Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 594

Chapter 594: Will Case
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Jiu Tang City was the biggest city in He Dong Province.

Ye Mo went there right after sending Su Jingwen and Tang Beiwei away since he had promised to help Yi Jiuhe. Although he was very busy, he truly approved of Yi Jiuhe's character. There were a lot of wealthy people, but not many of them were generous.

When Yi Jiuhe bought his necklace, he hadn't known the true value of it. He bought it in the first place due to his love for his daughter, but also to help out Ye Mo.

As for going to Beijing, Ye Mo called Han Zaixin and found out that it was something concerning the search for the Space Flower blueprint. He immediately lost interest. Before Han Zaixin could persuade him, he said he had no time and put the phone back in his ring.

Ye Mo didn't know where Yi Jiuhe's home was, so he could only ask people on the road about where Jiuhe Corporation was.

It turned out to be really easy to find out, as they were the biggest corporation in that region.

However, the person he asked smiled and said, "It's the third time they're holding a court hearing about the will case. You won't find anyone responsible at the Jiuhe Corporation at the moment."

"What will case?" Ye Mo asked strangely.

That person replied, "Brother, you must be a foreigner. Everyone in this city knows about the Jiuhe Corporation will case. The owner of the corporation, Yi Jiuhe, disappeared, and soon after, they found his remains. His fortune is cause for a lot of conflict after his death. The third court hearing is taking place today."

Ye Mo asked surprised, "He only had his wife and daughters, how could they fight over that?"

"Yes, but he also had two brothers and his father is still alive. The main problem was that he left a will, but it's a bit weird how the fortune is to be divided according to it. That's all I've heard." The person left.

Ye Mo analysed the situation. It seemed that Yi Jiuhe had expected this, but didn't get to deal with it before he died. Furthermore, his death was very strange too. How could someone like him be killed by two robbers?

Ye Mo stopped at the steps of the courthouse and suddenly thought of something. The two robbers from the previous night must not have been easy to handle if they could kill Yi Jiuhe, but then how could they have let Wei Yongqian escape?

Since they thought Wei Yongqian was wealthy, they wouldn't have let him leave their sight. With their experience, how could they make such a low-level mistake? Moreover, the temple was quite old, how could they be sure that Wei Yongqian would spend the night there?

This meant that they had a person keep watch at the bottom of the mountain, and since they didn't see Wei Yongqian leave the mountain until night, they decided to go up. But then, how did Wei Yongqian and that nun get away?

There was definitely something wrong there. The couple was horny and just wanted to have sex, so they didn't think about how Wei Yongqian could possibly have left.

But Ye Mo had been to that place, and he knew that if Wei Yongqian and the nun wanted to leave, they would have had to go through the small path. Another weird thing was that he hadn't found any signs of the formation there last night.

No, he had to go back and see. After all, it involved the golden page.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo no longer was in the mood to go to the court. He could ask someone to help with Yi Jiuhe's case, but he had to go and look for the nun and the golden page himself.

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave, the door opened and people got out.

Ye Mo immediately saw Yi Jiuhe's two daughters. They were helping a stressed-looking middle-aged woman walk. Next to them, there were two middle-aged men. One looked like Yi Jiuhe's wife and the other one wore glasses.

Since he had seen them, he thought he might as well go greet them.

"You're that person who sold us the magic artefact!" the older daughter saw Ye Mo and said in surprise and joy.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Hello, yes, I am. I'm also your father's friend, Ye Mo. I was passing by Jiu Tang City, so I decided to come by and say hi."

"My dad already passed away." The girl's eyes turned red.

Ye Mo nodded, "I have already heard. Don't worry, I will take care of this."

"You'll take care of this? You sure talk a lot of trash, but I see little action," the man in glasses sneered.

Ye Mo sneered and studied this man. Even if he couldn't really deal with it, there was no need to use that tone.

"Yanyan, he's-" The woman looked at Ye Mo in confusion and asked her daughter.

"Mom, remember when Dad, Big Sister, and I went to Luo Cang's magic artefact auction together? He's the person who sold us the necklace," the other girl said.

Ye Mo just realized that the woman was wearing a necklace and understood: Yi Jiuhe was a family man.

"Hello, Jiuhe's-" the woman couldn't continue speaking.

"Sister-in-law, what do you even know? It's the Yi Family's fortune, but you want it to belong to the Lu Family. I already promised that you and your two daughters will live without any worries, but you decided to take us to court. What's the result going to be? Do you think Jiuhe didn't know his surname is Yi?!" a middle-aged man approached them with a judge and said.

"You're shameless!" Yanyan said in anger.

The middle-aged man sneered, "Respect your elders. If it weren't for Jiuhe, I would've already kicked you three out of this city. How dare you try take away the fortune? Bastards."

"Sister, don't bother." The younger daughter pulled Yanyan away.

"What? Was Jiuhe's fortune taken away from you?" Ye Mo asked with a frown. It seemed the case was about to be closed.

Yi Jiuhe's wife sighed and didn't say anything. The middle aged-man behind her said, "Although the results haven't been announced yet, they are decided. Xiao Die and Yanyan won't get any part of Jiuhe's fortune."

"Jiuhe said he left a will, do you know about it?" Ye Mo asked strangely. He was angry, how could Yi Jiuhe's wife and daughters not get any part of his wealth?

"Uncle Junshan also died last week. The will he had is-" Xiao Die looked around, she didn't dare say it was fake.

"This sounds fishy." Ye Mo shook his head, he would definitely not allow this to occur in Luo Yue.

"Who are you, anyway? You have no business here, piss off!" The middle-aged man's face sunk as he looked coldly at Yanyan.

Yi Jiuhe's wife stopped Ye Mo and said, "Since you're Jiuhe's friend, we can talk on the way to my house."

"Hmph- disloyal woman," the man cursed.

Ye Mo was sick of him. He kicked him up in the air and threw him onto the concrete stairs. His head immediately started bleeding.

Everyone was shocked. That young man dared to attack someone in front of the courthouse?

Soon, people gathered around him.

"Great Judge Chen, Lu Lin got someone to brutally attack people at court," a man blamed as he went to help the middle-aged man Ye Mo had kicked.

Seeing this, Xiao Die quickly walked to Ye Mo and said, "Brother Ye, leave quickly. If you get captured, you will go to jail for sure. The man you knocked out is my second uncle, Yi Zhu, and the judge is on his side. My dad's will is fake, yet they say it's real."
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