Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 595

Chapter 595: So Violent
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"What's goin-?" Great Judge Chen walked outside and frowned as he looked at Yi Zhu.

But he only got to half of the sentence and immediately stopped. He opened his mouth wide open in shock.

"Great Judge Chen, my brother was beaten at the door of the courthouse. If the perpetrator won't get-" Yi Qihai also stopped talking, looking in confusion at Great Judge Chen.

Great Judge Chen quickly walked up to Ye Mo and bowed, "Young Master Mo, I didn't expect you to come to Jiutang City. It really-"

"Who are you?" Ye Mo looked at the man and asked. He had seen the guy before when he helped Shi Xiu at the Wutong Restaurant - he was Wu Ze's friend. He was probably an official in Beijing.

The man quickly said carefully, "Young Master Mo, I'm Wu Ze's friend, Chen Huichang. I was moved to Jiutang City to be the citizen's Great Judge. I had the honor of eating with you at Wutong Restaurant."

Ye Mo nodded, "So, does that mean you're responsible for the Yi Jiuhe will case?"

"Yes, yes, I know this case. Another judge is responsible for it," Chen Huichang said carefully. He hadn't expected Yi Jiuhe to have such a powerful ally. He knew that case for too well, he was indirectly helping them.

"Then, this means that you knew this case was dodgy and that Yi Jiuhe's will has been switched, right?" Ye Mo's words shook everyone. Who dared to speak to a judge like that? Especially in public.

"This- this-" Chen Huizhang was sweating. He knew that if he replied 'yes' then his career would be over; however, if he didn't reply, Ye Mo wouldn't have mercy on him.

"If you don't reply within three seconds, you won't need to reply at all," Ye Mo's voice sounded cold.

Chen Huichang thought about the situation carefully. If he replied, he would lose his job at most, but it was still much better than losing his life.

"Yes, yes, the will is fake. In order to frame Lu Lin and her daughters, Yi Qihai plotted with other people to make a fake will."

"Bastard. You knew it was fake and you still dared support them! Slap-" Ye Mo slapped him. Chen Huichang spun on the spot before falling onto Yi Zhu.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Who was that Young Master Mo? He had dared slap a Great Judge in front of court.

Even the Great Judge didn't dare to lie in front of Ye Mo and told the truth.

Yi Qihai suddenly felt cold. He could tell that Young Master Mo was no ordinary person. He must not let him stand on Lu Lin's side, so he would fix the situation before that young master could counterattack.

With these thoughts in mind, Yi Qihai walked up to Ye Mo and took out a cigarette. Before he could say anything, he was kicked to the side by Ye Mo.

So violent! Everyone was looking at the scene.

What shocked people the most was that Chen Huichang crawled up, wiped the blood from his mouth and ran to Ye Mo, as though waiting to be hit again.

Two policemen who were about to go capture Ye Mo immediately stopped on the spot.

"Young Master Mo, please tell me what to do," Chen Huizhang tried to make his tone sound calm. He cursed himself for not investigating Yi Jiuhe properly before doing this.

"Judge this case again and make sure to send the people who made the fake will rot in prison. I don't have time to stay in Jiutang, but I will come back and check. If I'm not happy with what you did when I come back, then don't blame me for what I might do," Ye Mo said coldly.

Chen Huizhang breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly said, "Yes, I will judge this case fairly."

Chen Huizhang seemed to want to say something else, but eventually didn't.

Lu Lin's two daughters and the two middle-aged men were completely dumbfounded. They had seen ferocious people before, but never someone as ferocious as Ye Mo.

Yi Jiuhe's wife reacted quickly, she knew this friend of her husband's was not ordinary at all. Her body shook with excitement. Ever since her husband had died, they had been simply toys about to be kicked out of the city.

Lu Lin saw Chen Huizhang's hesitation and after thinking about it, she soon understood why.

Lu Lin approached Ye Mo and said, "Jiuhe's second sister-in-law's father is the secretary of Jiutang City, I think-" she didn't finish the sentence.

Ye Mo immediately understood. Chen Huizhang was hesitant, because he wasn't sure if he could beat that secretary. After all, he had only been there for a short while, and Ye Mo said he was leaving.

"I'll find someone to help." Ye Mo took out his phone and decided to call Li Chunsheng. He didn't know many officials, but Li Chunsheng was in He Feng City of He Dong Province, so he should be able to help here.

Li Chunsheng had been doing very well lately. He had been getting promoted quite fast thanks to his own capabilities, but because he didn't have support, he had to share his political achievements with others. Once he met Ye Mo and received help from the Li Family as well as taking care of big issues in He Feng, he got promoted again in a short time.

He was now the Secretary of He Feng City, a He Dong Province Senator, and Vice-political Secretary of He Dong Province. This meant that he was going to be the next Secretary of He Dong Province.

Li Chunsheng, who had risen like a rocket, was just eating with other senators after a meeting.

At that moment, Li Chunsheng's phone rung.

Only his family and a few special higher-ups could call his private number.

But what shocked everyone was that as soon as he picked up, he immediately got up and seemed very respectful.

Everyone was trying to guess who the caller was. It could only be a higher-up from Beijing.

"Yes, yes," Li Chunsheng kept agreeing for a while, and then finally hung up.

No one usually asked about these kind of calls, so Li Chunsheng decided to say, "Someone called to tell me about a will case in Jiutang City. Someone changed the content of a will in order to win over a fortune, and what is more, the judge confided with these people to frame the innocent. I need to go to Jiutang personally."

What? For a mere will case, Li Chunsheng was going there personally? Who did this case involve?

Seeing Li Chunsheng apologize and quickly leave the restaurant, everyone was shocked. He had given up the opportunity to talk with all of these province-level leaders for a case in Jiutang?

Ye Mo put down his phone and looked at the man in glasses. He said, "Who is he?"

Lu Lin quickly said, "Let me introduce you. He's our lawyer Wang Yi and this is my brother Lu Mang."

Ye Mo nodded, "I suspect that there might be something wrong with your lawyer. Chen Huichang, check if he's clean."

"Yes, Young Master Mo." Chen Huichang had heard Ye Mo call Li Chunsheng. He knew that Li Chunsheng had become quite powerful, thus he spoke even more carefully.

The man in glasses' expression turned bad, but he didn't dare say anything.

Ye Mo left things to Li Chunsheng. He was confident he would be able to deal with it.

The first thing he did after leaving Jiutang was going back to that temple.

Ye Mo searched the place carefully. There were indeed marks of a formation, but it had already been removed.

When Ye Mo got back to the underground room, he immediately realized that he had missed some details the first time he came.
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