Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Run Through Water
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The nun pulled out a dagger and used it to stab at the bear. A deep gash immediately appeared on the dumb bear's hide, and it ran away whimpering.

The nun wasn't interested in chasing the bear. She had seen Ye Mo get on the motorbike and chased after him immediately.

Although she was fast, Ye Mo had already started the motorbike and left earlier than her.

"Stop or I will kill you right now!" Jie Xun called out. She had to expend a lot of the inner qi she had managed to gather after a long time, because it was definitely hard for her to try to chase up to Ye Mo.

She didn't expect this kid to be so sneaky and run at the perfect moment. She regretted not dealing with the motorbike earlier.

However, she believed that it would only be a matter of time before she caught up.

Suddenly, Jie Xun thought of some details. Had this kid already found out that she wanted to kill him? If not, why would he be running? Also, he chose such a perfect time, did he know that the bear was coming? But how?

Strangely, he had also taken her chi stone away. If he knew everything beforehand and this was all part of his calculations, then he was too scary. She had to kill someone that scary or she would suffer greatly one day. Was he a hidden sect cultivator?

Considering everything, it did make sense. He had probably also gotten hurt due to that formation, just like her. Upon realizing it, she hated herself for not figuring things out earlier.

The kid might perhaps have even come there for the Ni Luo Sutra.

If it wasn't that she had to go back to look for Luo Xuan, perhaps she wouldn't even go back to the inner hidden sects. Luo Xuan had been the first to have the sutra, so she must have been involved in the other pages going missing.

Luo Xuan, that horny little bitch always looked like she didn't understand anything, yet as soon as she arrived in the outside world, she was tricked. If she didn't keep the two pages for herself, then she probably gave them away. She should've killed those three martial sisters from the very beginning.

Luo Fei was no saint either - Luo Fei had also wanted the Ni Luo Sutra for the man who tricked her, but she couldn't find Luo Fei now.

She really didn't understand why the younger generation was so shallow. Did all of them have to find a man, even daring to lie to their sect for them? Although she lied to her sect too, it was for herself, not for some man. A man was only useful for that business - was it really worth so much trouble?

Ye Mo heard the nun's howling and sneered - he wasn't an idiot. It would be suicide if he stopped now. Ye Mo had made up his mind to travel to Ning Hai as soon as he reached the city and have Beiwei help him.

Once he recovered his power, the first thing he would do would be to teach that nun a lesson.

But soon Ye Mo couldn't laugh anymore, because the fuel meter of his bike was in the red zone. Ye Mo looked back and saw that the nun was still chasing him.

Although he was worried, he couldn't do anything. Seeing the woman get closer and closer, Ye Mo knew he would be dead meat if he didn't think of another way. How would he stall for time with this nun?

"You have the two remaining golden pages, right? And it was also you who went to the underground room, right? If you stop now and give it all to me, I can promise I will let you live. However, if you keep running, I will catch up. And the first thing I'll do when I go back will be to kill Luo Xuan!" Her words almost made Ye Mo fall off his bike.

He didn't think this woman would be so smart. She had guessed everything. But he had no intention of stalling time with her anymore. Since she had found out all that, if he fell in her hands, he would be dead for sure.

The fuel was about to run out, so at a turn, Ye Mo hit the throttle all the way and used the momentum to charge down a cliff.

Ye Mo knew the nun would catch up soon, so he resisted the pain and crawled down the cliff. He wanted to hide somewhere she couldn't see him and make her think he fell off the cliff.

But the pain from his leg combined with his lack of chi made him unable to stop himself, and he really started falling down.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. In Shen Nong Jia, Qingxue had been there to save him,but now he fell below the Duan Heng Ranges. No one would know about it. Perhaps he was even falling to his death.

Splash- Ye Mo found himself in a pond after falling through branches upon branches.

Ye Mo might not have fallen to his death thanks to things cushioning his fall, but he was covered in wounds. As the cold water cleared his head, Ye Mo realized that it was only more dangerous in the pond, because that nun would get there very quickly.

Looking at the flowing water, Ye Mo allowed himself to get dragged along by the current.

If he was washed away by the water he might at least still have a chance to live, but if he fell in the nun's hands, he wouldn't have any chance at all. Luckily, she was heavily injured and it would take her some time to go after him. By that time, he would be washed away by the water.

The water kept brushing against Ye Mo's body as Ye Mo twirled forward. He kept crashing into rocks in the river, and not a single spot of good skin remained on him.

Ye Mo tried to avoid hurting his eyes and focused himself the best he could. He didn't dare relax at all or let himself fall unconscious as that would mean certain death.

Luckily, his will was very strong, and he managed to stay conscious.

After a long while, just when Ye Mo thought he wouldn't be able to hold on anymore, the water slowed down around him, and he floated to the water surface. He saw that he was in a not-too-wide river as the water continued flowing downstream.

He had finally made it! Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief instinctively, but he then immediately tensed up again. He realized that he couldn't hear much and that, without a doubt, he wasn't able to speak either. The pill was starting to take effect.

That damned nun! However, Ye Mo couldn't do anything about it, and he was still in danger. The nun would find the place in a very short time, so Ye Mo planned to swim downstream and see if there were any boats.

But as Ye Mo swam a few hundred meters, he knew that wasn't going to work. He had lost a lot of blood and was full of injuries. He couldn't even properly swim, but even if he could, he wouldn't be able to escape from the nun. It wasn't realistic to hide somewhere nearby either.

Just when Ye Mo was unsure of what to do, a loud song was audible in the vicinity. Ye Mo subconsciously looked around and saw a bamboo raft come from upstream. A man in his 50s on board with four baskets full of herbs.

The raft was fast and could be a great help to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo didn't call for help. Instead, he waited for the right time to dash under the raft and grab the bottom.

"Big Brother, wait a moment!" Just as Ye Mo stabilized himself under the raft, he heard Jie Xun call out from the bank.
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