Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 601

Chapter 601: See Each Other Yet Not Know Each Other
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

'That was really close,' Ye Mo thought. The nun had caught up to him really quickly. He only managed to be a bit faster than her, even while flowing downstream. If it weren't for the raft, perhaps he would've even been caught.

"Are you talking to me?" The herb picker slowed down.

"Yes. Have you seen anyone nearby?" Jie Xua asked.

"No, I've been around the area collecting herbs, but I didn't see anyone. Do you need my help?" This herb picker was very kind hearted.

As Ye Mo began to worry about Jie Xuan asking the man to row to the bank, Jie Xuan asked, "Big Brother, can you carry all of these cradles of herbs yourself? Just one cradle must be very heavy, right?"

The herb picker smiled. He grabbed two cradles in each hand, lifted all four and said, "They are very light. Master, would you like me to take you-?"

But before he finished the sentence, he realized that the nun was gone. If she hadn't replied a moment ago, he would've thought it was a ghost.

The herb picker shook his head and kept singing as he rafted down the stream.

Luckily, the nun was inexperienced and only considered Ye Mo could be hiding in the herb baskets.

An hour later, the raft stopped at a village. Ye Mo looked up subconsciously and saw that the place he was in was a very remote place, however a faint smoke rose through the sky, giving off a serene feeling.

There were around 20 to 30 families in the village, together with the occasional noises from chickens and dogs and there was only one road. If your goal was to hide, no one would find you there.

The village gave Ye Mo an indescribable feeling - he subconsciously felt like he shouldn't leave the place and stay there to cure his wounds.

"Uncle Wang is back!" A few kids waved to the herb picker.

A middle-aged woman just finished washing a basket of clothes, and as she saw the man on the raft, she said, "Old Wang, it seems you found quite a lot today."

"Hehe, I found a wild ginseng today! I don't need to go up for a few months," the man said happily.

"Aiyo, let me see!" The woman quickly ran up to the man to see the ginseng.

Ye Mo couldn't hear the rest of their conversation, and seeing the two leave, he carefully crawled out of the water and onto the banks. He was very weak and felt pain everywhere in his body. He knew that if he didn't find a place to recover, the consequences would be unpredictable.

After using all of his power, he struggled to one corner of the village and noticed a house 200 meters away. This house was built on higher ground and seemed a little distant from the rest of the houses in the village.

Ye Mo thought for a bit and decided to go to that solitary house. He didn't dare let anyone see him. Who knew if the nun wouldn't stumble upon the village as well.

Ye Mo saw from the door that there were no people inside and carefully creeped in. He wanted to find some food and get a change of clothes. His clothes were all in rags, but Ye Mo could only rejoice that he had managed to escape from Jie Xuan.

If it wasn't for that bear, who knew what the nun would be doing to him by then?

There weren't a lot of things in the room, but it was clean. Ye Mo almost didn't believe it was just a small house in the middle of nowhere. It was so clean!

The thought crossed his mind for only a brief moment as he needed to find food.

There was a table and simple chair outside, but no food. Ye Mo walked inside the house and found a bedroom, a bed and a mat.

Ye Mo suddenly felt this lay out to be very familiar. Luo Ying's room in Serenity had also been laid out like that.

Thinking about Luo Ying, Ye Mo's heart seemed to be wrenched. He didn't want to keep staying there. It just made him think of Luo Ying.

But when he turned around, he was shocked as if by lightning. Near the window, there was a stone pool! He knew that pool all too well - it was the one he gave to Luo Ying in the desert.

Was this where his master, Luo Ying lived? Ye Mo wanted to scream 'Susu', but he couldn't. He felt his body shaking.

Susu, Susu was here? This was where she lived? Ye Mo stared dumbly at that stone pool and wanted to touch it, but suddenly, he couldn't move anymore.

It was as though he froze. He had no more thoughts, no more movements, no more pain. The only thing left in his world of view was the stone pool. He wanted to grab it and tell Susu he was back.

After a long while, Ye Mo recovered his motion capability and shifted over carefully. Once he grabbed the stone pool, his thoughts froze again. He felt that he wasn't able to control his tears. He had never in a moment in his life been so unable to control his emotions.

At that moment, a young woman wearing linen clothes was carrying a small basket and walking towards her house, and when she saw that her door was open, she quickly ran in.

When she saw Ye Mo touching the stone pool, she was quite dazed. Extreme anger could be seen erupting from her eyes, as though the most cherished thing in her life had been taken.

Ye Mo looked up at the woman - her hair was coiled up, there was a veil covering her face, and her eyes were clear but angry.

Seeing those familiar eyes, Ye Mo froze. Susu, it really was Susu! He wanted to talk, but he couldn't say anything and could only keep tearing.

The angry woman saw Ye Mo cry and stopped her anger. Who was this man? Why did he rush into her home and into her room? He was covered in wounds, there were gashes all over his face, and his clothes were ragged. What was this person doing?

Why was he crying when she was about to get angry? Why did his eyes seem familiar? What was that emotion she saw in them? Longing? Excitement? Worry?

She could feel the man's heartfelt emotions, but she couldn't forgive him for barging into her room. No one in the village would do that, because this was her place.

"Who are you, why did you come to my house? Please leave no- Hey, leave!" Seeing Ye Mo touch the stone pool again, she finally couldn't resist her anger.

Ye Mo couldn't talk and couldn't hear anything, but he could see the anger on her face and suddenly felt dizzy.
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