Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Careless Man and Woman
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

A ghost? Ye Mo was standing at the door as he watched the white figure approach the temple. From a distance it looked like it was floating and it shone brightly under the moonlight. He was dazed, there weren't many manifested souls, and those who manifested had some basic offensive capabilities.

Ghosts were usually invisible but Ye Mo could scan them with his spirit sense. These beings usually lived in special environments, such as the Heavenly Ditch or tombs.

This wasn't a ghost. Ye Mo's spirit sense had scanned clearly that it was a man under a white sheet. It was just that the way he was walking was strange; moreover, he had covered his head too.

Ye Mo didn't know why he was doing this in the middle of the night at an abandoned temple. Was that necessary? He seemed younger than 30 and he had lost a finger on his left hand.

"Hmm- not here?" the man said to himself after seeing there was no one at the door.

But after this, he pulled out a dagger from his waist and scanned the temple. Then, he kicked a broken mat and cursed, "F*ck, I came here for nothing."

Afterwards, he took out a phone and called someone. Not long after, another person came there. This person was like the man before, carried a knife and a white sheet, but this time it was a woman, a robust woman.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Ran away. What a loss!" the man cursed.

"I told you to come earlier but you wanted to come at this time. That man looked rich, he must have been forced to stay here because of an enemy. Look at the things he bought in Mount Xian, it's stacks of red notes," the woman complained.

Ye Mo immediately realized that they were probably talking about Wei Yongqian. He probably left during the day and bought some items in the city at Mount Xian.

Hence, the couple had seen that Wei Yongqian was wealthy and wanted to rob him. They followed him to the mountain but since they couldn't really make a move during the day, they came at night - however, Wei Yongqian was gone.

They probably used the white sheets to scare him too. The woman had stayed down there to catch Wei Yongqian in case he tried to escape.

"F*ck, we lost a great deal. If we had managed to get him, we could have lived freely for a long time. F*ck, Da Mi, let's have some fun," the man put the sword away and laughed at the woman.

Ye Mo felt disgusted. This guy was really careless, he felt like doing that in such a place.

The robust woman sneered, "P*ss off. We didn't get the money today, I'm not letting you."

"Hehe- Da Mi, why are you being like this? You know every time I give you the best. When we get more money in the future, I will still give you the best." Then, the man grabbed the woman towards him.

The woman didn't reject him this time.

The two of him quickly took off their clothes, they went onto the only table in the temple and started panting heavily.

The man looked ferocious but finished very quickly. The woman said unsatisfied, "If next time you will only do this, don't bother touching me."

Then, she kicked the table unhappily.

Ye Mo, who was going to leave, suddenly stopped. He had heard the kick on the table, but it sounded hollow underneath.

Ye Mo reached his spirit sense down and found that he indeed had missed something before. There was earth under the table, but under the earth there was a lid. Ye Mo reached his spirit sense down even more and he found a hole under the lid. This meant that there was an underground room.

The two finished up and started getting dressed themselves. Then, that man suddenly shivered and said, "Da Mi, why do I feel like there's someone blowing cold air on my neck? It's so cold."

The woman was putting on her pants and sneered, "You're too useless, leaving me hanging like this. Don't touch me again if you're scared of the cold."

Ye Mo heard the man's words and scanned his spirit sense over. He was dazed, he really did find a ghost this time.

There was a faint ghost standing behind the man. It was clenching its teeth but it was too weak, so it could only blow some cold air.

Ye Mo saw the ghost and knew that ghost's death was related to the man. If one did too many bad things, they would encounters ghosts indeed.

Ye Mo wouldn't intervene. He wanted to see what the ghost would do.

"It's real! I felt cold air blowing onto my neck again," the man's tone was shaky.

The woman was about to reply but then she saw the white cloth slowly raise in the air, as if picked up by an invisible person. There was no wind.

"Ah- clo- cloth," the woman couldn't stay calm anymore. She pointed at the cloth and wanted to run, but her legs weren't moving.

"Cloth? What ar-" the man turned around and saw the white cloth coming at them.

"Aaaaaaah!" the couple dropped on the floor unconscious because of fear.

Ye Mo shook his head. If they had been bold enough, they could have just ignored the cloth.

If the two of them ignored it, the ghost wouldn't have been able to do anything to them.

However, the ghost was a victim and Ye Mo didn't intend to burn it. He walked out and kicked the couple out of the temple.

Ye Mo ignored the ghost and approached the table in order to open the tunnel.

But the ghost floated over to his side, so Ye Mo turned around and said coldly to the ghost ,"I can see that you're pitiful so I will let you go, but if you get in my way then I will certainly do something about it."

Ye Mo felt the ghost shiver after he said that, but he still didn't leave. Instead, it emanated a feeling of gratitude.

"Do you know me?" Ye Mo didn't know why he would get that feeling from the ghost and asked.

The ghost nodded but couldn't speak. Ye Mo thought about this and decided to send his will with his spirit sense.

Ye Mo rejoiced when he realized that the ghost could convey his thoughts back to Ye Mo through his spirit sense.

"Qianbei, you are a powerful person indeed. I didn't think I, Yi Jiuhe, could meet you twice, although I'm a ghost now." Ye Mo was dazed after understanding the message.

Ye Mo remembered the name, he was a middle aged man and a very generous person. He had met him at the Luo Cang magic artefact meeting. When he couldn't see a single magic artefact, he had brought his two daughters and paved the way.

"How can it be you?" Ye Mo was dazed. Yi Jiuhe gave him a very good impression. He couldn't have imagined that he would be harmed by that couple. He must've exposed his wealth coming to Mount Xian.
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