Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Using Each Other
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Ye Mo saw that there was something off when she smiled, as though he was being stared at by a hungry wolf. But since she had said that, it meant that she didn't plan on killing him for now.

Ye Mo thought of Jing Xi. Compared to that pale-faced nun, he would rather face him.

At least Jing Xi was much prettier and younger than that old lady. Her chest was much better than that chest as flat as an airport.

Thinking about Jing Xi, he remembered her red belly cover. She was rather sexy.

After realizing he was thinking of that woman, Ye Mo shook his head and sighed. He had punched her off a cliff, she should be dead no matter what.

If it hadn't been for that woman, he wouldn't have had to be separated from Luo Ying. He knew that Luo Ying still missed him, otherwise she wouldn't have gone all the way to the desert and taken away the pool. It was just that, in her mind, she couldn't pass that moral barrier.

The nun gave a milky white stone to Ye Mo and said, "Hold this stone tightly and tell me how you feel."

Ye Mo looked at the stone and howled in his heart. Was that a spirit stone? Where did she get this? He had been looking around for one all over, yet she just casually took one out.

Although he couldn't digest the spirit chi, Ye Mo felt comfort and happiness as soon as he grabbed it. Before he could react, the nun took the spirit stone away.

Ye Mo looked at the stone in the nun's hands. He wanted to steal it and say, "Letting you have it is like letting rats eat wheat. Don't waste food," but Ye Mo knew that it was best not to do anything.

"Do you feel very comfortable and happy?" the nun's eyes looked happy.

Ye Mo thought about what to reply. The nun had seen his expression, so he could only say, "Yes, I do feel like that. What is it? What is this rock? Master Jie Xun, can you tell me where you found this stone? I also want to look for it."

"It's very hard to find this stone, but since you have that feeling, it means you have a talent for cultivating ancient martial arts. In that case, come with me. Don't worry, it's not my first time here. Even if we see a black bear, I can take care of you," Jie Xun nodded.

Ye Mo was breathing heavily. He had tried his best, but the nun was still going to take him in and kill him? Should he run? Even if he did, he couldn't escape.

However, if the nun was planning on killing him, she could do it now. There was no point in taking him down the the valley.

Ye Mo could only pretend to be overjoyed as he walked with her towards the big rock.

She stood on the rock and then said to Ye Mo, "Use your foot to step here. Let me see your martial talent."

Ye Mo looked at where she pointed at - it was the place he had stood on not long ago and almost died at. Now the nun wanted him to do it again, so Ye Mo wanted to run away immediately.

But he knew that as soon as he would start running, he'd be dead.

Hence, Ye Mo knew he had to do what the nun said and so he did. He thought that if he didn't use force, nothing would happen.

As soon as Ye Mo stood there, the nun hit the place where his foot touched the rock with her palm, which was full of inner qi. His heart sunk. It was over.

The nun was using her inner qi to catalyze the suction force of the rock, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to resist at all.

But Ye Mo didn't feel the rock suck away his blood. In fact, there was no movement at all.

Although he didn't know why, Ye Mo rejoiced. It seemed like that place wouldn't suck him a second time.

"Hmm? No way," Jie Xun said subconsciously.

Ye Mo pretended not to know anything and asked, "Master Jie Xun, what's impossible?"

Jie Xun cursed. Ye Mo had no value anymore, so she didn't want to waste her breath.

Ye Mo saw the killing intent in her eyes and quickly realized things weren't going well. He immediately said, "Master Jie Xun, is my talent not good enough? If it isn't, I still have a few cousins. Should I bring them here for you to meet them? I could even help you test them as long as you teach me how to do it."

Ye Mo's words made her hesitate. She looked at Ye Mo and said, "We don't take in disciples that easily, they must be tested many times. But you can try if you want."

Ye Mo quickly said, "I have a few cousins who all want to learn from a master, but they've never had the luck to meet someone like you. It's my fortune to be able to meet a master. If my talent isn't sufficient, I can just learn a few moves from them. I can help you test the rest of the people in town, there's bound to be someone who is truly talented."

The nun actually nodded, "Okay, in that case, I'll go with you. It's not that your talent isn't enough, but it's not great either. I'm scared that the mosque will be too strict, and I don't want to give you false hopes. By the way, what is your name? Where do you live?"

Ye Mo was now sure what it had all been about. The woman had no good intentions. Her spirit stone could test a certain trait, and she would take those who had it along to have the formation suck their blood.

That might be the secret to activating this formation, but he still didn't understand it. Ye Mo looked at Wei Yongqian. He had been the last target, but his blood hadn't been enough so Jie Xun went looking for more people.

Was she using the stone to sense and track down people with spirit roots? Ye Mo shivered at this thought. Qingxue and Beiwei all had spirit roots, they must not meet this monster.

But he also had a spirit root, why wasn't he hurt then? He was the first time, but not the second - this didn't make sense.

He didn't have time to keep thinking, because he had to reply to the nun's words quickly. He didn't know the names of the villages nearby. If the nun saw through that, he would die immediately.

He could only say, "I'm quite ashamed, I'm from Hui Yan Town, and I've never heard of Yan Jing Mosque."

Ye Mo was worried about the old nun asking him to lead the way. What would he do then?

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