Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 596

Chapter 596: The Seven Stars of Bei Dou
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The room was still there, but the wooden box Ye Mo had left on the ground was gone. He realized at once that people had come back after he left and just took the box.

Ye Mo carefully searched around the room with his spirit sense. Ten minutes later, he finally spotted something.

There was something protruding at the head of the entrance. Ye Mo pressed it and something rumbled behind him. He turned around and saw a door appear on the stone wall.

Ye Mo realized he had missed his best chance. When he first came there, perhaps Wei Yongqian and that nun had been hiding in the stone cave, but now it was too late.

When he walked inside, he found out that it was a tunnel. Without a doubt, Wei Yongqian had gotten away through there.

Ye Mo started looking around and after a while, the door closed itself. He continued walking down the tunnel.

Ten minutes later, Ye Mo had pushed aside a big rock and was standing at the end of the tunnel - it was a cliff, and below it there was river. Ye Mo was uncomfortable with the fact that Wei Yongqian escaped in front of his eyes. The main thing was that the golden page has been so close to him, however it was now gone.

Ye Mo remembered that the nun was from the Ci Hang Jing Temple, and Ci Hang Jing was one of the three big sects of the inner hidden sects. Ye Mo then decided to go to the inner hidden sects, since he really wanted the last golden page. If he could gather the three of them and form a world, his accomplishments in the future would be unlimited. Perhaps, not even the strongest person on Luo Yue Continent would be a match for him.

Although Ye Mo didn't understand a lot of things, it didn't mean he hadn't heard of it. His master Luo Ying had told him before that masters that cultivate to the extreme all have their own worlds. Those who cultivate to the extreme can ascend to the immortal realm, and they have worlds that exceed Luo Yue Continent itself.

He was at stage 5 middle level now. Excluding those top-level great heaven masters, he should be able to face any Ren Pingchuan level master. 'If I had a world-' Ye Mo's heart was burning with desire, he didn't dare to keep thinking.

At the Duan Heng Ranges, in the sea of clouds.

It was the second time Ye Mo went there. He had come there before to find the Duan Heng Seven Stars.

Luo Xuan had told him that the entrance to the inner hidden sects was at the Tian Kou position of the Duan Heng Seven Stars.

Duan Heng was one of the younger ranges in the world. Ye Mo had been searching the ranges for five days, but he still couldn't find the Seven Stars, much less the Tian Kou position.

There were too many peaks there and they were too similar. Moreover, they were hiding in the clouds, so it was really hard to find seven peaks that looked like the Seven Stars.

On the 6th day, Ye Mo decided to stop looking from the air. He went into the valley and started searching on the ground.

On the 6th night, Ye Mo found a motorbike in a bush with some fuel still inside.

There were some footprints in front of it. Ye Mo looked at them closely, they belonged to two people.

He followed the prints for ten minutes and eventually found a huge natural valley. The entrance was very small.

After walking inside, Ye Mo immediately felt something was different. It was as though the valley was an entrance.

Ye Mo looked around him. Although there were seas of clouds everywhere, he was shook. He clearly saw that under the sea of clouds there were seven not very tall peaks. The valley had a spoon-shaped distribution.

"Duan Heng Seven Stars?" Ye Mo said subconsciously. No wonder he couldn't see it from outside, one could only see it from the inside.

Ye Mo saw this and couldn't help but admire the wonders of nature.

Now that he had found the Seven Stars, it was very easy to find the Tian Kou position. He climbed to Tian Kou's peak, where he found a stone with a three meter diameter in front of him.

There was a person in the middle of the rock - to be exact, a dead person.

It was a middle-aged man. His body was dry, there was not a single bit of blood in him. It was as though all of his blood had been sucked away.

Ye Mo walked to the body and took out an identity document from it. He immediately knew who the man was: it was Wei Yongqian. So he had died there.

There was no doubt. Ye Mo knew his death was related to that nun. It meant that she was returning to the sect, and made Wei Yongqian take her there before killing him.

But even if Wei Yongqian had to die, there was no need to take out all of his blood. Was that nun a psycho?

Furthermore, Luo Yin had said that the formation to the inner hidden sects had been closed. Hence, why did the nun bother making Wei Yongqian take her there?

Ye Mo looked around. He had come from the cultivation realm and knew about formations, but he really didn't understand how the Bei Dou Seven Stars worked.

The large rock also didn't have anything special to it.

Ye Mo walked to the middle of the big rock and stepped on it. It wasn't hollow inside, it was just like a normal rock. He scanned his spirit sense down but couldn't reach very deep. He subconsciously inserted his cultivation energy inside but as soon as the two touched, his energy started getting sucked away uncontrollably.

Ye Mo was shook. He wanted to leave the rock, but he was completely stuck. He couldn't move his arms or legs.

Chi flowed like a river into the rock. Ye Mo started to sweat. If this continued, he would be sucked dry.

Ye Mo looked at Wei Yongqian. Had he been sucked dry to death because of this?

Ye Mo thought desperately of a way to escape. The only thing he could do was to use his remaining chi to charge at the rock and break free.

But that way, he might get heavily injured due to the backlash.

That bastard old nun! If she hadn't taken the third golden page, he wouldn't have ended up like this.

Ye Mo gritted his teeth and knew that if he didn't try it now, he wouldn't have the chance to try at all.

With these thoughts in mind, Ye Mo gathered all of the chi in his body and blasted it at the suction force, forcibly stopping the draining of his chi.

The huge repulsion came, and Ye Mo flew back into the air, spitting blood before crashing heavily into a rock.
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