Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 599

Chapter 599: The Opportunity is Here
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The nun heard Ye Mo's words and was expressionless. She took out a black pill and gave it to Ye Mo, "It'll help with your wound, take it."

Ye Mo took this pill, but his expression immediately turned angry. He could tell the black pill wasn't going to cure anything. Because it was poorly made, Ye Mo could smell the Bing Shi grass' scent.

It's pungent and highly possionous. After eating it, it can block out one's five senses, and if one didn't get the antidote within 49 days, one would lose their five sense forever. But Ye Mo had the lotus life seed, he could cure it even if it was 49 years later.

The nun was so cruel. She was giving him such a thing, did she not want him to help?

"Master Jie Xun, I only have some mild injuries. This leg will be fine in a few days, I don't need to take a pill." Ye Mo glanced at the nun's cold eyes and continued, "This pill is too precious and I should save it for later."

"It's fine, I have a lot of these. You can take as many as you want." The nun's face was calm, as though she really had a lot.

But Ye Mo knew it was very hard to get the Bing Shi grass, she couldn't have a lot. She was forcing him to eat it, did that mean she suspected him?

Thinking about this, he said, "I should leave these good things for Master, I'm not used to eating these things."

"Hmmm- you say you want to learn from a master, but still suspect me! Who are you? Hui Yan Town doesn't exist at all," the nun's expression looking angry.

Ye Mo was shook. No way. When she mentioned Hui Yan Town, he realized that she never planned on letting him live. She wouldn't name a fake place.

'Wait.' The nun was tricking him. Realizing this, he faked astonishment, "Master, how is that possible? A lot of people know about Hui Yan Town. In fact, all of those who come looking for adventures to Duan Heng Ranges stay there."

"In that case, take me there first. I do need some people with martial talent," it was as though the old nun hadn't accused him a few seconds ago.

Ye Mo cursed that old fart for being shameless. If he hadn't withstood the test, perhaps he would've been tricked. One could see that the nun was already suspicious about him. Ye Mo could only act as though he didn't know anything and follow the nun with joy, but he secretly put the pill away.

"What? You don't trust me? Why don't you take that pill? Don't you want to get better sooner?" Jie Xun looked at Ye Mo with intent.

Ye Mo cursed. He was being threatened by an old woman.

Despite so, he had no choice but to eat the pill. He knew what the nun wanted, which was to make him unable to call for help. Ye Mo realized that the nun wouldn't relax at all around him for at least half a month. As soon as she did, he would escape to Beiwei and eat the lotus life pill.

But if he ran away, the nun would find out. If she couldn't find him on time, perhaps she would be the one running. However, if she managed to get away, he wouldn't be able to get his golden page and spirit stone.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of the motor bike he had seen. If he used that, could he escape?

"Do you know a lot of people at the Hui Yan Town?" the old nun suddenly asked.

"Yeah, I know most of the young people there. They would all like to train martial arts, if-" Ye Mo still wanted to say something else but the nun stopped him.

"I need you to help me out big time, I don't need you to know a lot of people. Just put up a board saying 'Testing Martial Talents'." The old nun waved her hand.

"Wear this," the old nun suddenly took out a thin object and gave it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo cursed again. How did that nun have so many good items? This was a one time use mask and the materials were very expensive. A normal person wouldn't be able to take it off in his life once it was worn. He really suspected that the nun had found an ancient cultivation home.

If he recovered his power, he wouldn't have to worry about the mask.

"Once you put it on, don't try to take off at any random moment. You can only take it off when I help you," her tone was calm, but Ye Mo could feel the killing intent.

He sighed, but he could only agree and put the mask on.

The nun nodded satisfyingly when she saw Ye Mo wasn't resisting at all.

He felt a light breeze blowing with a faint smell of blood. He immediately knew that it was the black bear, it actually came to them. Ye Mo knew that this was his chance.

"Master Jie Xun, let me see that stone again. It's very strange, I think I've seen it somewhere before," Ye Mo had an idea.

For some reason, the nun actually gave it to Ye Mo, "You can have a look. When you use the stone to test them, I will be looking on the side. If they meet the requirements, I will tell you. If I don't say anything, it means they didn't pass."

Ye Mo quickly thanked her and grabbed the spirit stone excited. The stone was much bigger than the ones he had gotten in the Mei Nei Snow Mountains.

Ye Mo fell a few steps behind, and then they heard a roar. A huge black bear saw the nun and him and charged at them.

Ye Mo rejoiced. The bear had come just at the right time. He turned around and ran without thinking, "Master Jie Xun, I was chased here by this bear! It came again, I will retreat, don't worry about me!"

Ye Mo jumped onto a branch and ran rapidly. Jie Xun tried to grab the spirit stone and throw him to the bear, but she missed. The reason she had kept Ye Mo was indeed for him to get more people, but it was mainly to find out why Ye Mo could feel the stone but not be sucked by the formation.

However, when she had to face the threat of the bear, she cast Ye Mo's life aside. Although she could get rid of the bear, if she did, she would have to use a lot of qi and the young man might escape. Moreover, the stone was in his hands now.

But Ye Mo was already more than ten meters away. Jie Xun cursed, but took out her horse tail whisk broom and whipped the bear's eyes.

Ye Mo looked back and confirm it: the nun was also heavily injured. If she hadn't been, he wouldn't have been able to run away. She could have killed the bear with one kick, after all she had half step great heaven power.

But it wasn't the case, and when she took out her whisk, her reaction had been too slow. The whisk managed to hit the bear's head, but the bear's hide was thick. The strike made it furious, and it charged at the nun again.

Ye Mo was running to the motorbike, but he was in no rush. If the nun was no match for the bear, then he wanted to try and take the nun's bag and see if the golden page was in there.

Just when the bear was about to ram the nun, she hummed something and kicked the bear's throat. The bear rolled down hill many times and managed to stand up, but he didn't dare go up again.

Ye Mo immediately realized that it was the bear that was no match for the nun. It seemed like he should start running

Seeing Ye Mo run, the nun got furious and started chasing him. The bear saw the nun run and thought the nun was running from it. It instinctively charged at her again.
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