly seemed to have thought of something.

An Ning first thought Ye Mo was just bluffing to Chong Yuanyuan and had a sneer on her face, but when she heard Su Jingwen's words, she felt like it could be real.

"Can you really make immigrating to Luo Yue possible?" An Ning asked subconsciously.

"That's our business. Jingwen, Yuanyuan, you're both done eating, right? Let's go. The people here are paying for us, so we don't need to worry about the bill." Ye Mo got up.

"Wait!" An Ning suddenly stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo's eyes focused, and he suddenly stared intensely at the necklace on her chest. When he first came in, he had seen it but hadn't thought much of it. However, now that Ye Mo scanned it with his spirit sense, he felt like it was very familiar. It was a fish's eye.

It wasn't exactly a fish's eye - it was two fish's eyes forming a bead.

Ye Mo was sure that it was a broken piece of that Yin Yang Fish Eight Trigram. He had two pieces already, and now he saw a pair of eyes on the necklace on her chest. He would be taking it no matter what.

Ye Mo had the premonition that the Yin Yang Fish was no simple thing. If it was some cultivation material and he missed it, he would regret for life.

"Where are you looking?" An Ning took a step back. She didn't expect the young man in front of her would start staring at her chest the moment she stood in front of him.

"Ye Mo?" Su Jingwen also realized that Ye Mo's gaze wasn't okay and subconsciously held his arm.

She thought Ye Mo had had too much to drink, and her holding Ye Mo's arm was as if she was saying 'I'm no lesser than this An Ning.' She also meant to protect Ye Mo and show that the man she liked wasn't like that. Only An Ning was able to interpret her actions.
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