Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 589

Chapter 589: Trickery
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The faint aroma and softness which touched Ye Mo's arm made Ye Mo realize that he had been too impolite just then. He patted Su Jingwen's hand gratefully, signalling that he got it.

An Ning also realized that Ye Mo wasn't trying to do anything to her. Su Jingwen was right next to him, and there were so many people there, he couldn't do anything to her anyway.

Seeing all this happen, Zhi Rang got up immediately, but before he could say anything, he was pulled down by Han Dan. Zhang Lailin's eyes lost their shine as he felt dejected.

Ye Mo patted Su Jingwen, telling her to wait a bit, and then said to An Ning, "An Ning, there are some things I want to talk to you about alone. Don't worry, I bear no ill will."

An Ning just realized that Ye Mo had lost his bearing due to some other thing. He probably wasn't interested in her. She had wanted to ask Ye Mo about going to Luo Yue anyway. If he really had such power, she wouldn't mind using him to achieve her goal.

"Okay," An Ning immediately agreed.

She went back to their original room.

"Han Dan, why did you pull me down? That punk dared be rude to An Ning, I'm going to teach him a les-" Zhi Rang's mouth was quickly covered by Han Dan. He looked worriedly at Su Jingwen and Yuan Chongchong before pulling him to the side.

"Young Master Rang, do you not want to live anymore? Do you know who that person is?" Han Dan questioned coldly in a hushed tone.

"Who is he then? Can he kill me?" Zhi Rang sneered.

Han Dan laughed, "Qiu Zhirang, don't blame me for not being a good friend, but if you want to die, don't drag me into it. Not only can he kill you, I can easily say that even if he killed you right now, your Qiu family wouldn't dare to do anything about it."

Zhi Rang shivered. Who in China would be able to kill him and make the Qiu family not dare to react?

"All I will tell you is that that person is very likely Ye Mo - the very person who made your grandfather personally go apologize. If you dare look for trouble with him, I admire your balls," Han Dan said contemptuously.

When Qiu Zhirang heard the words Ye Mo, cold sweat immediately started running down his back. He finally understood what Han Dan meant. If that person truly was Ye Mo, then he could be slaughtered like a chicken.

"Brother Han, thank you this time. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even have known how I died." Qiu Zhirang wiped the sweat from his forehead. The number one person who the Young Masters in Beijing must not offend was Ye Mo.

He didn't think that that Ye Mo would be going around all over and even come to Tan Du. He was really unlucky. Luckily, he remembered his dad's words and didn't act too cockily a bit earlier outside the restaurant. Otherwise, he would've already offended the Young Master Ye at the counter.

"No need to thank me, you saved yourself. If you were still like before, you would probably be laying outside now." Han Dan felt very satisfied about Qiurang owing him now.

"Han Dan, should we leave right away?" Qiu Zhirang just wanted to leave the place as fast as possible.

Han Dan patted him and said, "I heard Brother Zhang Jue say that Young Master Ye actually doesn't like to start trouble. As long as you don't mess with him, he won't look for trouble with you either. So if you leave now, Young Master Ye might think you still look down on him. Just stay low-key like me for now."

Then, Han Dan said quietly, "The other day, your Qiu family's Qiu Zhizhe cockily tried to attack Young Master Ye's friend, and in the end You understand."

Seeing Qiu Zhirang keep nodding his head, Han Dan continued, "That An Ning really is pretty, and Young Master Ye pulled her to the room next door. What do you think they will be doing that can't be heard by others? Young Master Ye must want her, so you must not look attracted to her in front of him. And also that Jingwen, don't take so much as one extra glance at her."

Han Dan was using Ye Mo's power at that moment. Ye Mo's wife was very pretty, so he probably wouldn't be interested in An Ning. Han Dan was the one who was really interested in An Ning, so he wanted to use Ye Mo to stop Qiu Zhirang's desires for her.


Ye Mo closed the door, looked at An Ning and said, "I want the necklace on your chest, name your price." Ye Mo knew he sounded arrogant, but he simply had to get that necklace no matter what.

"You!" An Ning blushed and wanted to rage. What was up with this guy? Although her pearl necklace was expensive, it wasn't unbuyable. What did this guy really want? It didn't seem like he was trying to get her.

"Do you know how rude it is to ask for a necklace a girl wears on her chest? And do you know how much this necklace costs?" An Ning's tone wasn't as good as before. In her eyes, Ye Mo couldn't be that rich when he rode in a girl's Toyota.

Ye Mo smiled, "I don't know how much money you want, but if I pay 10 million, that should be the most that necklace is worth."

An Ning was dazed. She hadn't imagined Ye Mo would be that rich. But she didn't want to sell it for 10 million. Her necklace was worth 3 million, and together with the small fish piece, it was worth around 8 million.

"I'm talking US dollars here," Ye Mo added.

"You, you're that rich?!" An Ning was really shocked. 10 million USD - even Zhirang wouldn't be able to take out that much. No one she knew could casually take out 10 million, not even if it was 10 million RMB.

Who was this person, and how was he this rich?

"If you want, I can even let you keep the pearl necklace. I just want the eyes of the Yin Yang Fish," Ye Mo added.

An Ning just reacted and looked at Ye Mo in shock, "How do you know that that's a Yin Yang Fish Eye under the necklace?"

Ye Mo was dazed. Right, how did he know? He couldn't really say, 'I scanned it with my spirit sense,' right?

Instead, he quickly said, "I saw it accidentally when you bent over once."

What? When did she bend over? Was it really an accident? And if this guy had see the fish eye, wouldn't he have seen other things too?

Seeing An Ning be silent, Ye Mo could only say, "It's not good for girls to wear fish eyes, so if you agree, I can give you a smaller diamond instead. It's much prettier than that."

"What?" An Ning was dazed again.

But before she could come to terms with it, Ye Mo took out a diamond a little larger than a soy bean and threw it in her hand.

An Ning looked dazedly at the huge diamond in her hand. She had never seen a diamond that big.

From the bottom of her heart, she felt like the diamond was much better than the fish eyes, but her grandpa had given her the fish eyes. She didn't really want to give it away.

Seeing that An Ning was still hesitating, Ye Mo spoke again, "The fish eyes are Yin Yang Fish Eyes. Don't you feel scared wearing that stuff at night? I heard these ancient things have a strange magic to them, and I might not be scared, but aren't you?"

Although she knew Ye Mo was just scaring her, she did really start being a bit afraid.

Just as Ye Mo was about to keep speaking, An Ning took the diamond and said, "It seems like you're not that simple at all, being able to take out 10 million USD and such a big diamond..."

Translator's Thoughts
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10 million RMB (Chinese Yuan) = +- 1.6 million USD
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